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Analysts weigh in on Bears' pick

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Here's what ESPN's Jon Gruden has to say about Gabe Carimi in the days leading up to the draft: "Carimi reminds me of a John Runyon type at Wisconsin. He might end up playing on the right side. He could eventually kick inside and he could be just a mauler. He can cream you, if you ask me." 

Here's what ESPN analyst Todd McShay had to say about the 2011 NFL tackle class: "Anthony Constanzo is the most NFL ready and consistent. Gabe Carimi is right behind him."

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What? Costanzo is more ready/ My aunt fanny he is the most ready. I am so sick of Boston College linemen hype. Carimi may not be Joe Thomas but when was the last time Boston College produced a Joe Thomas?

Carimi is from a pro style offense and while he is not the athlete that a Thomas, Pace or Ogden was or is he is still pretty solid. He has the best football IQ among the top 5-6 linemen in the country and he won the Outland for a reason. While not the athlete Solder is he is a better athlete than Costanzo and smarter on the field. He is a better blocker period. I have been waiting for a OT like this on the Bears for a decade.

His feet are not perfect and he does get off balance sometimes but I also know he is working with a very good line coach who just happens to fit his style of play perfectly. Colts may have gotten Costanzo but guess what Howard Mudd is in Philly.

He has been compared to Mike Roos, and I agree with that pick but Carimi is actually a littel more athletic then Roos and a lot stronger in his upper body with a better hand punch. If he works hard and I will bet anything he does, he can be an All pro. Well he can be an All Pro as long as Martz doesn't kill the offense with an insane number of deep drops. No OT has ever really looked good in a Martz offense when he is winging it around to much, even Pace struggled at times in his prime. In the Martz offense Carimi is more of a RT, but mostly because of Martz and his insane play calling "oh they are blitzing lets just do more deep drops" He probably will play LT for the Bears because, well because nobody on the Roster is even close to his ability. Don't over do the 7 steps and he will be really good. Take a look around the NFC, you have, Jordan Gross, McKinnie, Okung, Peters and Diehl was a friggin joke. Are you kidding me, look at that list

IBy year two or three Carimi will be better than everyone on that list except maybe Okung, I can live with the second best tackle in the NFC. Hell next year he will be better than half those guys. Jason Big Slow Peters and Diehl, even the Giants don't think he can play tackle and want to push him inside. Lets see Costanzo make the Pro Bowl with Thomas and Long floating around good luck with that.

Neither guy is going first team as long as those two guys are in the league and healthy. Carimi can be a good LT and in the NFC he would be one of the best but he could be one of the best right tackles in football if he plays there.

Plus he has his new Awesome nickname, "The Bear Jew" In college he was known as the Jewish Hammer. Its not a racial thing, the nickname is from a movie and its awesome.

Kick him inside put him next to Webb and develop a strong-side a power side to pound these large D-Lines in the division get the tackle in F/A now if Austin or Paea fall get him and get right back on O-Line.

What about this guy's pass blocking? I read that that's his weak point (don't follow college ball, so all I know is what the scouts say), and it's the Bears' too. The Bear line actually run-blocked pretty well the last part of last season, but their pass blocking was probably the worst in the league. I agree with Creighton that a lot of that has to do with Martz's ridiculous offense, but a lot of it was also just bad players.

So I sure hope the Bears can teach this guy to pass block. If they can, sounds like we got a winner in the 1st round for a change. If not, the Bears are back to where they started.

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