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Williams won't surprise Bears this time

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Seahawks receiver Mike Williams seemed to surprise the Bears when he caught 10 passes for 123 yards in the Seahawks' 23-20 victory at Soldier.

Cornerback Charles Tillman, noting that the Bears did not sack Matt Hasselbeck in that game, is hoping the Bears can put more pressure on Hasselbeck this time.

''It would be nice to get a sack this game on Hasselbeck,'' Tillman said. ''You can't throw the ball if you're on your back. So definitely we want to get a lot of pass rush going on and things like that, hopefully that can [disrupt] the timing between him and  Mike Williams.''

Defensive backs coach Jon Hoke said pressure will help, but it'll have to be a team effort.

''We'll have a better feel for him after playing him once, that's the biggest thing -- understanding what he's trying to do,'' Hoke said. ''But we just need to play better. We didn't express the defense the way it needed to be expressed. We just didn't play well. We didn't play with the energy that we're capable of.''

Williams had 65 receptions for 751 yards and two touchdowns this season. He had just 13 catches for 97 yards (7.5 per catch) in the last six weeks, missing two games with an injury. But he had five catches for 68 yards and a 38-yard touchdown in the Seahawks' upset of the Saints last week.

"You could say that," Bears coach Lovie Smith said when asked if limiting Williams was a point of emphasis. "He had a career day against us last time. Mike is a good player. You have to respect what he has done as far as being out of the league a couple years and working hard to get back in and now playing at a level he thought he could play at all along. We can't let him have another day like that. If we let him have another day like that we'll lose."

--- Mark Potash

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Outside of our strategy to stop him this weekend, I am glad to see this kid learned his lesson, and has come back to the NFL as a more mature, professional football player, and his results on the field are worthy of Comeback Player of the Year. Most guys are hurt that win the award, but this guy wasn't even on a roster last year.

On to the game, Williams is not an especially sharp route runner at his size, so my thinking is you keep rotating in Bowman and Graham to shadow him, so you have a big, physical corner that can stay with him down the field. His long strides will leave Jennings behind, and Tillman will struggle to catch up once he slips on the turf like he usually does.

If we retreat into Cover 2, the combo of Williams and Carlson will kill us all game. They will run Carlson in the seam, and Williams down the sideline, and the safety will have to stay in the middle, as that is the biggest threat. The Corners will have to be aware of the seam route, and carry the receiver down the sideline instead of releasing them deep if they are in zone, or switch out to man coverage when the TE is lined up to the wide side of the field.

If we can slow Mike Williams down, and play our usual run defense on Marshawn Lynch, we should be in good shape. Leon Washington is the biggest threat on their team in my opinion, as our coverage units have given up big returns recently.

Can't wait to watch, and hopefully next week we will be talking about the first-ever NFC title game between the Bears and Packers....

Bear Down!

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