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Urlacher wins award

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Brian Urlacher has been named the league's defensive player of the month.

Urlacher led the NFC with 49 tackles this month to go along with 1.5 sacks, a forced fumble and three passes defensed.

This is the first time in Urlacher's career he had been thus honored. Julius Peppers was named defensive player of the month for November.

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Fountain of youth? Julius Peppers? Steady saftey play? Why did Urlacher have a MVP season in 2010?
Thats the popular question, Urlacher.
Some say washed up, others say old and lost a step and then he is a I.R. risk. I say that broken wrist and being off for a season helped him in the long run. Stinks he was out for a season but on the other side its good to see Urlacher dominating.It's playoff time and Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman,Peppers,Izzy,C.Harris, T.Jennings and T.Harris have all played in the playoffs it is time to show their worth and come up with 3 wins to cap off a great season.

Urlacher gets my MVP vote and Charles Tillman gets my most improved play for Chicago Bears.Chris Harris gets my overachiver player of the season for the Bears.

This season has been fun to watch on defense and special teams. Both units have proven to be playoff caliper and also both can change a game anytime, anywhere against anybody.

Urlacher deserves this award as well as serious consideration for "Comeback Player of the Year."

Not bad for a guy who is suppose to be overrated and over the hill. Brian Urlacher could play until he is 40 like Bret Favre did, he is that special of an athlete. His size and range reminds me of Ted "Mad Stork" Hendricks who played middle linebacker for the Raiders. We are witnessing a once in a lifetime athlete in Chicago. Because of his consistency and our high expectations, many Bear fans have taken Urlacher for granted. If he had been in a Packer uniform they'd have a greater appreciation for him. Be thankful he is a Bear. Go Bears!!!

Urlachar needs to go out and just play keep his mouth shut didn't look to good when he claimed to be the best team.overconfidence us the#1team killer. Look we know we have agood team but leave the media out of its just a distraction just go xecute and say where the best after the bowl

The fact Brian Urlacher won defensive player of the month in december, and Julius Peppers won it in november proves a couple things. One is the Bears have been playing great defense late in the season, which is key heading into the playoffs, and secondly, have been getting great play from some of their key players like Urlacher and Peppers. The Bears 2010 defense is a pretty good unit, you can nit pick them, true, they lack a shut down corner and a ball hawking free safety, but overall, this unit can win games, and in the end, thats all that really matters GO BEARS!!

Urlacher is having a great year.

Urlacher didn't have an MVP season this year. Peppers did, Brian had a very goo year but I would not put him in the top 10. He has been very steady but not a game changer very often. Peppers has been a stud 14 out of 16 games. I wouldn't even put Urlacher in the Defensive player of the year debate, let alone MVP. In terms of MVP nobody means more to the Bears defense than Peppers.

As a defensive player of the year? He is just not in the top 20. He was great but not that great.

I think it's time for Peanut to put his ego aside and move to FS and let Harris walk. Champ Baily just told the Broncos he wants to make the move if they keep him and he has had a very good year at corner and is way better than Tillman. Even he knows it's time to make the move. Tillman has been up and down all year. Extend your career peanut and make the move.

I think Urlacher has had a great year, and would add that it's about time. The two years prior to his injury he was dogging it and missing his gaps and pass coverage. Finally he seems to have regained a bit of the form he had in the last Super Bowl appearance year.This year I hope he has career games up to and including the Super Bowl.

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