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Calvin Johnson's catch still not a touchdown

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The competition committee will not amend the rule that prevented Calvin Johnson's apparent game-winning touchdown against the Bears in the season opener, according to separate reports.

The rule, which requires receivers to maintain possession throughout the catch, resulted in Johnson's 25-yard touchdown catch with 18 seconds left being overturned on review.

"That play will still be incomplete," Giants president and competition committee member John Mara told "Newsday," via NFL Network is also reporting that the rule will stand despite sparking debate for days and weeks afterwards.

If you'll recall, Johnson controlled the ball when he went down in the end zone, and had two feet and his left hand inbounds. His right hand lost control of the ball when it hit the ground.

"If you read the rule, it's not a catch," Mara said told the paper. "The reason it's not a catch is you've got to control the ball when you hit the ground. It makes it easier to officiate. It's a bright line that you can draw."

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I still say calvin was hot doggin it. If he would have just caught the ball and not tried to show off the Lions win.

One angle that got buried in the controversy is that Calvin Johnson lost that catch because he started showboating before the play was complete. But we know it, and he knows it. He cost his team a win and as a Bear fan I'm glad. That fact got lost in the public discussion, but I'm betting it didn't get lost in the Detroit locker room.

In my mind it was no different, or smarter, than a hotdog player losing a touchdown by spiking the ball on the one foot line instead of waiting till he crossed the goal line.

Yeah the Bears got lucky, but no sympathy or rule change needed.

Just a point of clairification. The play was ruled incomplete and the replay was upheld not overturned.

Amazing how brilliant minds think alike.

I don't know where people see "hot dogging" with regard to the Calvin Johnson play. The picture of him losing the ball is on the CST internet sports page. You see the ball coming out as he's turned over, facing the ground, has one knee down and one hand on the ground. There's no "hot dogging" going on.

There are two things people have failed to see with regard to this play and why it failed. The reason why it failed is because Johnson took a curved {round} object and, with pressure {the partial weight of his body} aggressively applied it to a flat surface {the ground}. You see guys at the gym do push ups with a small medice ball under each hand and they're doing them very slow. Why? Because it is an act that takes incredible balance. The odds of Calvin Johnson having a ball in his hand, hitting the ground with force, and that ball not rotating to the right or left {which it did} are very small. In other words, it was simple physics.

The other issue, and even Neil wrote it above, is that, even if he had caught the ball it wasn't a "game winning touchdown." There were 20-some seconds left, a Bear's offense that had put up roughly 460 yards of offense and had marched up and down the field all day {costly turnovers and dropped passes killed them}, a K/O return team that can easily bring the ball out past the 40, and one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL. Potential game winning TD? Yes. Game winning? No.

Now, having said that, I wish the Bears had a Calvin or Andre Johnson.

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