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Ticketmaster sells tickets to Sunday's game quickly

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You knew they wouldn't last long. But the limited number of tickets made available through Ticketmaster for the NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field were sold in less than a minute.

Gone in less than 60 seconds.

The team hasn't said how many tickets were available. But there's been a buzz that they were, indeed, on sale, although you obviously had to get lucky.

Out of curiosity, who has tickets, and what are people offering you for them? Also, what price would it take for you to sell them?

Again, I'm just curious. Hope everyone is well.

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I got 2 tix from Ticketmaster this afternoon. Starting bid is $1,000/ticket. Email me any offers.

I called in to Ticketmaster today and got through to an agent right away and then the agent disconnected me. Maybe if Ticketmaster had better customer service I would be going to the game on Sunday.

True story...I am a lifelong Bears fan from southern WV. I have never been to Soldier Field to watch the Bears. At 3:00 Eastern, I called Ticketmaster and suprisingly got through with an opportunity to buy 4 tickets in the upperdeck (section 433?). At the last minute, I just hung up the phone. With a second child on the way, I decided that I didn't have the money to go to the game. I have regretted it the moment that I hung up the phone. I probably could have sold the extra two tickets and paid for my ticket. Go Bears!

I did not try to get a ticket cause Im going to be hosting a tail gate party in the comforts of my own home and back yard. Helps when at the last minute I was able to find an indoor movie theater (rented).
My dear family friend has had season tickets for 9 years and he has had some great offers. He is up in the second deck at the 45 yard line. He told me just minutes ago that his boss offered him a weeks paid vacation plus $2,200 for his package seats. When I asked if he took the offer he said " Make enough food for my wife and me cause Im gonna see you at your tail gate party."

Mike you would have gotten 5-10x the value for each ticket. Congrads on your baby on the way.

I would have attended the game if I would have only ordered 2 tickets. However, if I would have thought about it at the time, I would have ordered 4 and sold the other 2 to pay for my trip. Hopefully, this will happen again in my lifetime and I won't make the same mistake twice>

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