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Aromashodu focused on big picture

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Devin Aromashodu is so focused on ongoing negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement between players and owners in Washington D.C. that he was unable to confirm or deny a report claiming the Bears will not tender a contract to the receiver for next season, making it unlikely that he will remain with the team.

Not that this is a surprise. Aromashodu's spiral from star in the making to out of the picture has well documented.

"I'm just trying to wait and see what happens with the CBA," Aromashodu said from his hometown of Miami. "I honestly wasn't even thinking about it but was just worrying about whether we were going to have a season next year. They can do whatever they like and it won't matter if we don't have a season next year."

I was convinced Aromashodu was going to have a breakout season after he caught 22 passes for 282 yards and four touchdowns in the final four games of the 2009 season. He was targeted by quarterback Jay Cutler 10 times while catching five passes for 71 yards in the 2010 season opener against the Lions. It was during that game that his career with the Bears took a hairpin turn.

Aromashodu short-armed some balls in that game after absorbing big blows. He dropped some others and was essentially benched. He only caught five more passes the rest of the season.

The Bears have already signed Canadian Football League standout Andy Fantuz, who at 6-foot-4, 221 pounds, could fill the team's need for a physical receiver.

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"The Bears have already signed Canadian Football League standout Andy Fantuz, who at 6-foot-4, 221 pounds, could fill the team's need for a physical receiver."

Yeah a guy with 4.8 40 speed who is soft as dough is going to be the Bears new big reciever. The guy has been in the CFL for 5 years and cracked 1000 yards once. In the pass happy CFL. On and did I forget to mention in order for him to do it he needed 18 games. Yes that's right the CFL has an 18 games season, so not only are his numbers bloated from plaing in the pass happy cfl against corners who couldn't cover a bed, but they are also bloated from games played.

Didn't Martz basically say he didn't want a big reciever?

I agree Creighton, 4.8 speed might not be exactly what we need in a big receiver. I've seen some mock drafts that have the Bears selecting Johnathan Baldwin from Pitt. He has the size we should be looking for and played in cold weather so he should be used to catching passes in the elements. We have the speed position shored up, and I like Bennett's ability to be a Wes Welker type in the middle of the field, but someone big that Jay can find on the move to me is essential to the offense, especially since the o-line will still be a work in progress.

I wish Aramashoudu well, but time keeps on moving....into the future........

He personally told me he was gone. And that he would not be back next year in a bears uniform

I don't make alot of predictions on here, but I will predict that this kid will sign with a team and be a productive receiver. He's not going to be a Miles Austin, but there is no reason why he couldnt be a 40-50 reception/550-800 yard per season guy. The one thing I did hammer all year was the inconsistancy of Martz and Smith with regard to double standards. Why wasn't the same approach taken with Knox who is the king of short arming passes and breaking off routes. There was NO receiver on the Bears at the start of 2010 who was deserved of preferential treatment.

Martz needed to have his A** at the combine last week. I saw Lovie there, but the camera didn't show Martz. He might have learned something as to how the WR position has evolved. He might have been there. When Martz got started a couple of decades ago, speed and quickness was associated with smaller receivers. It's funny how the 2 of the fastest guys were bigger WR's. Lockette @ 6'2" 211# and Julio Jones 6'4" 220#. The WR position has evolved on a vast scale in the past decade. We all know that the Martz offense is predicated on being in a certain spot at a certain time. I would rather have a guy 6'3" 220# who will fight for the ball vs. a 6' 185# who gets knocked down by a stiff wind. There were those of us who were apprehensive with the Martz hiring.

He's a keeper!

Are you kidding me! Hester short arms, runs horrible routes, and STILL needs to be told where to stand and what to do! He's a returner, not a WR!
Knox is softer than puppy Sh*# and has no fight for his positioning.
Aromashodu is better than what we got.., and if you would of worked with him, he could of been better!
Knox gave up picks, as did Hester!
Bennet is slot back at best.
And Lovie gets a contract extension!?
We're doomed!

