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Tice, two other assistants receive extensions

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The Bears signed offensive line coach Mike Tice a one-year contract extension that will keep him with the team through the 2012 season, according to the team's website.

The Tennessee Titans recently asked for permission to interview Tice for their offensive coordinator vacancy. The Bears denied that request.

Running backs coach Tim Spencer, linebackers coach Bob Babich and secondary coach Jon Hoke also signed extensions, according to

"Chicago has been a great fit for [wife] Diane and me," Tice told the website. "I work with a bunch of great coaches and with players who are committed to putting in the work to be the best."

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This is HORRIBLE. Bob Babich should be made DC again. His treatment by the Bears has been horrendous. Of course that's always the fate with misunderstood geniuses.

Chicago Bears did well on this move. Bob Babich stunk as a DC but has a nack for linebackers coach, doesnt hurt to have two All-Pro linebackers.Jon Hoke has done OK with all the different safties and cornerbacks that has came in and went out. Tim Spencer is the one that makes me scratch my head. Matt Forte had a darn good season, on the other hand Chester Taylor for some reason had a bad year with some good plays mixed in.This year will tell the story of Tim Spencer if Forte keeps up that 4.5 yard avg and build on last years season the move had payed off.
There is a chance if Mike Martz gets his head outta of the early 2000's that this staff can be effective.

Bob you shouldnt be blogging about yourself like that. Beides lets be honest you're good at coaching backers, but you are garbage at coordinator. And if no one understands you your usually the confused one.

What's disturbing about this is how much it would hurt the Bears to lose Tice. Can anyone think of a good team that would suffer significantly by losing an assistant coach, especially one who's not even a coordinator? What the Bears have done is put together an excellent assistant coaching staff, and what that has done is cover up the fact that Lovie Smith is not very good. This talk about extending Smith's contract is ridiculous. He should be fired, along with Angelo and Phillips, but hey, people in hell want ice water too.

I don't know how good of a LB coach he is. When Urlacher went down last year the LB's including Briggs didn't look all that great. Still waiting for him and the Bears to develop a Sam backer. I mean outside of the fact that he had a totally veteran group starting for him and the fact that so many guys have not worked has to make you wonder a little.

He also seemed a little lost on how to replace Urlacher when he was injured. Common sense would have said Hunter. But he tried to force Roach into the position and then of course replaced him with Hunter. Lance Briggs also pre-dates Lovie and Babich.

Bob Babich has never developed a starter. He has been handed a lot of talent though.

It seems to be that way at every position on the Bears though. If not for the FA's and hold overs this team is just terrible.

I actually think Hoke is a pretty good position coach. This is the best Tim Jennings has ever looked, and Tillman had a decent year. But with a lot of these guys I think they are doing the best with what they are given. It's just some are given a lot more than others.

Friends of Lovie. Bob Babich was given Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Hunter Hillenmeyer, and Pisa Tinoisamoa.

Rod Marinelli comes here and Lovie gives him Julius Peppers and also traded a pick for Gains Adams, Marinelli was high on that kid and was asked if he wanted him.

I am waiting to see who Martz gets, he walked into Cutler and Forte, I bet Lovie makes sure he gets a reciever for him. But honestly nobody in the NFL wanted anything to do with Martz and Lovie gave him a job. So that's huge right there. Oh Martz did want BM, and Taylor and he got them, those were spacific players Martz asked for.

Mike Tice got Omiyale, Webb, Louis, Williams, Olin, Garza and Shaffer. It's really more of a punishment in the case of Tice.

Hoke walked into Tillman, and the secondary was a mess when he got here. But Manning improved at SS and Chris Harris who had a bad year last year in Carolina had a bounce back year at a position he is not comfortable playing. Jennings seemed to get the most out of his skill. But it's not like someone handed Hoke or Tice any Pro Bowl type players. Yes Olin has been an All Pro and all that but we are talking about now days not 4-5 years ago.

Creighton. Babich is just one of Lovie's friends along for his ride. He will never be truly gone from the team till Lovie is gone. It has nothing to do with the production of the linebackers. The other problem is the Bears pretty much have noone else in their linebacker corps that will come up and make an impact. They simply aren't good enough.

The entire key to the whole defense is still the line. They should do nothing but concentrate on both lines again this off-season. They don't have a #1 wide out, but I fear they will not be able to fix that this off-season due to the need for better lineman both offensively and defensively.

Good for the Bears in Locking up Tice. He made a player out of Webb. That is the only player I say has a future to be good. Incredible size with quick feet, and plenty of strength.

Ryan | February 19, 2011 4:48 PM | Reply
Good for the Bears in Locking up Tice. He made a player out of Webb. That is the only player I say has a future to be good. Incredible size with quick feet, and plenty of strength.

Ryan you do realize that Webb was one of the worst rated tackles in all of football right? And in fact he does not have quick feet rather he has real slow feet and that is why defenders blow right past him and he got called for holding a bunch of times. He does not have good strentgth either. He is big yes but that does not automatically mean a guy is s trong. He could actually work on toning his thighs and butt this ofseaosn as that will help with his center of gravity. His arms too look like noodle arms for aguy his size.

I don't get this love for Webb. He was terible. Just becuase a guy started doesn't mean he deserved to be there. look at Chris Williams for instance. He was just awful. But theBears made sure to finds him a place on the line because they didn't want Angelo to look like he botched another 1st rounder. Ommiyale, Kreutz, Louis, Williams, Webb, Garza, Shaffer they all started. Doesn't mean any of them deserved too. Ryan DO you understand?

God the football stupidon this blog. Maybe I am to nice sometimes.

I see one of my many fans is feeling neglected. What's the matter now? Nobody paying attention to you? To much football talk going on for your liking? I swear to god your worse than some of my ex's, nag, nag, pay attention to me. Brando and Kevin are you sure your not girls? Cause you two really act like chicks. Ugly lonely chicks, but chicks none the less.

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