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Bears select OT Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin

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The Bears selected offensive tackle Gabe Carimi with its 29th pick in the NFL Draft.

The Bears reportedly talked to the Baltimore Ravens about moving up to the 26th spot, but the deal fell through. The Ravens then missed their pick, and the Kansas City Chiefs selected.

Still, the Bears landed what many believed was the one position they needed to address. Carimi said at the NFL Combine he was the best offensive tackle in this year's draft class.

He'll get a chance to prove it; Bears need him to make an impact right away.

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I hope he does put in a successful amount of aid, but in all honesty how often do rookie OL make significant impacts?

After what Mike Tice did with last year's seventh round pick J'Marcus Webb, Gabe Carimi should be a Pro Bowler this year. I think this is just the pick the Bears needed to improve their offensive line and return to the playoffs in 2011. Can't wait to see how the rest of the draft works out. Go Bears!!!

It goes to show you Tice has more pull in the coaches room than Marinelli, as they passed on the DT to give Tice the run blocking Tackle he wanted. I am surprised we stayed at 29, although it sounds like we tried to get to 26 and backed out late on the Ravens, so maybe we were pretty gung-ho about getting him either way.

I think Terrell McClain will be the pick at 62, even though we could get him in the third.

All in all, a good night for the team, as we get a solid player who is even better moving forwards than backwards on the OL, which gives us an added dimension to our line. Cutler should be happy, and you know he was schooled well in fundamentals at Wisconsin...

Let's see how we do tomorrow, but so far, I would have to say 1 pick, 1 starter....Can't argue at all with the pick, and actually applaud it a little...

I'm just happy JA didn't trade up to draft Pepsi Max.

Joe I don't know if he has more pull than Rod, but Carimi was the highest rated player available. I don't think many people thought he would slip that far. Thank god the Seahawks took Carpenter. I still wonder why he fell. People say attitude but offensive linemen with attitude are a good thing. I think people are worried about his feet, he was on the ground at the senior bowl and had some slips in combine drills. Still I think that's a solid pick. I think he is a RT or guard, but they can try him om the left side. Like you said Carimi moves forward, gonna need him with Fairley in detroit.

Good day for the Bears and I am sure Tice is happy. Still need more work on the O-Line, loved the Watkins pick to the eagles, talk about a perfect fit. Man I hope they get a guy like Yanda in FA to play RG, Garza is done, plus another O-Line draft pick. Maybe Austin will fall to the Bears tommorow that would make Jerry happy and help the Bears. Could use a corner too.

He will make an impact he is already better than anyone they have and fits Tice like a glove, perfect guy for Tice to mold. Don't take this the wrong way but if I am happy with an Angelo draft pick he is probably a pretty damn good pick.

Pats taking Solder was a surprise but I will not question the master.

Thank goodness!

Carimi has floppy, pronated ankles that destabilize his base balance. He needs to get in the weight room and strengthen his lower body if he wants reach his potential.

But he has the size and length and he brings some attitude and drive blocking.

Webb to left tackle? interesting...

We need at least one more big, mean interior blocker.

Suh and Fairley! Yikes!

Chris Williams needs to practice eating glass everyday. Due to injuries I don't think that Williams ever got a chance to be the LT. I would like him to get one more shot. Carimi to guard? Omiyale to the Bench/Swing tackle?

round 2 = best defensive player available. round 3 = best OG/C available

Good Luck Mike Tice.

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