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Bears hire Phair to coach d-line

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The Bears have hired Mike Phair to replace Eric Washington as defensive line coach.

Phair has been a defensive assistant, assistant defensive line coach and assistant linebacker coach for the Seahawks after spending three years as one of the team's area scouts.

Before that, he worked in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scouting department.

Washington left the Bears after being named the Carolina Panthers' defensive line coach.

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This is GREAT. He has links to Tim Ruskell, a real Bumstead winner!!

Yes but the real question is why would Smith hire him? Got this from Chicago

Before he worked for the Seahawks, Phair spent three seasons in the college scouting department of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002-04). In his first year in Tampa, the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.(All because of Phair)

Phair is very familiar with coach Lovie Smith and two of his assistants. When Phair was a starting inside linebacker at Arizona State in 1991, Smith was outside linebackers coach and Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was also an assistant with the Sun Devils.

Smith and Martz left Arizona State after that season, but Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli joined the coaching staff in 1992 when Phair was a senior.

Trifecta, he knows the big three of Lovie's world. Since he was a scout perhaps he could be named the teams GM. After all Tamp+Phair+only 1 year= Super Bowl. This guy one Tampa the Super Bowl as only an area scout. My god now that he is a coach is there anything hire than the Super Bowl? Maybe he will play God and the Arcangles in the Universe Bowl.

Sorry it just kills me the way the Bears PR will try to tie a bow on a pig with this guy and his first year super bowl mention, but hang Cutler out to dry. Oh that's right, Lovie doesn't like Cutler.

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