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Source: Collins wasn't lifted because of injury

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Although Bears' backup quarterback Todd Collins has a sore back and shoulder as a result of his brief stint in Sunday's 21-14 loss to the Packers in the NFC Championship game, a source close to the veteran quarterback said he could have continued playing and his removal from the game was a coach's decision.

The source, who spoke with Collins on Tuesday, said the 16-year veteran passed his season-ending physical with the team.

The NFL Network has reported that Collins left Sunday's game with a shoulder injury and was planning to undergo an MRI to determine the severity of the injury today.

Collins left the game after being hit by Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji late in the third quarter. He failed to complete a pass in four attempts.

The decision to put third-stringer Caleb Hanie in the game with 57 seconds left in the third quarter was strange because it meant that neither starter Jay Cutler nor Collins could re-enter the game. That means that if Hanie had been hurt, Earl Bennett or Matt Forte would've likely been pressed into duty as an emergency quarterback.

It was that decision that made me ask Collins whether he was injured, since logic suggests it would be wiser to run a running play with Collins, let the third-quarter expire and then insert Hanie into the game, which would've allowed the Bears to go back to Collins in an emergency.

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I never believed Collins was injured anyway, Wow it seems like anyone can put a story out and its considered to be gospel......Collins was not only terrible, he looked like a deer in headlights when he was in the game. Hanie is our Number 2 next year, we can draft someone who can fog a mirror that can be a number three better than Collins.

BEAR needs; if there's Football in the Fall 2011 are:

Defense: Immediate Impact player Corner-preferably or LB, someone that impacts a game and adds YOUTH to an already strong unit.

Offense- two positions are a must, a possession receiver who can make catches in traffic BEARS have no one on the roster who can do this, obviously they don't think Aramoushdou is the answer....Let Tice pick another O-lineman he can work with. Tice did a great job with what he had this season, if he stays around this unit will improve, Webb had solid 1st year and should get better with REPS, also think Louis and Ed Williams should push for time in the interior line as well.

This season built a Foundation, now Angelo has to bring in the talent to keep them from taking s step backwards, Detroit will be better, the packers are young still, and don't expect the cowboys to stay in the tank either. It will take 10 wins to get back into the tournament, the work to get there starts NOW!.....Go BEARS !

Cover up, don't fall for it Chicago. It was obvious just watching the game when he came out he was hurt.

Do people really fall for this? My guess only the sheep will.

No offense to Todd Collins, he was a great sparkplug with the Redskins a few years ago when Jason Campbell was playing awful, but he is well past his prime as a quarterback.

When you watch the game, he moved so slow in the pocket on his drops, was never far enough away from the line and had his arm hit on multiple occasions clearly making his throws ineffective.

Enter Caleb Hanie, a younger and more mobile quarterback, who showed the ability to escape the pressure and make some good throws due to a clear view ahead of him that Collins would have never seen. I was worried about Hanie getting hurt and us going to Forte or Bennett and running the wildcat for the rest of the game, but Hanie had to be put into the game and in all honesty should have gone in well before Collins.

If that Carolina game proves anything, our offensive line doesnt protect a straight pocket passer like Collins well enough to leave him as a sitting duck in the backfield. That is why Cutler was able to roll out of the pocket throughout the year and throw much better than Ron Turner's offense ever allowed him to do.

Should have never been the number 2 to begin with. He lost the spot after the Carolina game and for some reason the Bears gave it back to him.

Raji may not have hurt him, although he did get to him. Raji was killing the Bears all game long and ahs shown a ton of improvment this year. Bears better do something this offseason to deal with because nobody in the interior could do anything against him. Good NT's have been killing the Bears for a few years now, time for an upgrade at Center and Guard. I hear Logan Mankins was the number 1 rated guard in football this year by PFF, Tyson Clabo made the Pro Bowl and the Bears could use a major upgrade at RT. At 6-6 330 he is a moster run blocker and very good in Pass protection. Mankins is also a good Run blocker and Pass blocker, he made Wood head look good after all I am sure he could help Forte. David Josph and Harey Dahl also should be in the mix. If they don't land at least one of these guys their is something wrong with Angelo and in fact, I would think he wants the team to fail. Mike Pouncey would be a nice addition via the draft as well. I would hope the Bears who have a lot of contracts coming off the books will consider 3 offensive linemen this off season. Real offensive linemen.

On defense Mathias Kiwanuka would be a great pick up for the Bears.

the fact that the Bears' coaches had Collins as the #2 qb on the depth chart proves they are incompetent. Same with Chris Harris. What kind of fools wouild let him go while he was in his prime? And now the team is stuck with the pouting, petulant, surly Jay Cutler.

the coaching mistake was putting collins in. they knew better. just look at him in previous film. hanie is more mobile and that is what was needed. bad coaching decision. the defense held rogers 3/4 of the game. bs pass interferance call for their 2nd td otherwise defense held.

I agree with Creighton.

The Bear's O-line finally bit in the behind. I agree they probably will have to pay a free agent such as Mankins in addition to having a strong draft on both lines to be better next year.

I think the coaching staff did a great job this year. Considering how weak the O-line and receiver talent was on the team this year. Also, Peppers was the only D-lineman that could consistently beat his man one on one. The rest of the line was average at best.

Fact is the Bears have a depth problem. They were the least injured team that I have seen in years. So their depth was never challenged. Eventually, they will need to replace Tillman, Urlacher, Kreutz, Briggs, and Peppers because of age. Unfortunately, they don't have the luxary of trying to do that this off-season.

They have to plug holes. 3 offensive lineman need to be brought in. Probably 2 rookies, and free agent. They need at least one good receiver that is of the big possession type. They need a penetrating defensive tackle to compliment Peppers.

I wonder who will be cut or not brought back this year? I have seen enough of Chris Williams. He is just simply not good. Omiyale was a ripped band aid. Kreutz didn't look good this year either. Tommie Harris is probably gone unless Angelo thinks he is worth 5 million. Tinosimoa is an injury waiting to happen every snap. Daniel Manning is a free agent. Todd Collins better be cut. HE sucks.

I am routing for Pittsburg to beat the Packers in 12 days.

We need Kirk Barton back. Total beast! By the way, the Kevin Bumstead Total Beast Team is coming soon!

We saw what Collins was about in his limited action this season. Not only did he suck, but he sucked real bad. Why the decision makers on this team decided to give him the number two spot is beyond me. It's just sheer incompetence and with Collins in, two offensive series were completely wasted. It's like being at war, having your assault rifle malfunction, and then when your reach for your handgun you shoot yourself in the foot.

Oh well, it's hard to say this given how the last game ended to our hated rivals and all on our home turf, but it was an exciting year. I look forward to more.

Go Pittsburgh.

Chitownbear, 15 years ago I uttered thoes same works. When I saw Todd Collins in his first preseason game at Rich Stadium (now the Ralf) I turned to my friend and said: This guy sucks! He looks like a deer in the headlights!" It is a true now as it was then.

Creighton, I do not know much about the players you named, but I agree completely about the focus being on offensive linemen.Consider how this season would have gone if Cutler had protection and Forte had some holes to run through.I think the line got better under Tice, but they regressed in the Packer game. Unfortunately, Cutler paid the price.Hanie had the advantage of coming in to face a defnsive line a bit tired from rushing Cutler the whole game, but he did a good job bringing the Bears back until that last intrerception. The Raji interception was the real killer, but the last one at the goal line was the final nail burying the Bears'season.

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