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Bears will offer full refund for games missed

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Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand sent a letter to season ticket holders, lamenting the league's current situation and informing them that they would get a refund, with interest, for any games missed.

I'm told the Bears will also refund ticket holders for any games missed but that they will not provide interest.

Is it a big deal?

Doesn't sound like it.

The interest paid is expected to be minimal, likely from the time the NFL announces cancellations and the refunds are delivered. Say what you want about the U.S. Postal Service, but I'm pretty certain that won't take very long, probably a couple weeks, at most.

In the letter, Lewand wrote: "We are sorry the CBA expiration has created some uncertainty during this offseason.

"We understand and respect that what is most important to you and to all of our fans is that we play football in 2011."

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I would personally like to thank the Bears for offering to return the money they got from me and my family if they can't put the product the we paid for on the field. That's so nice of them. Can you imagine Phillips owning a car dealership. "Yes you did in fact pay full price for the car, and yes said car is not here nor will it be." "So tell you what I am gonna do, I am gonna refund your money out of the kindness of my heart."

You know instead of getting my money back can I still go to the stadium and just sit there. Angelo can be the Beer vendor and Phillips can be the Popcorn and dog guy. Virginia can bring the ice cream and other sugery treats, her kids can pick up other vending duties and the coaches can play a game of flag football for my amusment. In fact if I did own the Bears the coaches flag football game would be a yearly event at the end of training camp. A skill builder.

I like this idea they can play football for my amusment, Lovie can play QB, he gets no O-Line and the rule is the only person on the field you can hit is the QB. Then I can scream "you suck all day Smith" to my hearts content and yes the wording is right in the quote.

What about the games last year when Cutler didn't show up?

i feel like this article

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