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Report: Manning rejects Bears' offer

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ESPN Chicago is reporting that safety Danieal Manning rejected an offer from the Bears that would've paid him $6 million over three seasons, with $2 million guaranteed. As a result, the team gave him an "original pick" restricted free agent tender, which means the Bears would receive a second-round draft pick from another team if that team signed the safety and kick returner to an offer sheet and the Bears failed to match it.

Complicating all these types of offseason moves is the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement at midnight on March 3, which will likely prompt owners to lockout players. Because nobody knows what rules teams will be working under when a new agreement is reached the designation could be meaningless.

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GOD please let some other team sign him. If JA matches it he needs to be fired, a 2nd round pick for manning would be perfect. I'm sure JA would screw it up but maybe we could get lucky.

Manning has not been at all bad.At least with him you know what kind of effort and talent you will get on every play, which is not true of any replacement at this stage. I'd like to see him back another year and be given more opportunities.

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