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Bears CEO: "Everyone is looking for some clarification" from courts

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Bears president Ted Phillips and Cliff Stein, the team's senior director of football administration and general counsel, were the team employees who interacted with the players who arrived for workouts today at Halas Hall.

"Everyone is looking for some clarification," Phillips said. "I think the players are, the clubs are, and hopefully we'll get some clarification from the courts soon. Then we'll go from there."

Defensive tackle Matt Toeaina, defensive end Israel Idonije and kicker Robbie Gould showed up, allowed past the security gate then greeted at the main entrance at the team's headquarters by Phillips and/ or Stein. But, they were informed that the building was not open for use by players.

" 'Until we get some clarification, you're welcome in,' " Phillips recalled telling them. " 'But we're not opening the building for business yet.' "

Gould, who is the team's NFLPA player representative, specifically asked if he could work out.

"The locker room was locked," he said. "They said there would not be any workouts until clarifications are done.

"It's not a big deal. It really isn't."

Phillips said there are no "hard feelings."

"It's never been about the team versus the players. We love the players," he said. "They're what makes the game great, and we're hoping that as soon as both sides can get a collective bargaining agreement worked out, then we'll be able to get back to playing football, which is what both sides want."

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As always , Bears management is stuck on stupid ! The lockout has at least been temporarily lifted , I hope the McCaskeys lose their @$$ in court over this ! Perhaps they will sell the team to someone who actually understands how to operate a professional sports franchise !

I know the owners feel they will have there day in the 8th, buT I got a feeling they are about to get hammered. 8th is anti union and pro free market. Well the players don't have a union, have offered to play under last years rules, are open to a free market, they are not striking, and they are trying to go back to work at this moment and many players around the league are being turned away, even after the lockout was lifted.

The nfl owners are trying to get the players to reform a union, and are right on the boarder of committing the act of collusion. If they don't start FA soon that will be looked at as an act of collusion. Every team on its own accord decided not to sign any players, they all decided they didn't need any at the exact same time. Refusing to let players work. The owners want the players in a union, do they really think the pro free market 8th will like that idea? Or will the 8th believe that the owners and all there high priced lawyers didn't understand what the judge meant when she lifted the lockout. If teams don't let the players go back to work that will be collusion.

The 8th will not be real happy with the owners if they keep this up. Did you read Goodell's load of crap he wrote today? He is nothing more than a mouth piece for the owners.

Ummm so the lockout has bee lifted?

Judge Nelson: Yes

Jones: So the players can go back to work?

Nelson: Yes

Jones: I am still confused, stop using such big words.

Nelson: Excuse me?

Jones: There she goes again Miss Oxford English over there, could you simplify please, we just don't understand?

Nelson: What do you mean we? You speaking for all the owners?

Jones: Of course, king kong ain't got nothing on old Jerry. We been talking about this for awhile.

Nelson: Do you understand the word collusion?

Jones: No Hablo ingles

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