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Tice should know Wisconsin offensive line prospects

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If Mike Tice doesn't have a good feel for offensive line prospects Gabe Carimi and John Moffitt heading into the draft it will be his own fault.

Not only did Carimi and Moffitt attend Wisconsin, where Tice's son Nathan is a backup quarterback, but Tice was responsible for putting them through their paces during Wisconsin's pro day on Wednesday.

Bears' offensive coordinator Mike Martz was also in attendance.

Many consider Carimi to be the best offensive-tackle prospect in the class of 2011, Carimi included. The 6-foot-7, 315-pounder has repeatedly said that he's the most NFL ready tackle prospect available. Carimi played well against top competition and his feet are quick enough to play left tackle.

Moffitt could also be a candidate for the Bears later in the draft. At 6-foot-4, 314 pounds, he can play any of the interior line positions.

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This is another side of having respected coaches on the staff. They are able to step into these pro days and conduct workouts, giving them a closer look at the prospects, and how they take instruction, and how they perform the specific things Tice wants them to do.

Granted, none of our other coaches will get the same opportunity, so Tice should be able to get a couple of these in over the next month or so.

I think Carimi is the type of lineman Tice likes, but not the kind Martz likes. If it is a Martz-controlled draft room, Sherrod will be the target if we take a tackle at the end of round 1. If Tice gets to call the shot on which player we target, Carimi is a real possibility in my opinion. I think Castanzo, Solder, Smith, Carimi, and Sherrod are all real 1st round possibiilties, but one of them could still be on the board at 29.

Moffitt is a guy I like as a swing interior lineman. He can play center, but he is far better suited to RG in my opinion. Not quite as nimble as a LG needs to be in the NFL, but has some pop in his game, and can anchor against a big DT. But I wouldn't take him before the third round, and probably not until the 4th.

"Carimi played well against top competition and his feet are quick enough to play left tackle."

Are they? Wouldn't it depend on the system, he could be another John Tait before the ankle injuries. Either way if he is the best tackle prospect why would he be sitting there at number29?

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