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Proposed rule change would not impact controversial play

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The new instant replay rule that the competition committee will propose to NFL owners next week would not have made a difference on one of the most controversial plays of the Bears' season.

In the third quarter of a 17-14 loss to the Washington Redskins at Soldier Field on Oct. 24, quarterback Jay Cutler was ruled to have been stopped for no gain before fumbling on the goal line although replays appeared to indicate that Cutler had broken the plane before losing the ball. Bears coach Lovie Smith did not issue a challenge.

The new instant replay proposal would recommend all scoring plays be reviewable by replay officials, similar to rules currently in place during the final two minutes of each half and overtime. Because Cutler was not ruled to have scored on the play, the new overtime rule would not apply.

"That includes any form of scoring, not a play that is ruled no score but a play that is ruled a score," competition committee chairman Rick McKay said.

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