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Jay Cutler received painkiller shot at halftime of NFC title game

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Amid questions that he didn't try hard enough to play through a knee injury, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler received a painkiller shot at halftime of the NFC title game, a source close to the situation told the Sun-Times.

It's believed Cutler injured his knee on the first play of the second quarter, when Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Ryan Pickett landed on his left knee, as he attempted a short pass to running back Matt Forte. Cutler headed to the locker room for halftime ahead of his teammates, and doctors and trainers confirmed their initial, on-field assessment.

It's believed the team planned to shelve him for the remainder of the game, at that point. But that Cutler insisted on trying to play and received a painkiller injection to ease the pain.

He returned to the field a few minutes after the rest of his teammates, and he led the offense on the opening series of the second half. But on a handoff to Forte, Cutler's knee buckled, and he left the game for good after that three-and-out series.

On Monday morning, an MRI showed that Cutler suffered a Grade II MCL tear, an injury that typically sidelines athletes for three to six weeks.

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What is the Source?

Maybe now the Cutler critics will shut up, but since they only hear what they want to hear and indulge their prejudices, they'll probably claim this is a cover-up.

Drop this damn story NOW!!!!!

This question is not necessarily directed at you, but did anyone in the media think to ask either Jerry {where the responsibility lies} or Lovie why it took 10 days for this SMALL bit of information to come out? It's almost as if the Bear's themselves are setting this guy {he's not a kid, Deion Sanders} up to fail. And the biggest idiot of them all is Angelo. Why didn't Angelo, as the team's GM, get the PR dept. to put together a statement outlining everything that JAY did to get back into the game. Instead this guy has been verbally "sucker punched" for the better part of 10 days.
Someone on this blog had the stupidity to compare Cutler to McMahon the other day. Obviously that guy never saw McMahon play. As much as I loved McMahon {I have a son named after him for heaven's sake.}, he was his own worst enemy in most cases. McMahon wishes he was half as "tough" as Cutler. McMahon's troubles usually came when he left the pocket and started to run with the ball. And although he wasn't Drew Brees or Grossman small, he wasn't Elway big either. As for being in the pocket, McMahon had 1 HOFer blocking for him {should be 2 with Hilgy}, very good Guards in Bortz and Thayer {Becker before Thayer, who wasn't too shabby either} and an above average RT in VanHorne. Cutler has a Center who lives off of his mid 2000's reputation and other than that, not much. McMahon, as much as I loved and admired what he did, was injury prone. You couldn't rely on him for a whole season.

And when I said that it seems as though the Bears are setting Cutler up to fail. I didn't mean just this situation. Although this is a huge blunder for the Bears' Management and PR dept. From the time Cutler was traded for, Angelo has done very little to help him out. In contrast, go back to When McMahon was drafted and look at what Jerry Vainisi did. He immediately started getting him help. After drafting McMahon in 82, 5 of the next 7 draft picks were on offense. Then in 83 the Bears had 2 first rounders and Vainisi used them to get the anchor of the OL {Covert} and a huge deep threat for McMahon, in the form of Willie Gault. Also in 83 four out of the next 7 picks were on offense. Now some of the guys turned out to be duds, but you don't know that until you incorporate them into your system.

The other bit of information we find out above is when the injury happened. THE FIRST PLAY OF THE 2ND QUARTER??? And once again the Bears can't release that information? Hey Jerry!!!...Yeah, you, the stuttering, mumbling, "square peg into a round hole" guy...YOU TRADED 2 FIRSTS AND A 3RD FOR THIS GUY AND YOU HAVE HUNG HIM OUT TO DRY FROM DAY 1. And now there are reports and mock drafts showing Jerry taking a DT with the first round pick. Go ahead Jerry. I know, I know, "championships are made from defense." Hey, genius, I know a bunch of other cliche`s too. But what's the defense going to get you with Hanie, Bulger, or McCown back there running for THEIR lives??

Oh come on, Paul !

"A REAL man would have played until he completely tore up his knee, required major surgery and MONTHS of rehab!"

Yeah , right. That nonsenese is so easy to spout when it''s not YOUR knee or YOUR career.

