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Your questions go here: The first offseason Q&A

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You can ask me when the lockout will end and I'll tell you the truth: I have no clue.

Or we can make the first offseason Q&A a labor-free zone if you prefer.

Shoot me some Bears' related questions. I'll give you my best answers.

Lockout or no lockout, it's time to talk football.

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It seems like the Bears, fairly quietly, have made some extensive changes in the parts of the organization that finds and evaluates players. What (non-labor related) differences can we expect this year in how the team approaches the draft and free agency?

Actually, Neil, I think it's time to talk baseball, but I have a question or two anyway.I keep hearing how the Bears may draft a defensive player or a safety rather than an offensive lineman in their first pick. What is the rationale on that when it is clear to anyone that the Bears will go nowhere unless Cutlere gets some protection and the running game keeps the opposing defense honest? Also, clearly someone is not telling he truth in the owner/player discussions. What is your take on the honesty issue there? Are both distorting the issues or is one side ort he other basically to blame?

Sean -

If the 2010 rules end up being in effect for 2011, the Bears will be one of 8 teams significantly restricted in their ability to act in free agency. How much of an impact do you see that having on the team's plans?


What's the latest with Jay Cutler and his injury? Can't seem to find anything out about him for a long time.

Hey Neal when will the lockout end?


I am King.

How about a report card on the rookie class? We know how Webb did, and Lefevour is non-issue at this point, but I am curious to see what the coaches thought of Wright, Wootton, and Moore.

Moore is the one I am wondering about the most. he was supposed to be a great man coverage corner, but had a very slight frame, and there were concerns that he could carry additional weight without losing quickness and speed. How is he adjusting to the Bears scheme, or is the Bears scheme adjusting to more of a press and run look at the corners instead of off man? Do the Bears see him as a future starter, or just another special teams body?

For Wootton, he will be one of my favorite Bears for a long time for finally doing what no one else could do...put an end to the Favre saga. But I think he has a lot of potential as a rotational guy on the outside, but may be a little better suited to a 3-4 5 technique. What is Marinelli's assessment of his progress so far, and what does he expect out of him with a full year of experience?

As far as Wright, is he a free or a strong? I see him more as a strong, but we still don't have a free, so he could be pressed into action as the free in 2011. How does he rate in making coverage calls (if he takes Harris' spot in 2011), and can he read the offense and get the 4 cover guys in the right package to complement the upfront call?

That;s a lot, but figure it will give us something to talk about for a while. Maybe a feature on each of the rookies from the coaching staff, front office, and pro scouts from a 2010 opponent in the case of guys who played.

I've never seen this addressed or a question asked on this subject. How much did three different systems in three years stunt Cutler's growth as a NFL QB? If you look around the league, the "elite" QBs have all been in the same scheme for their entire careers. Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Rivers, Big Ben, Brees.

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