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Lovie still seems married to Kreutz

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When Friday's press conference ended, Lovie Smith went out into a hallway and I asked him how important Olin Kreutz is to the offensive line moving forward.

The 13-year veteran is an unrestricted free agent. Although he is obviously on the downside of his career, he played a critical role in the offensive line turning things around last season. Although the Bears like Edwin Williams, and veteran Roberto Garza can play center in a pinch, there isn't a center with any real experience on the roster, which would lead you to believe that Kreutz will be back for at least a transition year or two.

In fact, given all that, Kreutz will likely have some leverage heading into negotiations.

"Every day I've been here, Olin Kreutz has been here," Smith said. "I believe in him. He's the anchor of our team, our team leader. Not offense, defense, special teams. Our team leader. So he's very important to what we do. I know he's without a contract right now, but I think Olin knows that he's wanted and that's not really even a question."

Then Lovie looked at me and asked: "Are you married?"

I nodded. For 18 years, in fact.

"And your wife knows that she's wanted, right? Mine does," he continued. "Olin knows that he's wanted."

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Joe F. Buddy I know you read what I wrote last night, so I will start taking my bowing right now. Thank you, thank you, and wait till you see the Chris Williams stuff and the Tommie Harris stuff. Cause dude I am on fire right now, my mojo is coming back, I had an off year but I can feel it returning. Oh and if you here the Zach Z interview, he talks about the Bears really looking at Corner and D-Line early and, and.... then looking interior line later.

The Bears probably have the worst offensive line in the league. I agree that it would be good to keep Kreutz in order to bring some younger players along, but the problem is that the Bears have no budding talent at those positions. Kreutz and Garza are their two best linemen, and they're average and old at this point in their careers. The rest of the line stinks, pure and simple. Webb has about as much clue who to block on some plays as a rock, and Omiyale and Williams have no talent.

The Bears got very lucky in 2010 with no significant injuries and getting to play against 3d string QBs and a sub .500 team in the playoffs, but those things won't happen again. We have nothing to look forward to except more years of mediocrity at best until the Bears get rid of the clowns running the team. Unfortunately, it starts with the owners. GO BULLS!!!

I see you're real supportive Bears fan with a very positive disposition... You related to that great all time Bear-loving columnist Rick Morrissey?

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