What I would really like to say to the critics and so-called "experts" is outside bounds of good taste so I will suffice with

SHADDAP, you Bear-Haters! The facts of this case make you look utterly ridiculous.
Even moreso than USUAL.

Oh come on, Paul !

Don't you know?

"A REAL man would have played until he completely tore up his knee, required major surgery and MONTHS of rehab!"

Yeah , right. That nonsenese is so easy to spout when it''s not YOUR knee or YOUR career.

What I would really like to say to the critics and so-called "experts" is outside bounds of good taste so I will suffice with

SHADDAP, you Bear-Haters! The facts of this case make you look utterly ridiculous.
Even moreso than USUAL.

For Deion Sanders - who's got a cramp in his tampon anytime it even LOOKED like he MIGHT have to tackle someone - to question someone's toughness is the height of silliness. Some people - > - should STFU and be thankful they have a job considering their only real skill is "personality."

Hey look, I think that if it was any other player in his position, the player would have played to try and get his team in the championship. His injury was one that you could play with. It is proven and many others played whole entire seasons with the same injury. He is just a lackluster player, who's apparent zero personality does not add to the fact that people think he is more a wimp than a team player. Look, he didn't even stand or "hobble" to the sideline to cheer on the fill in QB or his team...that says it all .........

Gearhead, you Nailed it!

Only thing left out in comparing the two quarterbacks is attitude. Jim was great with teamates ( though Hampton and a few others will dispute that) but treated fans and media like crop. I've never understood why the media did and continue to cannonize the guy, if there was an all-time pri.....jerk team, he'd be captain. Jay handles the media poorly and it's Really Dumb of him, but compared to Mcmahon he's a prince.

Also, anyone who saw the beating Jay took for Two Whole seasons, game after game and still doubts his toughness is a blind chump. He was utterly abused and still stood in there, no doubt about his heart.

ENOUGH!!!!!! IF you are not "Media Friendly", the Media will hammer you every chance they get. Being right or wrong does not matter as long as they put them in a negative light!

You are a jackass

If I stunk as bad as he did in the game...I would have taken a pain killer too...and then left the game. He's always been known as CryBaby Cutler in Denver.

aaron rodgers wouldve played.

I take my hat off to Cutler, he didn't complain to the press, or make excuses for not performing well. He took it like a man. He'll return and probably will have gained more respect from the men in his locker room. I also don't think the Bears wanted to comment on Cutler being given a shot for pain, as people would have been critical of the Bears for allowing a guy to risk a more serious injury, by allowing him to play.

Jay Cutler is a crybaby! he was in Denver and still is in Chi Town! The city is windy ue to all the hot air he blows! Arm stronger than John Elway he says?!?!?!?! Well cant throw a ball without ur knees either lil crybaby-Jay with the Justin Beiber haircut!
What a joke....

A real NFL player would have played with an injury. He is a punk that's all!!! with his Hollywood girlfriend!! stay with her and let the Chicago Bears get a real Quarterback!!!!

2 things have been completely lost during all of this.........first, during the NFC Championship game (except for one misssed open-field tackle) Brian Urlacher played a helluva game. A true beast. Second, and more importantly to me, if you would have asked me after the loss to the Redskins in October if I would be satisfied with the Bears season if they had the ball with 2 minutes to go at home in the NFC Championship game with a chance to tie - I would have said yes, absolutely, win or lose. Great season, and while disappointed, there is alot to be thankful for.

This information should not have to prove Cutler's toughness to the fans of Chicago. It's another reason why its so tough to Win in this town. People are always looking for the negative, around the country the perception is the city is for losers, and that's because so many people follow the lousy Cubs. if the Cubs left town the city would be full of winning organizations that are playoff caliber teams. The Bulls are back, the BEARS were solid, the White Sox are always in the hunt in the Central, Chicago fans need to look outside and realize that the blizzard you just got hit with, is exactly the way Cutler felt when a lot of you turned on him once he got the team to the Chapionship game....Now he's hurt and feeling like a guy who just caught his girl in the bed cheating on him with hiis best friend.........

