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Mocks have Bears taking MSU OT Sherrod at No. 29

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Mississippi State tackle Derek Sherrod has overtaken Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi as the favorite to be selected by the Bears at No. 29 overall in the April 28-30 NFL draft, according to a compilation of mock drafts.

After compiling data for 57 mock drafts, Sherrod leads Carimi 8-7. Illinois defensive tackle Corey Liuget and Boston College offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo are next with six apiece. Florida guard/center Mike Pouncey, mammoth Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder and Villanova tackle Ben Ijalana each have four votes.

The biggest concern about the 6-foot-5 1/2, 312-pound Sherrod is that he may not be athletic enough to play left tackle or powerful enough to play on the right side, making him more of a swing tackle, although there are concerns about every draft eligible player this time of year.

With Mike Tice coaching the offensive line, the Bears may be able to develop a project like Solder, who may have the most upside of any tackle prospect, into a dominating player.

It's not unanimous that the Bears will take an offensive lineman or defensive tackle, although most mock drafts have them doing just that. Others players that that have been mentioned falling to them in the first round include Pittsburgh receiver Jonathan Baldwin, Miami cornerback Brandon Harris, Texas cornerback Aaron Williams, Temple defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson, Alabama running back Mark Ingram, Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith and UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers.

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Neil man you need to check the dates on some of those mocks. Some of them have not been updated in months and are pre workout and pre proday.

The two mocks at have the Bears taking Solder or Carimi, and Walter has them taking Liuget, Cox has Solder. Currently the trend is now Solder falling to them. A lot of temas feel he plays to soft, struggles to put on needed weight and is to inconsistant.

Its at least good to see some the guys doing mocks finally having some linemen dropping, its a good class but not a great class and none of those guys should be rated as high as they have been.

I am enjoying the rise of Von Miller, McGay has the Broncos taking him, what is funny about that is McGay says Miller is not a good fit for a 4-3(which the Broncos hace changed back to) and is really a 3-4 ROLB. And he is right, he also states multiple times he is not a good fit for a 4-3 yet he has the Broncos take him, even though their biggest need is DT. I just don't get some of these guys doing mocks, they know better yet they put the wrong guys in the wrong place all the time and admit they are doing it but do it anyway for no good reason other than they like the player.

The other thing that is crazy is all the 5 tech picks, that position does not get drafted very high very often. But Watt, Jordan, Wilkerson and Heyward are all going in the first round. 2 of them are in the top 10 or 15 on almost every mock. Not to mention mocks that have 15-20 D-Line prospects going in the first round. I mean come on how many teams are going to take the 10th best DE in a draft over the number 1 or OT? When Tackle is by far the biggest need for the team.

Lions and Cowboys are the keys for the Bears. Lions need O-Line help ad CB help the most. Cowboys are pretty much the exact same as the Lions. If the Cowboys don't go O-Line which the probably won't and the Lions get lucky and Prince falls to them than the Bears should have a shot at a tackle. If Prince doesn't fall then the tackle run starts early with the Lions.

Universally most mocks have the Giants, Lions, and Pats going O-Line. The Eagles, Colts, Ravens, Falcons are on the next teir of need for O-Line help. A few mocks have the Chargers(won't happen) and KC going O-Line. The bIg Concern should be the Pats at 28 You know they are going to trade out of that spot and I wouldn;t be surprised if the Steelers or Packers move up a few spots to get a guy like Solder or Carimi if they drop. Those teams know the Bears needs and they also need line help. They also know the Bears won;t move up to secure a guy. Much like when the Packers moved in front of the bears last year to draft the same position, Safety before the Bears.

HAYES HERE: I've been compiling mock draft data since before the NFL Combine. Some of them are older, some are newer, which doesn't necessarily make them more or less accurate. It's just a fun exercise I started to do this year. Don't know if I'll do it again or not.

Here is something really profound that I want to share with the readers here and Bumsteaders everywhere. I know you'll thank me for this, because it's such a profound insight. Here it is, are you ready? Brace yourselves! Here it comes: Mike Tice likes big guys. Isn't that amazing? Cherish that epiphany. The Bumstead Brain Trust spent a lot of time and energy to arrive at that insight. Please show deep respect for it and don't just communicate it to anyone who is not very special.

