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Angelo remains on lookout for quarterbacks

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With Jay Cutler already well on his way to fully recovering from the knee injury that sidelined him during the NFC Championship game, and Caleb Hanie's stock on the rise after he led the team on two scoring drives in that same game, you'd think the Bears would be set at quarterback.

They have even signed Matt Gutierrez, who impressed offensive coordinator Mike Martz during his brief stint with the team during last year's training camp, to be the third stringer.

But that won't stop Jerry Angelo from looking hard at quarterbacks in the 2011 draft, which starts Thursday. The Bears' general manager said teams have to always be on the lookout for quarterback talent regardless of how set they may appear to be at the position.

"It can never be a luxury position," he said. "We know that. We're looking hard again this year. We really want to develop our own. I really thought we had a good plan last year. The thing that really impacted that plan from coming to fruition [was] Caleb Hanie got hurt at a bad time. He got hurt early in the preseason and was going to miss the whole preseason. With a new staff having to come in, now they really can't evaluate him. He can't develop. What do you do? You can't take a sixth-round draft pick and go into the season saying that he's gonna be the backup. That's not fair to the football team and/or him. So we went out and we got the veteran. That's just what you have to do. But our goal, our plan --- I speak for our coaches as well --- is to develop our own players. We feel real good about that. Mike Martz's track record in doing that has been very good and there's no reason we can't do that. So that will be our goal again this year."

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If the goal is to develop their own players, why trade for Cutler and Peppers, and Goon and Gains Adams and Chris Harris(who did most of his developing and playing someplace else)? Why sign guys like Anthony Adams, Frank Omiyale, Brandon M (Bears already had a ton of TE's), Roberto Garza, John Tait, R. Brown, John St. Clair, Drive Killer Miller, Toeaina, Pisa, Maynerd, Tim Jennings, Moose, Orlando Pace. And its not like he and team Lovie, developed Urlacher or Kreutz either.

He didn't bring in those guys to fill out a Roster either for the most part, he was looking for starters, he needed starters because he the Bears are not developing many quality starters.

You know as a person I like Angelo, he cracks me up, he is a really nice guy, I even think he is a hard worker. But for the better part of a decade all I have heard about from him are his goals and he never reaches them. It hasn't changed the Bears are a FA driven team.

Oh we want to develop are own lines and we want to develop are own QB and recievers. Please for the love of god at some point start doing it and stop saying it. Rod has been here 2 years now the Bears priamary starting D-Line last year was all FA's. The starters on the O-Line 2 of them were FA's one was a hold over from a different regime, and the two worst guys on the line were his draft picks, one of which is a first round pick who has now played 3 seasons and the Bears don't know what to do with still.

And if I have to hear him say for the 4th year in a row that Hester is a work in progress at reciever I will launch him out a window via my radio. He has started 33 games at reciever and played in over 40 at the position. If it takes you 5-6 years to develop a second rounder into anything you are doing something wrong. Either he is not what you think he is and it is taking you forever to figure it out or you are doing a poor job developing him.

What happened to Harris wasn't Rod suppose to fix Tommie and motivate Harrison and get Anderson back on track not to mention get Gillbert a home on the line and develoop him. But you know what happened? He gone, gone, gone, and probably gonna be gone next year.

Knox has been here two years and still doesn't know he suppose to cross in front of the corner not behind him.

Wasn't Steltz suppose to be a starter day one? Didn't the Bears say that?

You know when an organization can't even develop its own punter you got some damn issues.

I am not throwing this all on Angelo but between him and Lovie not knowing who to hire as assistant coaches you just gotta wonder. D Manning was a high second round pick, last year was his first good year. 5 Years to develop the 42nd pick in the 06 draft into a good safety. Naturally it happened in a contract year, not thrilled about that and he looks to be walking. Either the Bears players are riding the short yellow bus to training camp, or a lot of the cocahes who have come and gone got their starts as Chicago Public School teachers.

I understand the move to sign Collins last pre-season after Hanie went down because of his experience in Martz's system, but, after the Panthers game, Hanie should have been the backup. I just don't understand why the coaching staff stuck with Collins as the #2 when Hanie was clearly better. I think had Hanie been the #2 vs #3 from the Panthers game on, there by getting reps as the #2, maybe Chicago beats Green Bay. You got to give Hanie credit, he came into that game as a #3, that means the only reps he got were as a scout team QB in practice. Think of how much better Hanie would have been had he got actual reps as a #2. What could have been? Hanie is hands down the #2 this year.

As far as drafting a QB, I like Minnesota's Adam Weber. Weber is a little undersized at 6-1, but scouts like his arm, which isn't strong, but he can make a lot of the throws in the NFL. You gotta like Weber for his experience also, he's a 4 year starter in the Big-10 where he was one of the most prolific passers in Big-10 history. Weber put up 20 plus td passes twice. He had 51 career int's, but cut them down to only 9 as a senior to go along with 20 td passes. I think what makes Weber a great fit in Martz's scheme is his anticipation and timing on out routes, he'd be a great fit, I say take him in the 6th. GO BEARS!!

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