Lets keep chasing down a non - story.

ts not that he wasn't tough enough or didn't try hard enough to play, its that when he couldnt play, he sulked on the bench with his ipod in his ears.

We need a leader on this team, not a pouter.

who cares ??? the guy was hurt, we lost, end of story. good luck to jay and the bears in fall 2011

And the Jay Cutler apologists just keep coming out of the woodwork.

But your all right. Jay Cutler is the toughest man to ever play the game. The only things that surpasses his mental and physical toughness are his enthusiasm for the game, hi his willingness to improve his mechanics and his dedication to watching game films. Yes, no other QB would have stayed in the game, let alone the bestest, toughest, smartmest, hardest working, fan-friendliest QB to have ever played, Jay Cutler.

Yeah, I'm a Bear hater! A Packer Fan my entire life (growing up in Illinois wasn't an easy childhood people). But Cutler has taken some real shots and gotten back up and carried on this year (and in the past), there is no way he was going to sit out if he could play! Now the facts come out and that is true!

Now, on the other hand, I'd question his leadership as he appeared to be pouting about not being able to play and didn't appear to engage his teammates. But none of it matters, because "The Bears Still Suck" as the Happy Schnapps Combo song says!

Unbelievable the haters out there. How many games did you think the Bears were going to win this year? I predicted 5 myself. I think for what this team showed, to get to one game of the super bowl, was an unbelievable run. Be thankful that this season was even worth watching. Many bloggers on this site didn't even want to watch any of the games after the pre-season, and now you're bashing the best talented qb the bears have had in decades? Maybe we should bring back cade mcnown, or chad hutchinson, or moses moreno, or kordell stewart. Would that make you haters happy? A real tough qb, like cade mcnown. I don't know if you know or not, but it ain't easy finding a talented qb.

Give Jay some protection, an actual #1 or #2 WR, and you'll see such great results, you'll salivate. Look at the great Peyton Manning this year. He had a banged up line. How did he do this year? Pretty average. Amazing that there is such a correlation between good protection and good qb play.

Once that MCL is injured, if that gives out, the ACL is next. An ACL is an injury that can require 9 months or more of rehab. How would you like Jay to miss next season? Be careful of what you wish for. If you want to run Jay out of town, I'm sure Chad Hutchinson can put down his surfboard to play qb again. Then we're in a world of hurt.

Praise and be thankful that the Bears had a very good season and are on the upswing.

You guys keep piling on top of Jay and watch him lose his confidence. Don't turn Jay into a David Carr.

you know, its probably better that the Bears lost. If not, for the last two weeks all we would've heard from deion or MJD or half of the players from the NFC West (who's division winner was under .500?!?!) is that Jay is such a whimp and that he cant play in the biggest game of his career with an injured knee. How they all would suit up on crutches to play in the super bowl, blah, blah, blah. All I know is it's easy to criticize someone from a laptop/mobile device/ipad/NFL network studio than to your face. Bears fans, just enjoy the season we had and root for them again next season!

Sean, they give the players minor shots of Toradol on occasion. Probably around 15-30 mL. It's a anti-inflammatory. But again for me pain is not the issue, it's a stability problem. Plus this stuff is not like morphine and hydromorphone and methadone. It's gonna help with swelling and some mild pain.

Nice article Sean, way to stick with the real story, heard it on 670 while shoveling, you know what I am kinda sick the idiots, about as much as I am sick of shoveling. Enjoy the ice in big D Sean.

Sean you notice now how all these people are not questioning how tough Cutler is now? Now it's about his body language. They totally screw up and it's Cutlers fault because he was not smiling after being pulled from a game. Which would seem a wierd thing to be doing after being pulled from a game with an injury.

I still want to know why so many Bears fans think that a pain shot fixes a tear?

I wonder what Sanders will say next, "It's not about the truth, it's not about his body language, it's not about im really being injured, it's not about how tried to get in the game, it's all about me and my crap suits, and my ugly toe, and I just don't like Jay, cause he insulted my baby Hester." "If jay wasn't the QB Devin would have like 6000 yards a season. it's all Jay's fault and I don't like his hair."

