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Tillman latest to criticize turf at Soldier Field

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Charles Tillman became the latest Bears players to criticize the turf at Soldier Field, although he stopped himself before he said something inappropriate in a family newspaper --- or blog.

"Our field is a little bit harder in December and January, around that time frame," the veteran cornerback said. "It is what it is. Some people say it's a shh ... sorry field, but at the end of the day you have to play. That's what we do. We accept it, and we just play."

Tillman answerd "no" when asked if the turf affects how players make their cuts.

"Sometimes I've fallen on our field," he added. "I'll be the first to tell you that I've fallen sometimes. Sometimes I have the good break when I can plant. It is what it is."

Tillman said the soft surface doesn't give the offense or defense an advantage.
"Everyone is at an equal advantage on that field - offense or defense and special teams included," he said.

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How dare he speak ill of the Golden Sod of Soldier Field. It's a magical surface taking one back to the days when Chicago was nothing more than a swamp. Good old Angelo has every right to say the Bears have been studying Turf for the last two decades for safety issues. When asked about Hybrid surfaces he quickly pointed and yelled look out then fled the room while reporters backs were turned.

Do people slip on it/ Well Tillman would have had a pick in the end zone last week but slipped on the surface. Perfect position to, turned into a TD, lucky for the Bears it was the Pigeons, I mean chumps, ooops I mean Seahawks one of the greatest teams to ever enter the playoffs. A magical team on a magical field.

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