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Turf vs. Grass: Angelo undecided

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has heard team leaders such as Jay Cutler and Brian Urlacher criticize the turf at Soldier Field. He has watched late-season games against the Eagles, Jets and Patriots, but nothing he has seen or heard makes him feel as if a new surface is a priority.

"The surface is the surface," he said. "You've got two seasons here in Chicago. As the year goes on, the surface isn't going to be as good. The bottom line is that it's a safe surface and that's what we're fixed on, making sure we play on a safe surface. We've been able to win on that surface; we've lost on that surface. I don't see it being an advantage to anybody. It's the teams that play well that win."

Angelo said team president Ted Phillips is focused on learning more about the safety of natural grass versus artificial surfaces before any decision is made.
"We'll talk about it," he said. "We talked about it last year. I know Ted's said that he wants to get more comfortable in the research. I'm not ruling it out and we'll do our due diligence with the research. Everybody wants a fast surface. I don't think any NFL team wants to play with 3 inches of grass on the field. Every team is looking for that and we're no different. So we'll go through that again and see what the results are based on the research and going forward."

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Does he know their road record is better than their home record? They are clearly a better team on a faster surface. Just use the damn hybrid surface they have in Green Bay it holds up 10 times better than natural grass and the Bears seemed to be moving around on it just fine last week. It's still natural grass.

You can tell they just don;t want to spend the money, cause it's either Grass or Turf and no mention of the hybrid surface. Then again it's Angelo he may have no clue about the surface.

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