They signed the Canadian guy just to see what he's made of. Don't think that the bears are saying anything else about it. He shows promise and if not it's no loss to the bears and it was worth a shot. Other teams find gold the sAme way b

I think Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent. It is doubtful that the Cardinals will resign him. He would be a great catch for the Bears.

It's the Bears people, the worst run organization in the NFL, yet the stands are full every home game. You do the math.

5x All Pro Sterling Sharpe had a lot to say about small 4.3 fast recievers at the nfl combine. He was pointing out how 4.3 guys often have more problems because of their speed and their inability to control it.

You might see them run a post and fall down because they were blazing away down field and then tried to slow down to much. They can struggle with timing routs because they get to a spot to fast and then have to slow down to much on a timing rout and the DB under cuts them while the ball is in the air. They may be running a slant that requires them to make a hard cut but they are going to fast and they make a soft cut the DB reads this and under cuts them for a pick. They have problems going low or high for a ball because they are playing to fast. Over running routs or slowing down to soon because they have to.

He said it was important for all recievers to play with controled speed but for really fast guys it is even harder. They also tend to rely to much on their speed rather than learing the keys to playing the position, like crisp routs, positioning, timing, using a move to beat a defender instead of just trying to run past them. They tend to get away with it in college but everyone is fast in the nfl.

He pointed out it was a position you have to do all the little things right in and that being unable to control your speed can hurt them. I thought it was pretty intresting and applied very well to the Bears recievers. Hester doesn;t have to worry about his speed so much on returns but we have all seen him have his problems when he out runs his blocking. Recievers need to have a rythem and timing with their QB and half of that is on them to develop, the best reciever QB pairs have always had a natural timing with one another and a style that fits their respective systems.

Both Hester and Knox seem to suffer from a lack of playing with controled speed.

Chi I like Baldwin but Martz seems to have an idea in his head as to what a reciever is suppose to look like.

Gearhead Lovie has always had his favorite players on the team. One of his flaws and a lot of coaches have the same problem is they have pre-concieved ideas about what a player should look or act like. They tend to lack some creative insight into finding players. One of the biggest reasons teams didn't look at James Harrison was his height and weight. They said he was to small to play his position. Ooops, Steelers gave him a shot though. Lovie tends to be very rigid about what he looks for in a player and is very into measurables, so is Angelo. Look at the DB position, because the Bears play a lot of zone and classic Tampa 2 dictation states the DB is not as important in this scheme as in others. So they don't give it their full attention. They always say the same thing it's all about the D-Line. Lovie calls it the bend don't break defense but as a coach he is just the opposite.

For those of you who like Baldwin out of Pitt. BE VERY WARY. Living here in West Virginia {Not from here so I have no allegiance to the school or the team.} I not only see him when he plays WVU, but we get to see them quite often on regional Big East telecasts. He is lazy. There have been several times when he has run a fly pattern and you can visibly see him stop running and the ball land just a few yards from him. Even the anouncers point it out. He doesn't like to block and then, it was pointed out by both McShay and Kiper a couple of weeks ago, that since the end of the season he has started to throw his coaches & teammates under the bus. Saying things like the following:

"Heck yeah I’m leaving,” Baldwin told the web site. “It can only get worse. They had me running a lot of deep routes [this year] and yards were hard to come by. I barely ran intermediate routes; it felt like they were purposely trying to disrupt my draft stock.” {This statement was made right after Wanny was let go and before their bowl game}.

The talent is there. That is not in dispute. If his head can ever get put on straight, he might be a force. A couple of guys that I like from this class are Hankerson from the "U". And Pettis from Boise St. For those of us who loved Hakeem Nicks of UNC a couple of years ago, Hankerson reminds me of him. Good size, strenght, and huge hands. Pettis is about the same size, good size hands, runs great routes, and catches everything thrown at him. I know it would be too much to ask for, but if the Bears got a tackle in the first round, and Hankerson in the 2nd, I would be happy with that.

"Jonathan Baldwin ran a great 40 (4.45) considering his massive frame (6-4, 228). He also posted a 42-inch vertical and a 10-foot-9 broad jump. Concerns remain about Baldwin's attitude, but there's no questioning his physical ability."