Something you may want to ask yourself is why the Bears dropped the ball on all of this and continue too. My guees his first name is Lovie and they want to give him a contract. This story has covered up the actual game and every problem the Bears basically have. That's why the Bears are letting role. Don;t talk about the poor coaching, the bad line, extending contracts. No focus on Jay, and lets face it, Jay probably doesn't care. He's probably like yeah whatever.

Come on, now. Tie a balloon to it and let it go! PLEASE.

Is this tired story ever going to end? Stop beating a dead horse.

@Gearhead Boy,

Another point of comparison between Cutler and McMahon is that Jimmy Mac had the same injury in the middle of the 1988 season and missed the next seven games including a playoff game (the Fog Bowl game vs. Philly). So much for McMahon's alleged toughness.

Anonymous | February 3, 2011 10:24 AM | Reply
"A real NFL player would have played with an injury. He is a punk that's all!!! with his Hollywood girlfriend!! stay with her and let the Chicago Bears get a real Quarterback!!!!"

Hahahaha, hey loser did it occure to you while writing that garbage that your affraid to post under your own screen name, or any screen name on a blog. Your actually afraid to use a name on a blog and your got the nerve to talk about Cutler. Stay in your basement, have your mom continue to bring you more hot pockets, and keep hating on real men. It makes us all look that much better than you.

K5 | February 3, 2011 10:13 AM | Reply
Jay Cutler is a crybaby! he was in Denver and still is in Chi Town! The city is windy ue to all the hot air he blows! Arm stronger than John Elway he says?!?!?!?! Well cant throw a ball without ur knees either lil crybaby-Jay with the Justin Beiber haircut!
What a joke....

Has it occured to you moron that Cutler is the exact opposite of a Cry Baby. You see your a great example you come on this blog crying and complaining and kicking and screaming like a spoiled little girl. Jay has not said anything, he didn't say anything in Denver. He don't talk. Jya also didn't say his arm was stronger than Elway's, Shanahan said it, but what would he know? Your best quote he can't throw a ball without his knees you use as a derogitory comment. You know a lot QB's in the NFL without knees.

Dude your already in the running for dumbest post of the year and it's Febuary 3. In fact your in first place by a mile.

By the way everyone listen to the Larry Fitzgerald interview on 670, he talks about his grade two mcl tear and what it feels like and how you can't play like that.

I'm passed the point of caring. The Bears lost, and my interest in the current NFL season pretty much went away with them. It's time to start looking forward to next season (if there is one), and what they can do to get to the Super Bowl next year.

Here's the problem as I see it. There are many quarterbacks in this league (Brett Favre, Phillips RIvers and Drew Brees (who both did it already)) who would have kept playing with this type of injury. Even Trent Dilfer said he should have wrapped it up to stabilize it. So the fact that we all know it can be done is the main problem. All fans and players want their quarterback to be one of these type of players. One who will play until they have to carted off the field. That is why some players were tweeting negatively about him. The NFL is a tough guy league and they want to know they are playing next to someone that is giving everything (especially in the NFC Championship).
Including playing hurt.

How do you know that Rivers, Brees and Favre have had grade II MCL tears in their knees and played the entire game when they had the injury? Rivers left the game and didn't return when he hurt his ACL. Sean Payton said that Bree's tear was minor/insignificant (i read that as being a grade I tear). Never heard of Favre having an MCL tear in his knee. You should actually have facts before you start making opinions.

I can't believe all the pinheads who crawled out of the woodwork since Cutler's injury ! First, to all you Packer fans posting here , in the words of Johnathan Brandmeier, "stay in Milwaulkee and DIE". And you Denver fans, glad Orton took you to the playoffs, OOOPS, I forgot , HE WAS BENCHED ! And to the rest of you Deion Sanders rump rangers, find a new team. Perhaps most of you are too young to remember Bob Avelini , Jack Concannon, but consider the Bears started 23 different QB's in the time Favre was in GB. Personally, I'll take Cutler over anyone the Bears have "propped" up @ QB the last 40 yrs. !!

