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Mike Tice could be on Titans radar

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As I pointed before the NFC title game, Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice could draw some interest, based on what he did this past season.

Now, a league source indicates that the Tennessee Titans are interested in him.

Bears coach Lovie Smith generally does not stand in the way of his assistants taking a promotion and Tice has never been a coordinator. When Mike Munchak was called upon to replace Jeff Fisher as Titans head coach, he relieved offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger of his duties. As a former offensive lineman and coach, Munchak certainly could recognize the job that Tice did with the Bears unit this past season.

But Tice is under contract to the Bears through the 2011 season, and he's proven an important part of the team's coaching staff. The Bears would have to give him permission to speak to the Titans.

The Titans were denied permission to speak to New York Jets assistant head coach/offensive line coach Bill Callahan about the coordinator job on Thursday, ESPN reported.

NFL Network analyst Brian Billick called Tice's coaching performance in 2010 "one of the great coaching jobs I've ever seen."

"And it's flown under the radar," Billick told the Sun-Times. "With all the difficulties they had last year, for Mike to come in, size them up and say, 'I can do it with this group.'‚ÄČ''

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"And it's flown under the radar," Billick told the Sun-Times. "With all the difficulties they had last year, for Mike to come in, size them up and say, 'I can do it with this group."

But he didn't do it with this group, this group stank, they were the worst line in football, the Bears won on defense and special teams. Cutler who is one of the better QB's in the league at avoiding sacks was sacked a league high 56 times and injured twice. The run blocking improved some but that is it.

I am not throwing this all on Tice, he had no talent to work with, and a play caller who wanted to kill the QB but spare me this greatest coaching job I've ever seen garbage. His job is to coach the line and he coached them to last place.

Coming in dead last does not seem to be a great job to me. If I had to read between the lines then I would say that Billick is sayiing without Tice the line could have been a lot worse. Which could be true but that would also mean that he pretty much took the worst line ever and got them to perform at their optimal level. Which would mean this is about as good as they get.

So either way it's a train Wreck, you either have tice getting the most out of these guys and them being dead last is a huge step for them because they could have been the worst line ever. Or Tice did a bad job and the talent is there to have a great line.

Greatest coaching job ever? I don't think so.
Getting the most out of the garbageg talent he was give? Maybe.
But that also means the Bears O-Line is in worse condition than everyone thought. And that is a problem.

What little success the offense had was due to the smoke and mirrors created by the coaches, and you can't win a championship on that alone. But the offensive coaches did a great job with this bunch of clowns. The only two good players you can say the Bears have starting on offense are Cutler and Forte. As Dan Hampton pointed out before the Championship game, not one Bear offensive starter would start for Green Bay. (He's wrong about Forte, but other than him I totally agree.)

The players on this line are really bad at pass blocking and Tice did a good job getting the most that anyone could out of them. The two best linemen are old and somewhere between the downsides of their careers and retirement. The rest are mediocre backups if they're even that good. The run blocking got good toward the end of the season, but they didn't even do that well in the Championship game. Billick might have gone a little overboard in his comments, but I basically agree with him that Tice did a really good job with this bunch.

I don't see how the Bears could possibly improve their offense without a major shakeup at the top level of the front office. This team clearly has no idea how to judge college offensive talent, and you simply can't build teams that consistently compete for the championship through free agency.

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