No question Baldwin is a bit of a nut, that's probably why most people compare him to Marshall. 70% of the time your going to get a highly talented reciever who is a head case and has an attitude. It's kind of a pick your poison position.

Hankerson is a good character guy and a good reciever but not an elite talent. He has had issues with drops. His speed was better than expected.

Pettis is to slow, nice hands though. He is not the athlete Nicks is. Besides you know if Angelo is going to look at anyone from Boise it will be Young.

Edmund Gates is a late mid round reciever that could be of intrest to the Bears.

While I am at it I might as well throw A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and Torrey Smith's names out there. Do you know what all these guys have in common with the Bears?

Chances are high that none of the recievers named on this blog will be drafted by the Bears. Really, really, really high.

edelweiss | March 4, 2011 5:06 PM | Reply
"I think Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent. It is doubtful that the Cardinals will resign him. He would be a great catch for the Bears."

Thats a really sweet thought and in honor of your thought, and you had to know this was coming at some point.

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white clean and bright
You look happy to meet me
Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
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Small and white clean and bright
You look happy to meet me
Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Bless my homeland forever

Sniffle, oh god childhood memories are flooding back, I love you Mom, I love you dad. Oh god trash can lids for shields, papper pirate hats and wooden sword. Waaaaaaaa, I miss my red rider BB gun, I miss being a kid. Not that I ever really grew up.

Oh and Fitz is not a FA but he is having some issues with the Cardinals. He is under contract through 2011 but wants out after that if they don't do something to improve the QB situation. Kevin Kolb trade talks have been mentioned. He will never just be allowed to walk though, it would either be a sign and trade or they tag him.

The Bears have a crop of slot receivers and flankers, but no split end. They need a guy on the outside who runs good routes, is quick more than fast, and can get off the jam at the snap. Aromashodu is a bigger version of Hester and Knox. Good deep speed, but not the kind of receiver who can control the speed for the shorter routes, and get in and out of breaks quickly.

Creighton, once again we are on the same page, as I thought Sharpe's comments were right on the money, and it showed in the drills. The guys with dynamic speed were terrible when they had to play under control. They were either falling
down when they made their cut, or they had to play so slow they were late to be there for the ball.

Martz's offense was great in St. Louis because he had two of the best route runners of their generation in Bruce and Holt. We have only Bennett who can run routes. Hester doesn't know how to carry through and look for the ball, and doesn't come back to the ball very well. Knox still doesn't understand basic route concepts, such as actually running a slant when it's called.

I think we need not only a draft pick relatively early, but also at least one free agent. Mike Sims-Walker might be the best fit as far as a route runner for us, and he has the size that we need for a split end. Guys like V Jackson, Sid Rice, Braylon Edwards, James Jones, and Malcolm Floyd are big targets that do well in almost every system, but not really ours. If Martz is willing to change styles in the passing game (not likely), they would be good fits, but otherwise, guys like Lance Moore and Sims-Walker are our best fits.
Draft candidates are guys like Hankerson, Little, Vincent Brown, Pettis, Dwayne Harris, Salas, and Cecil Shorts. All of them should go between the 2nd and 5th round. After that, there are a few guys that could stick, but we should be looking at that 2nd and 3rd groups instead of expecting another 6th or 7th round guy to be a pleasant surprise. Knox may never get the concepts and become a complete receiver (3rd year is usually the trigger year for wideouts, or so they say). If he doesn't make major strides in his route running, catching consistency, and guts over the middle or in traffic, they will be looking for another speed guy next year.

Have any of you seen these Mock drafts at You can totally see which teams they like and which teams they don't research.

Check these out:

Charles Davis has the Bears taking Stephen Paea. Not really a big deal as the Bears like to draft defensive line. But Paea is a 1 tech and the Bears biggest need is a 3 tech not to mention you can find good run stuffers in the later rounds. What was really intresting about this pick? Davis has Nate Solder rated as the second best tackle in this class. He has Solder falling all the way to the Steelers past the Bears. He also has every team that needs a tackle skipping him even though Davis rates him the second best tackle. There is also the fact that his value and need would be much higher for the Bears than Paea. He also has Cam Newton as the first pick.

