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Bears not expected to cut back if there is a lockout

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As NFL teams develop ways to save money in the event of a lockout, the Bears are expected to take a business as usual approach.

Indications at Halas Hall are that the Bears will not be among the teams enforcing furloughs and pay reductions until the NFL and the NFL Players Association agrees on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The current one expires at 11:59 p.m. EST March 3.

The New York Jets, for instance, are placing employees on furlough if a new labor deal isn't reached by the expiration. According to the Sports Business Journal, Jets employees in business operations will be required to take a one-week, unpaid leave of absence every month until a new deal is in place. Employees on the football side will be safe until after the NFL Draft in late April.

If no games are lost to a work stoppage, employees will be reimbursed, the Business Journal reported. The Jets relieved 30 employees of their jobs days after their playoff run ended last month but those eliminations were related to the new stadium sales effort.

"Although we fully expect an agreement to be reached, it just make sense to plan for the worst and this plan is about shared sacrifice across the organization to get through a period of uncertainty," said Matt Higgins, the Jets executive vice president of business operations. "Rather than a straight reduction in salary, furloughs enable us to cut back expenses but also give employees some off."

Some NFL coaches have contracts that include cuts if there is a lockout. But, the Bears are not believed to be among the teams utilizing that cost-saving measure, either.

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How do the Bears rank as far as the amount of people in the organization compared to other teams? If I recall, the Jets have one of the deepest organizations in all of football, as far as number of people. The Bears have always run a pretty lean operation from what I can recall, but it has been a number of years since any of this was brought up.

The Bears saved some money by replacing Gabriel and DePaul with Ruskell, and with all the particularities of the stadium relationship, we don't have to staff the stadium management side of things, which saves a ton of people.

Hopefully the mediator will get us a lot closer to an agreement before the deadline, so even if there is a stoppage, it won't last long. I would like to see something in place (or at least tacit agreement so offseason activity can resume under the new arrangement while the details get written up) by the end of March, so there will be 3 weeks of free agency before the draft.

Speaking of which, while we are still on this league year, and are technically "uncapped," why haven't the Bears released anyone? Tommie Harris, Manumaleuna, and surely a few others could be dropped now, and not get the hit on the new cap year that is coming.

Kind of wandered off-topic there, but we need to be able to talk about something other than Duerson...It's a sad situation, but we need to get on to something else.

Those are good questions Joe, and I share your sentiment on the labor situation.

That said, I think it's going to get really ugly on the NFL labor front. Without looking it up, it looks like we are going to see labor in the news on football. baseball, and basketball over the next year or so. Of the "ugly" potential my guess is that baseball will be about a 3, basketball a 7, and football a 10 on a scale of 10. If we don't miss a significant part of the season next year, it would be a surprise.

Why? Because, as a group, I don't think the owners think of their players much differently than their yard men or their race horses. They may show their appreciation at the pleasure these special things add to their lives by spoiling them a little, but they certainly are not going to allow them to get uppiddy and set the boundarys. Some individual owners are not in that mold, for example the Packer ownership would be an exception, but collectively they will go into the negotiations with the attitude that if these here don't like our terms, we'll just get us another batch. All it takes is money, right?

They will also have the attitude that we, the fans, will pay about as much to watch the new batch as the old. They think, colllectively, that every fan who get's mad and burns their season ticket will be replaced from the waiting list by two who are happy for the opportunity. Ownership will plan on taking a minor PR hit, but within a year the old fans will be back on the list hoping for the opportunity to pay $500 to sit in 10 degree weather, without a shirt, drinking $15 beers screaming for the new heros.

I think Roger Goodell was selected for his ability to implement that attitude without being obvious about it.

I also think the Players Union knows this situation a lot better than I do. They know that their only hope is to get the rich kids fighting among each other. To do that will take a work stoppage.

There is too much money involved and too many rich kids, diva jocks, and tycoons who have never been told "no" in thier entire lives.

That's what I think. Hope I'm wrong.

Stop the presses Jeremy Shockey is a FA, the Saints cut him. Time for old Jerry to spring into action, this team needs a Tight end, this team wants a Tight end, and by gosh or by golly, this old GM is gonna get the fans a TE. Can't start small either time to Cowboy up and Bear Down, let's see how the Saints feel about trading Jeremy Shockey for my first and second round draft picks. No way I am letting this Free agent get away without trading for him.

Haha I can't believe nobody else is offering to trade for Free Agent Jeremy Shockey, what a bunch of morons. Well nobody is gonna say I am bad at drafting, a man can't draft what a man don't have, time to cut the fat and lose some picks. That old devil dog Creighton is not gonna make fun of me anymore. Let's see him make fun of no draft picks. I'll show that jerk, it's my time to shine.

Hold the phone I can get Shokey and extend Lovie Smith in one week. Let's ee he is making 5 million a year, that doesn't seem like enough let's see if he will take 10 million a year, don't want to seem cheap.

Oh my goodness Tommie Harris is running out of a contract can't let my star draft pick get away. Time for abig extension, lets see Peppers got close to 100 million, I gotta say I think my draft pick Tommie Harris is even better than Peppers and he is younger, let's see 5 years and 120 million seems right.

Let's see I also need to talk to Tice about the greatness of Chris Williams. He is also do for a big raise. Lets see Jake Long has a 5 year 58 million dollar contract. Ha, loser if he was a Jerry prefered clinet lets see how Chrissy Williams feels about 6 years and 90 millon dollars. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Well now that the off-season heavy lifting is done , I think old Jerr has earned a little reward.

Katy my lady, hit it.

Do you ever feel like an old bag,
drifting through the windy city
wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
like a house of cards,
one blow from caving in?

Do you ever feel already buried deep?
6 first round busts screams but no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there's still a chance for you
'Cause there's a spark in you

You just gotta ignite, the Beary light, and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

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Just own the night like the 4th of July

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So make your picks go bust bust bust
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The Packers franchise is owned by the city (ie the citizens) of Green Bay - not some wealthy individual or corporation. Besides, having just won Super Bowl XLV - how could anyone think that they were not going to win? - they intend to win Super Bowl XLVI and then go for the threepeat! They have moved on successfully from the Favre era and they are set to go again! There will be football in Green Bay this coming season!!!

Umm dude, you gonna play the Washington Generals? Or do you expect ol' Brett to come back as a replacement player?

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