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McMahon weighs in on BYU suspension of Davies

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It was only a matter of time before Jim McMahon was asked about BYU basketball player Brandon Davies being suspended from the team for having premarital sex with his girlfriend, which is a violation of the honor code of the private university affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

"That doesn't surprise me ... ," the former BYU and Bears quarterback told Miami radio station WQAM. "It's been going on for years there. That's part of their code I guess, but I know it happens. I know it's been happening for years, but some guys get caught, some guys don't."

Current Bears' running back Harvey Unga, who was selected in last year's supplemental draft, was kicked off the football team last year for the same reason. In his case, he had premarital sex with with fiance Keilani Moeaki, a former Wheaton-Warrenville South basketball standout who played on the women's basketball team. Moeaki voluntarily withdrew from the school. They have since married.

"I mean they're college kids, man, they're going to do things," McMahon said during an interview. "You know sometimes people will tell on you and sometimes they won't."

McMahon said he was aware of the honor code when he starred for the Cougars before being drafted by the Bears.

"They explain it to you," he said. "They say 'Oh we have this honor code. People will probably talk to you about the religion and this and that.' They said 'All you have to do is tell them I'm not interested.' But I have to say I'm not interested for five years before I get out. It was everyday you get hounded by it."

McMahon chaffed under BYU's stringent rules and said those that enforce the rules don't always abide by them.

"Well I saw a lot of hypocrisy when I was there and that's what turned me off about it," McMahon told WQAM. "Guys in administration, higher ups, sneaking off for coffee, these kinds of things that are supposedly illegal too yet some people get away with it and some don't."

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