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Hunter Hillenmeyer feels "compelled to speak out"

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Former Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer attended one day of mediation here in Washington, and he served as the team's player representative.

In a blog for NBC Chicago tonight, Hillenmeyer didn't mince words in ripping the NFL, in particular lead negotiator Jeff Pash.

Hillenmeyer insisted he didn't want to lie, mislead or speculate on anything.

"While my natural bias in these negotiations, as a player who has been actively involved in these proceedings, will affect my perspective, I hope to offer fans, more than anything, the most accurate depiction I can of how things are actually developing.

"When I watch Jeff Pash, head negotiator for the NFL and ownership, go on national television and poison any atmosphere of mutual best interest that has existed to this point, I feel compelled to speak out. That man is, at best, intentionally shrouding the real interactions that took place in negotiations and, at worst, lying through the camera to millions of hardworking NFL fans."

Hillenmeyer said he's read every detail of the assorted proposals from the NFLPA.

"Until this week, the NFL made no meaningful counterproposals to its original stance from months and months ago," Hillenmeyer wrote. "We, the NFLPA, were negotiating with a brick wall. For Mr. Pash to depict the ultimate failure by both sides to reach an agreement as a coup d'├ętat by the players is just irresponsible."

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Hunter, I hate to point out the obvious but the league is not the only dishonest party in these negotiations, your president "D" is just as bad as Pash if not worse. When D talks I no longer listen as he is working to enhance his future political career and is not at all interested in the game that we all love. Just a bad job by the players and the owners and no props will be given for these ridiculous CYA statements of passing blame.

Hunter--Grow Up and see the NFLPA for what it really is. A bunch of whining millionaires who want a bigger piece of an already unevenly split pie. In no other business do the employees end up with well over 50% of the net. Are the owners being stubborn and also contributing to this insanity, of course. However they own their businesses and have their resources at risk, so they have every right to challenge the status quo. You and your unappreciative NFL friends have been afforded the rare opportunity to work in a profession that is also something you grew up playing and enjoying. There are thousands and thousands of Americans who struggle every day at jobs they do not enjoy; jobs that over the life of their careers will never provide anywhere near the level of income NFL players enjoy in their short careers. It is not only disappointing to see you are unable to appreciate how good you've had it as a result of the NFL experience, its also amazing you can only point fingers elsewhere. I hope some day when you grow up and get a real job like the rest of the country, you'll be able to look back on your time in the NFL and finally realize how well off you actualy were. Individuals with your mentality are what has been destroying professional sports in this country for the last several decades. In closing I can only say that as a life-long Bear fan I'm glad Chicago cut you. Good luck catching on as a special team player in some other market because you'll likely never understand what it takes to be among the elite given your jaded view of reality.

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