Even without this additional information, the facts were available for anyone with at least a partially functioning brain to realize that Cutler showed exceptional toughness in that game by staying in the second quarter and trying to play in the 3rd. The remaining loudmouth PABs whining about how Cutler should have ruined his career and kept Haney on the bench by wrapping his leg in duct tape and chicken wire while gulping down Percocet and whiskey fall into three basic categories:

1) Denver fans who still have not gotten over being left at the altar by Cutler and having to suffer through a 4-12 season.
2) Fans of other teams who know their lives are going to be miserable for the next 5-10 years now that the Bears have a bona fide Pro Bowl level QB
3) Pathetic losers who find some measure of solace from their inadequate incomes, unhappy family lives, and justifiable fear of mirrors by pretending that they are in a position to pass judgment on a person and situation they know nothing about.

Was the shot in his face? Cause he looked like a zombie. Enough with the nonsense. He's a dolt. Nothing anyone can do about that. 95% of the quarterbacks in the NFL would have had that knee taped up and played. Chicago has the 5% guy who mopes around and cannot get out of his own way.

I keep hearing a this clowns and talking heads spew their garbage about a man who was given few tools and zero protection and demand he play on a unstable knee. How incredbly ignorant. I just had a mcl tear scoped and before it was done it was unstable and gave out. So just shut up you have no idea, you couldn'd have played. This is just another case of Bears failing to protect the quarterback.

Here's my always super insightful take on this. Many of you millions of fans of mine who hang on every syllable I write know that I've become a fine wine expert. MD 20/20 and Thunderbird are world class wines that I've previously written about. Now I've discovered Night Train. Sure, a rather scruffy guy hanging out at the Elliot cemetary last night in Matteson gave me a sample. It just shows that the homeless can have world class taste too! Now for some really high culture. My poem:

It made me forget my pain
So next time you get hurt, Jay
Ride the Night Train!

Jay's last two weeks would have been a lot different had he been seen on the sideline taking deep swigs from a bottle of Night Train. He would have been able to come back into the game and won!!

By the way, The Kevin Bumstead Total Beast Team is coming soon. (I'm going to post it exclusively on one of Sean Jensen's blogs. Just because that meany Neal Hayes has ignored me a couple of times. Never ignore The Bumstead!! I am a newsmaker!!

From the start, the team mishandeled it. DECLARE HIM INACTIVE, who did they think they were going to fool? Childish on the teams part, they hung him out to dry. Time for White Sox baseball, PLEASE!

Excellent point. And for those complaining about this being a "non-story," they're still showing this on ESPN, and it matters to regular people like me, so STFU.

They should change your by-line to "Scoop" Jenson, the Pain-Killer revelation was reported in the artiicles printed in both papers on Monday the day after the game. Get with it.

Thanks for the "breaking" news they should change your by-line ot "Scoop" Jensen. This revelation wa reported in the Morning papers Monday following the Game. Get with it, no wonder pople don't read the papers anymore!!

The Cutler trade will go down as one of the worst in Chicago Sports history to give your starter plus 2 #1's a #3 draft pick for Cutler and a #5 was way too much. The lousy was trade was only compounded when the Bears paid this "Bag of Ballls" over $20 million per year. Do you think an Offensive line could of built with those picks and perhaps a free agent with some of that $20 million? The Bears received a middle of the pack QB, note not even mentioned for the Pro-Bowl this year, for another middle of the pack QB. A terrible trade that will only look worse in the years to come.

Hey, Dom Fejer. If you don't like what Sean Jensen blogs, don't read it! It's that simple. I never saw the articles to which you refer, and I only found out this info. from Sean, so lay off him!

Dom Fejer | February 4, 2011 1:19 PM | Reply

Do you think an Offensive line could of built with those picks and perhaps a free agent with some of that $20 million?

Ummm Dom, can you name all the great offensive linemen Jerry has drafted in the last 9 years? I'll wait for answer? Her is a clue is sounds like Hero.

I won't argue that he paid to much. He got fleeced which brings me back to your apperant trust in the man. You point out he got fleeced, we all know you can't name any great or even good offensive line draft picks buy him. But you sure are confident he would have done great things with those picks. So which is it?

