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Michael McCaskey delivers "beautiful" speech today

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On the final day of the league's meeting today, Bears chairman Michael McCaskey received two ovations from fellow owners and executives.

After NFL commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged McCaskey, who is passing the chairmanship of the Bears to his brother George, Michael McCaskey delivered a four-minute speech that moved his peers.

"He's always been very passionate about the game," Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said. "Not only himself, but his family, and the great history of the McCaskeys.

"But what was so impressive today was him story-telling about his grandfather. I'll tell you, I was just loving the story. I told him afterwards, 'That was beautiful.' "

Michael McCaskey recalled how his grandfather, George Halas, explained how the league was built.

It was awesome to hear from someone who was told that by his grandfather," Snyder said. "He's great, and we wish him well."

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The most beautiful thing about this is he's leaving the BEARS. Only 20 or 30 more McCaskeys to dump and we'll be set.

Michael McCaskey and Jerry Angelo are the bestest and wonderfulest people to ever grace a gridiron. I just love them so much. I would have loved to have heard that speech. I would have moved me to tears.

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