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Detailed account from inside the Ravens draft room

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Ravens senior vice president Kevin Byrne wrote a compelling account of what went down inside Baltimore's draft room when general manager Ozzie Newsome was trying to consummate a deal with Bears general manager Jerry Angelo that would've sent the Ravens' 27th pick to Chicago for the Bears' spot at No. 29 and their fourth-round pick.

As everybody now knows, the deal never went down. Angelo accepted the blame, admitting late Thursday night that he "dropped the ball."

This is pure speculation, but I can't help but wonder if having an extra strong voice in the draft room resulted in this fiasco. Angelo has been running war rooms for more than two decades and shouldn't make this kind of mistake. First-year player personnel director Tim Ruskell's last gig was as a general manager in Seattle. I'm not making accusations here, but wonder if this was a classic case of too many cooks.

The good news is, the Bears and Ravens both got the players they wanted in Gabe Carimi and Jimmy Smith.

Anyway, here's the complete story.

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No link Neil, the report I read that was released by the Ravens seems to put the blame on a pair of guys who were manning the phones and thought the other had confirmed the trade. At best this an amature hour screw up. Bears should make some form of restitution, you can't make a deal at this level, screw it up and then spit in the face of the person you screwed. I say give the Ravens a fourth next year, before the league takes a pick away this year, at least offer it to the Ravens. Cause right now league wise they look pretty stupid, and not a lot of teams want to make deals with teams that screw up like that. If the league takes a pick away they will look even worse.

By the way Gabe Carimi just tweeted he is thinking about changing his name to the Bear Jew, not joke. I love this kid. Dan Bernstien is demanding credit, he should get it, I want an assist if he read it here first.

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Welcome true believers it is I tyhe mighty Creighton and..oh no my Creighton sense is going crazy! it must be the evil Angelo up to his dirty tricks!

To the Creighton Mobile!

Ahem, mom can I get a ride to the NFL draft?

Creighton's mommy: Did iyou clean up the attic like I told you to sweetie? Your clothes are all over the place.

But mommy it cant wait I have to go now to stop Angelo and make him do what Iwant him to do!

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Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Creighton's mom: Oh alright then snookems. let's go.

Yippee! And so I was on my way to stopAngelo! I stormed into the draft room and made my demands. I said angelo you listen to me now. I am right you are wrong, I am good and you are bad. Now sense I am a true Bears fan, I demand you give the Ravens all your draft picks as a form of restitution!

Angelo: Security.

Then some large men grabbed me and took me away. Win win?

Ahh and so another titilating chapter of Super Creighton comes to a close but you know what fellers? Toon into next time to...THE EXCITING ADVENTURES OF SUPER CREIGHTON!!

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