Don't worry it is about to get better.

Pat Kirwan has gone football retarded. Pat has the Bears taking OLB Justin Houston to play the Sam. It's not even an important part of the Bears defense. Not to mention Houston is considered a ROLB in a 3-4. He has Mike Pouncey falling past the Bears along with Brandon Harris. Not that the Bears would take Pouncy but I have to believe even the Bears would a guard in the first round before a misfit Sam.

Yeah I saw that as well. And as for Brandon 5' 9", I say let him fall right past the Bears. There are a couple of CB's that are sort of flying under the radar and I hope they keep it that way. The kid from VA is one, Curtis Brown from UT and House from NMS are 2 others. Brown had a really good combine. They both have better size than Harris, and, in my opinion, Brown played against better competition. has a 2 round mock with Carimi to the Bears in round one and Marvin Austin to the Bears in the 2nd.

Dude it doesn't matter about guys like Kiper, Jr.

There are two kinds of draftniks. Most of them, like Mel the mouth, are simply digging back channel sources to try to guess what the teams are going to do in the draft. They are pollsters running popularity contests with prospects. Those guys tell you almost nothing about the players, but often know who is hot. These guys are in the business of predicting the draft and could care less about whether or not a player succeeds in the NFL.

The other kind are guys like Mike Mayock. They do their own independent evaluations of the prospects and evaluate who the teams SHOULD take. Those guys are in the business of predicting who will succeed in the NFL and are worth a listen.

You do realize the two guys I listed work with Mayock. Also re-read my post because you clearly did not understand the point. I posted those because I thought they were funny and clueless. Which I actually mention. I would have thought you noticed before you got upset with me once again.

Please Ms expalin football to me, I am so in the dark and I cherrish your use of caps, and constant complaining about every little thing I write even when you miss the point of just about everything I write.

Please tell me about this thing called the draft, I am very new to the football blogging world and could use a sheppard to guid me.

By the way everyone who does a mock draft is actually trying to predict who teams will take. Even Mayock, I know this because he has said it more than once. They give their perspective on players, and make suggestions as to what teams should look for. But mock drafts are different, that's pure prediction. That's why I mock a lot of mocks. Get it?

Notice how I laugh at the two mocks I posted. Most guys who do mocks are fans of a certain team or certain school. Mayock and Boston College. Mayock always over rates BC guys, even admits to this. Nate Solder falling to 30th to a team you happen to be a fan of? Come on. A 3-4 ROLB to the Bears?? I mean there is doing a bad mock and then there is not even trying. Right now I am enjoying watching NFL network try and hype up Cam Newton because they like a QB going number 1 because of tv ratings.

Brown is not a secret anymore. He is ranked in the top 5 corners of the draft.

You know I keep seeing Austin to the Bears in round 2 and I just can't figure it. Yes he has talent and ability. But the word is that he bombed his interviews and most teams have removed him from their boards. I could see a 4th rounder for the guy or a 5th but not a second. Not after all this:

Austin is currently under NCAA investigation for receiving improper benefits from agents as well as academic cheating. On September 1, 2010 he was suspended indefinitely for violating team rules. He did not play in Week 1 of the 2010 college football season as he was ruled ineligible along with fellow Tar Heels Kendric Burney, Charles Brown, Michael McAdoo, and Robert Quinn.[2][3]

Austin appeared in the stands at the LSU game in Atlanta. The UNC athletic department claimed they did not know how Austin made the trip from Chapel Hill to Atlanta to see the game.

On Monday, October 11, UNC announced that Austin had been kicked off the team.

Guys wiht character issues have not worked out real well for the Bears in recent years.

I haven't seen Brown rated that high. He didn't run well at the combine, but showed really good ball skills which seemed to give Sanders and Mayock heart flutters. If he runs well at the Texas Pro Day, he might move up a bit. CBS {just updated 2 days ago} has him 6th and Walters has got him 7th. But either way, unless he slips, he should be gone by the late 3rd round.

Have any of you seen the comments made by Suh? Very interesting.

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