See above.

I agree Neil, it was not a compalint, just pointing out that you can see a change on a lot of boards post combine and also that private workouts tend to be the biggest indicator of what teams are looking at.

By the way 57 mock drafts is a lot of mocks. I actually like the older mocks a lot of times because they are based off film, then come the combine risers a lot of whom tend to become athletic busts. Like I am not sold on Von Miller who is now raked top 3 mostly because of his 40 time. But he is 245 pounds and people have him as a starting end in a 4-3 when he is a 3-4 guy all the way. Or they ignore teams biggest concers like Buffalo being the worst run defense in the nfl and having them take a QB or Miller, or Corner, when a top 5 player and and top 2 defensive tackle is sitting there. Thta's why I pointed that out in my precious post. I mocks but it cracks me up when people do a mock and make sure to get their favorite players off the board quickly cause they think they are the best ever and send them to a team that does not need them and has little use for them. Or when guys doing a mock make sure a player drops to a team because he fills a need on a team they like. Carimi falling to the Bears but every other tackle going before him even though most feel he is top 3.

Are you going to do your own mock? You should, you and Sean. Maybe even a 2 rounder. Then update it like once a week, it is April after all.

I hope that's not an offer, I am taken after all. Unless your like Megan Fox or something. She's on my fame list, so its not cheating. Are you Megan Fox if so I apperciate the offer and yes we can hook up, bring an overnight bag.

Lovie Smith was just at the North Carolina Pro Day, scouting Marvin Austin and Greg Little personally, Angelo was suppose to be there as well but couldn't make it. Austin is now being listed as a first round prospect after his pro day and that's with the character concerns.

Little is a 6-3 230 reciever with 4.5 speed. He is considered a late second round prospect and again that's with his character concers.

Bears could be looking to cherry pick with some character concer guys who missed all of last year after being kicked off the Carolina team. I think it was for cheating, which I consider bad but not as bad as drug related or violent crimes.

Rod was actually incharge of running Austin threw his drills along with Quinn and no they were not scouting Quinn, I am sure they enjoyed watching a top ten talent but that guy is not about to drop unless he is hit by a bus.

I am not so sure they did much to checkout Little. Neil any idea if Drake or Martz were there?

So Paea, Liuget, and Austin all High second low first round picks. All three worked out by Rod. Bears are looking at options if one of the tackles they like don;t fall to them. If they fall in love with one of these guys they may look at Love as the answer on the O-Line.

Can you imagine what Lovie and Jerry are going through? The best defense line draft in decades and they are forced to look at offensive linemen, late first round offensive linemen in a mediocre class of offensive linemen. Its gotta be killing them.

I'm OK with Sherrod.

If they keep their options open, the Bears will get a chance at a good inside player for either the offense or the defense. Maybe both. Before the draft you hear a lot about tackles in the first round, but after the elite players, teams tend to go Hollywood with speed players. Good tackles tend to slide down the board.

Who really cares about shuttle drills or 40 times or bench press? These tests are worthless. No one is going to run a straight line 40 yards in the NFL with no pads on. No one is going to change direction without getting hit in the NFL. And bench pressing lead and metal is not the same as pushing someone else who is pushing back.

The senior bowl and games played in should be the biggest factor, and nothing should be made about these tests.

Ryan the tests serve some purpose, Bench Presss is not a strength test for linemen or LB's, its actually used as an endurance test to see how long their strength holds up. The y also tend to combine these tests with film. Some guys run a 4.3 and play at 4.55 but sometimes a guy runs a 4.3 and plays at 4.3 and thats when teams go nuts for a player(if he is also good at whatever position he plays).

As for the shuttle drill, I can't agree change of direction is very important in the nfl. You never hear of the cutback?

The combine is really just a big medical and a lot of these tests are used to find limitations on athletes rather than upsiide. If it was all up to game film, nobody should be able to get passed Chris Williams, but his measurables did not equal his film and it shows. But I think most people know a special player when they watch him on a regular basis. The trick is watching them, there are so many college teams and players its so hard to keep up with them all, so I think the combine helps some teams that way as well.

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