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Trent Dilfer talks about keys to Bears improvement on offense

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ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer has been one of the most outspoken critics of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. But the former NFL quarterback said Cutler and the Bears offense has been more successful since they've cut back on passes.

"[Mike] Martz has done an incredible job, whether it was mandated by Lovie [Smith], of calling games, that are just best for this football team, not necessarily Cutler," Dilfer said on a conference call today.

"They've taken away eight to 10 passes," Dilfer said. "That's eight less chances of chaos in the pocket. That's when Jay has problems. That's helped Jay's progression, and growth as a quarterback."

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What do Trent Dilfer's career numbers look like? I'm just sayin...

The running game is a key to any NFL quarterback's success, the better your offense can run, usually your quarterback will benefit. A good running game opens up your passing game by drawing a safety up giving your quarterback more one on one matchups with his receivers. Also, not just the QB, but the defense also benefits when your having success on the ground by simply keeping them off the field. Which with a cover-2 based scheme like the Bears employ, which relys on speed, the more these guys are off the field, the more effective they become.

I think the biggest thing thats been overlooked is the success Bears running back Matt Forte has had in the second half of the season. If Forte would have ran like he did during the second half of the season during the first half, he'd be a pro-bowler. Matt Forte has come on as a runner, heck, he put up 91 on the Packers, who were the leagues 8th ranked defense. I don't know if Forte has come to life because of better run blocking thanks to better continuity up front, or simply because he's stayed so healthy this season, but the guy is getting it done. Forte will be key sunday and throughout GO BEARS!!

Who cares what this walking joke thinks? By the way, his observation that a balanced offense is a good thing is just so groundbreaking. How does he do it?

Ya' know, this "expert" also predicted that the Bears would lose their last four games of the regular season. But in '08, he predicted that the Orton led Bears would win out and make the playoffs.

Ever since Chicago traded away Kyle Orton, he's been biased against them. He probably saw Orton as the same physically-limited, mediocre-type QB he was but with better numbers. Therefore, Orton is his idol. He hates Cutler of course because Jay has more talent in his hair gel than Dilfer has in his entire body.

Why won't this clown just go away? I can't believe he has a job. He was a horrible QB and an even worse commentator. Drop dead, Dilfer!

Is that when it started? I've noticed it a lot this year. Mediocrity loves mediocrity!

Dude did you say that with a straight face? If you did then you must wake up eating stupid pills. Take your own hint GO AWAY.

Love how cutler keeps telling the media and reporters we might throw 60 times and we area not changing anything
Something tells doubters are in. For a surprise cutler will make you all eat ur words

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