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Chris Harris and I have the Steelers. Who you got?

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Bears safety Chris Harris and I agree on something: the Pittsburgh Steelers will win a close game against the Green Bay Packers.

Here's his breakdown.

The Ricks (Telander and Morrissey) have the Packers, along with Mike Mulligan.

But Neil Hayes and Mark Potash are with me in picking the Steelers.

I'd love to see your picks and scores. *Neil will come up with a prize for anyone who gets the exact result and score.

* This may or may not be true.

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Steelers will win in a comeback game after halftime. Win by 3.

Roethlisberger will finally get his MVP trophy.

Ummm not the Steelers. I'll take the Bulls. Just guess I mean it's only 21-3 at this point.

I'll take the Packers for 1,0000000, Alex.

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