I will tell you what I have seen with the Cutler trade. The Bears got a ferrari and decided to take it off roading, then act shocked when stuff starts to break.

>I will tell you what I have seen with the Cutler trade. The Bears got a ferrari and >decided to take it off roading, then act shocked when stuff starts to break.

Yeah, drove it over a Lovie-Angelo Bluff.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers also weighed in on the topic Tuesday in Dallas, saying: “Yeah, Jay and I are buddies. I really felt like some of the comments [questioning Cutler’s toughness] were definitely inappropriate.”

______________ So wow - Cutler has only ever missed a game cause of head injury, took a league-leading 57 or so sacks and didn't complain once, refuses to slide when he runs, and oh yeah, also plays the game with type 1 diabetes. And now even the QB from Greenbay is tellin' it like it is. The kid is tough. And yet the Wisconsin Hillbilly trolls still snipe and snarl away. I guess consolation is found in this fact: The people talking bad about Cutler would only ever have to worry about hurting their MCL by falling off their bed in their parents' basement while reaching for more cheesy-poofs. :D

Fact #1: 2009 Season, Cutler's first year with the Bears organization. Mike Martz's first year with the Bears organization (New offense scheme).

Fact #2: 2010 Season, shaky and inconsistent (starters) offensive-line. Cutler records 52 sacks for the season (1st in NFL). Clinches the playoffs and makes it to the NFC Championship round. And retains an average passer rating of 86.3

Fact #3: Cutler has a career average passer rating of 84.3. Only one season of his 5 recorded seasons (2009) has his passer rating been below 86 (76.8).

Fact #4: Cade McNown had a career average passer rating of 67.7. Highest sack/season recorded 27 with a passer rating of 68.5

Fact #5: Jim Miller had a career average passer rating of 75.2. Highest sack/season recorded 16 with a passer rating of 77.5.

Fact #6: Erik Kramer had a career average passer rating of 76.6. Highest sack/season recorded 25 with a passer rating of 74.0

Fact #7: Rex Grossman had a career average passer rating of 70.9. Highest sack/season recorded 25 with a 66.4 rating.

Fact #8: Kyle Orton had a career average passer rating of 79.6. Highest sack/season recorded 30 with a passer rating of 59.7

Fact #10: Tom Brady recorded 41 sacks (2001) with a passer rating of 86.1

Fact #11: Brett Favre recorded 40 sacks (1996) with a passer rating of 95.8

Fact #12: Ben Roethlisberger 50 sacks (2009) with a passer rating of 100.5

Fact #13: Aaron Rodgers 50 sacks (2009) with a passer rating of 103.2

Fact #14: Michael Vick 46 sacks (2004) and 45 (2006) with a passer rating of 78.1 (2004) and 75.7 (2006).

Fact #15: The three (current/relevant) QBs to beat (higher) Cutler's Average Career Sack% (5.8 all time, 5.1 with the Bears) was Ben (8.9 all time), Aaron Rodgers (7.0 all time) and Michael Vick (9.5 all time). QBs that were checked: Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan.

Not all bears QBs were shown within the 1989 to present due to numerous QB changes. I only picked out the somewhat franchise QBs. Regardless, Cutler is the best Bears QB we've had in a long time. For that I am grateful and I do not want him to leave. Cutler is not THE BEST when compared to his competition but he holds his own weight and is an above average QB with a lot of room to grow.

I have noticed a lot of people hating on Lovie too. It's funny how both Lovie and Cutler share a similarity in not seeming enthusiastic. But consider this when deciding to like or hate Lovie.

Since Ditka, Dave Wannstedt has only made 1 playoff appearance in his 6 years as head coach. Dick Jauraon has only made 1 playoff appearance in his 5 years as head coach. Lovie Smith has made the playoffs 3 times and a superbowl appearance in his 6 years as head coach.

I guess most Chicago fans and sport writers/'experts' aren't satisfied with improvement. Oh how the media plays tricks on you. Regardless, I have bought another no.6 jersey and can't wait until the 2011 season.

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