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Bears top pick has seen the light

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Gabe Carimi met with the media on Saturday morning at Halas Hall. The Wisconsin offensive tackle apologized for growing up a Packers fan.

"I've sinned and repented, so I'm good now," he joked. "I've seen the light."

Carimi believes he will fit in perfectly with offensive line coach Mike Tice and the Bears.

"Improvement is the only way to go," he said. "I have a hunger to try to succeed at whatever I do. That's the objective; to be the best Bear offensive lineman I can be."

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This is a Carimi interview, you know he was born in Lake Forest right? Babies coming home. Anyway check out the interview and click on the sound bite.

Alright lets talk about the 1985 draft that just wnt down. i like the 49rs, will first, they need to fire this Bill Walsh guy and his crazy west cost offense, this offens wont even be around in 4 year, heck by 1989 no one will even run the west coast offense!!! now they mess the draft up by taking this Jerry Rice kid??? WTF!! first of, he's to slow to play in the nfl, and big deal he put up numbers at Mississipp where ever?? the best receiver to come out of this draft will be Al Toon er Eddie Brown of Miami, why oh why didn't my 49ers trade up and daft Brown or Toon????!!!! MARK MY WORDS, YEARS DOWN THE ROAD, PROBABLY BY 1990, no one will even no who Jerry Rice is, Al Toon will prove to be the bst reciver out of the 1985 daft!!!!

P.S. and as for dat Bruce Smith kid the Bills took #1 overall, give me a break, he to small to play in the nfl, he wont even be around in 3 years here!! This has been more great insight from your friend creighton!!

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