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Skokie native Rashard Mendenhall has costly fumble

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Rashard Mendenhall, who played at Niles West and Illinois, scored a touchdown and averaged 4.5 yards per carry.

But Mendenhall lost a fumble on the first play of the fourth quarter, when the Steelers had the momentum. Mendenhall was drilled by Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, and linebacker Desmond Bishop recovered and returned the ball to his team's 45-yard line. From there, the Packers needed eight plays to score a touchdown on an eight-yard catch by Greg Jennings.

"I just got hit and the ball came out," Mendenhall said. "It just happened and it should not have happened."

Added Bishop, "Any turnover in a game of this magnitude is always huge."

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Mendenhall. Thats my boy. I new in 2008 that jerry Angelo wshould have taken him and look.

Rashard Mendenhall, who played at Niles West and Illinois, scored a touchdown and averaged 4.5 yards per carry.

Wow the bears are so stupis its not even funny. If only they would have listened to me .

Poor handoff according to ESPN, was having a pretty good game other than that. Surprised no mention of the two picks by the Rapist. I guess he gets another pass. Still at least Mendenhall got them to the playoffs, he carried his team past the Jets in the AFC title game. What was Chris Williams doing during the Super Bowl or was he still at his locker crying?

4 Post season TD's, not bad. How many TD's Forte have in the playoff's?

What is it 17 TD's for Mendenhall on the season and 9 for Forte. Not bad, he only double Matt's scoring production and was in the Super Bowl. Was Matt in the Super Bowl I didn't see him there.

To be Fair to Forte I thought I would look this up negative plays.

Right side of the line had 27, middle of the line had 9 but didn't run up the middle much and the left side had 17 negative plays. For all that Webb talk that right side sure gave up a lot of negative plays. Sacks are not included. 27 was worst in the NFL along the right side. They where only 9th worst on the left. Not all on Matt obviously.

Can't say the Steelers line was much better.

But hey who want's Mendenhall when you can Have Chris Williams. Boy was I wrong about Mendenhall, Chris Williams is just amazing, plays three positions and everything.

Ok season is over can we start with the draft talk already?

Come on Creighton, you can't dis Forte. While Pittsburgh's line is bad, though not as bad as the Bears', at least Pittsburgh has real receivers. The Bear line is worse and they have no receivers beside Bennett, who's maybe a little above average at best. All the Bears have on offense is Cutler and Forte, too much to ask of two players out of eleven.

Mendenhall has qualities that I like in a back, I agree with that. But Forte is faster and is a much better receiver, which makes him much more of a threat.

Where did I disrespect Forte? I have said multiple times he had a good season. And the Steelers line is almost as bad as the Bears and went through 6 different combos and several key injuries. I did insult Chris Williams, but what else is new. Again Saying Mendenhall had 17 TD's with 4 in playoffs and Forte had 6 rushing and 3 recieving TD's. Thats not an insult thats a simple fact. Pit gave up 43 sacks and 78 pressures on the regular season, and had 42 negative plays.

Mendenhall is actually faster by the way, Forte is a better reciever, but the Steelers don't really use a back out of the backfield. Mendenhall can actually catch, Check his college numbers, that's just the Steelers scheme, check last years recieving numbers for him as well. As for Recievers yeah they have better recievers but not by much, Ward is a 13 year vet and is looking a little slower and kinda chubby. He didn't have a great year. Wallace can ball.

40 times
Mendenhal ran a 4.36 and a 4.45 at 225 pounds. SI numbers from combine

Matt Forte
4.48 at 215 pounds. SI numbers from combine

So who is faster again? It's not an insult it's just what is.

I didn't write that first post, just responding to it.

Speaking of the combine when is the suntimes going to start a little draft talk? Tribs already doing breakdowns and needs.

By the way Wrig it's not like they couldn't have drafted Mike Wallace, he was a third round pick and the Bears were looking for a reciever in the third round. But as usual they went defense first and drafted the legendary pool jumper Gilbert a tweener 5 tech end with no real position in a 4-3. So saying their recievers are better is true but it's not like it had to be that way.

We know they wanted a reciever with speed because they took Knox. Well they could have taken Wallace instead of Gilbert and skipped Iglesias. But they took two guys who are no longer on the team. The reason I point out Wallace is he was taken with a Bears draft pick by the Steelers.

Oh and no two guys can't get it all done, but again who's fault is that? Not mine. I did not hire the stooges and I am not talking about extending them.

By the way for the Lovie Smith loveers. The Bears have one playoff victory in 4 years. Against the worst playoff team ever.

Who cares about Mendenhall vs. Forte? Both of them are complete gimps compared to Garrett "The Bus" Wolfe! Linebackers see Da Bus charging through the hole and they just give up and cry! Give up and cry! Who dat man enough to tackle my Garrett? Nooo body! Even Brian Urlacher is scared of him. I think Garrett must have put the hurt on Lach during a practice or two.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with crying at your locker. It adds mystery and excitement to team morale.

Show me where I insulted Forte. Numbers are numbers, I didn't create them.

Oh and Mendenhall is the faster of the two. Check the combine times. RM 4.36 and 4.45. Forte 4.48 that's from SI.

Also Mendenhall is a good reciever, check his last year of college and last years recieving stats.

You want better recievers well join the club by the way did you know Mike Wallace was drafted with a Bears draft pick that had been traded. Still could of had him but they took Gilbert instead, then they took Iglesias.

Oh and speaking of 40 times for all the Andy Fantuz talk recently, he has 4.7-4.8 speed. Just thought I would throw that out there Wrig since you brought up recievers.

As for the draft I heard the Bears may be totally focused on the O-Line. Also heard they may lose Kreutz. Which is a huge lose, his biggest problems have to do with him covering for the guards. Still the highest rated pass blocker on the team, and does a great job with line calls, a really great job according to Hub. Losing him would be a disaster, but teams may be willing to offer him 3 years. Bears may only offer him one. I know, maybe Chris tears for fears Williams will become the center next.

Either way it should be intresting to see if the Bears go after someone to anchor the future line in FA. Or rely on their great draft position and brilliant GM to rebuild a line in one draft and have it set to play at a high level in just one year. Cause that's totally how it always is.

I hope they replace 3 guys if they do, I want them to explain all the talk about how great they all claimed the O-Line was.

Oh I also keeping hearing they want Webb to move to LT. He is going ot need to take big step no matter what but that's a really big step.

We agree Creighton, this organization has no clue when it comes to drafting. How many free agents does Green Bay have? I heard someone say, "two." Teams that compete for the Super Bowl year-in-year-out are built by the draft, not free agency.

But the Bears need either a change in ownership or a change in ownership attitude. None of their problems will be solved without that, because it's ownership that hired an accountant for team president, who in turn hired Angelo, who hire Smith. So it all starts with ownership, and until Virginia McCaskey dies or otherwise gives up control, I don't see any significant changes happening there. And there's no guarantee that there will be changes even then.

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