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Bears will not use franchise tag

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The Bears will not use their franchise tag on any player this offseason.

The deadline to use the tag is later this month, although much is in doubt with the current CBA set to expire March 4.

The franchise tag requires a team to pay a player a one-year salary that's equal to the average of the top five highest paid at the position. The Bears are one of the more proactive teams, in terms of re-signing and rewarded their own players.

But the Bears have used the franchise tag only once since 2001, on linebacker Lance Briggs in 2007.

The Bears have more than a dozen free agents but none who would merit the franchise tag.

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Holy cow it's a new entry!

Sean, Neil, I don't know what's going on but Zeus almighty I've seen glaciers move faster than this site getting updated. What's going on?

Wait, I know. I bet the server slows down everytime Gearheadboy writes one of his lengthy, encyclopedia-like posts. I don't see why he has to drone on and on. If he just weeded through the fluff, then all of his thoughts could be summed up in the following paragraph:

'Mike, you can't refute aything I say. I am a genius. Peppers wasn't that good. If you don't agree with everything I said, then you are Lovie and Angelo butt kissers. And in case I forgot to mention it, I am a genius.'

Funny how you are always thinking of me Mikey. I can understand why, but it still creeps me out. And Mikey, if I bought you a beer for every time you did contradict anything I have said, there wouldn't be a breathalyzer test anywhere you couldn't pass. {Are you even old enough to drink? And if you are, does your mother allow booze in the basement? I guess she has to put her foot down somewhere, because, heaven knows you would never get a girl down there. Well, not without clorophorm}

Sean, is it true the put a franchise tag on me? They didn't have to. You would never lose me to the

And I can see a future headline on the front page of your newspaper.

"Breaking News!!!"..."A young man described as 'a loner', and 'quiet in a strange way' was arrested early this morning for soliciting an undercover male cop. When the authorities searched the home of the suspect {known by his one or two pimply faced 'friends' as "Mikey"} a makeshift shrine to a frequent blogger was found. There were printed and blown up excerpts from dozens of this blogger's posts. The blogger in question, is a well informed, and well know participant of not only the Bears' blog, but of local sports talk radio. He is widely known as 'The Gearheadboy". When confronted by police, Mikey started crying and asking for his mother."

Gears, I don't think anyone, anywhere, would ever use a franchise tag on the likes of you.

That being said, I could easily see you being offered a deal similar to what Ted Thompson propsed to Brett Favre in '08: "Here's some money, now get the hell away from here!"

So what will it take? I've got five bucks in my pocket as we speak...

Thanks Mike.

I am not like all of these other bloggers who think Julius Peppers is the greatest. Give me the 32 year-old Kyle Vanden Bosch and his 11 quasi-productive games in 2010 any day.

All of these other bloggers are fat people who play Madden all day on their couch. They have no jobs.

Did I mention that I work out? I am in great shape. KVB told me so this morning.


This cyber stalking has to stop. It's weird. The real Gearheadboy is capitalized.

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