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Season-ending Q & A: Your questions go here

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It has been a while since we've had a Q & A and I'm guessing there are some questions floating around in the wake of Sunday's loss to the Packers. Post them here. Either Sean or I will answer them on Friday.

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My biggest concern is whether this team can be consistently good. Will this team be a winner next year? Or will they miss the playoffs for the next year ot two?

I asked this question before during the season, but here we go again for the obvious reasons:

Why was Todd Collins the #2 QB? Sean gave me a "he has experience" answer back when I originally asked the question so if you can give me an answer without using the "e word" I would be most appreciative.

Oh yeah, question #2: I can throw the ball into the dirt like a glorified spike for two offensive series just as well as Collins did. Will the Bears give me a shot at the backup role? I'm 25, 5' 9"-5' 10" and have good studying habits so learning the playbook won't be a problem for me. Oh! And I'll do it for HALF the amount of money Collins was getting.

Thanks, Neil.

Can you (or any reporter that has covered the Bears over the last seven years) ever remember Lovie Smith admitting that he made a mistake about anything?

- He defended playing Rex Grossman in the Superbowl
- He defended firing Ron Rivera
- He defended having Collins as the number 2 quarterback this year
- He defended playing Mark Anderson
- He defended the trade for Adam Archuleta
- He defended getting rid of Thomas Jones
- He defended not squib kicking to the Falcons at the end of the game in 2008
- He defended Babbich as the defensive coordinator

....all of which is indefensible on its face.......and I could spend all day listing obvious screwups by him that have cost the Bears individual games throughout his tenure.

If he really believes that he has never made a mistake it explains a lot about the Bears lack of championships and lack of consistency during his run as head coach.

Im sick of the cutler bashing!!!!! Lets get some things straight. First of all his teammates says hes a great leader.So why do the media and people question his leadership skills? They question his toughness?First qb I have saw in 31 years to start and finish two regular seasons in a row for the Chicago Bears.He has missed one game in his career.Playing behind the worse offensive line for two years and a developing wr core.During the nfc championship he was helping Caleb,just ask caleb in wich he said on radio cutler helped him alot. And dont believe him go rewatch the whole game!It shows cutler on 3 diferent occasions helping him with the playbook and on td drive he was all excited smiling and cheering on his teamates. And after being told he is done for the game,how is he suposed to act?He was upset wouldnt you be after not being able to finish biggest game of your career,come on man! We say hes a weird dude, Mcmahon was the weirdest of dudes and still is,yet we adore him.He keeps his personal life private,whats wrong with that?What if we ask you personal questions,your not inclined to have to talk about that cause its not your job to have to.His job is to win.Nfc Championship is alot to do with winning if you ask me.Brady,Rivers,Rodgers,Farve,Manning,Sanchez ,Elway ,Marino,Simms,Mcmahon have all lost playoff games before.And yet they have all won some too just like Cutler did in his first playoff game.How many touchdowns did he have?Oh yea 4,not to bad .........

What happens in the 2012 draft if there is no 2011 season?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw a lack of a No. 1 receiver to be the biggest problem in big games this season. Is that something that Angelo will recognize? Will the Bears go after Vincent Jackson or another FA big target and use the draft to build depth?

If no CBA is approved before (I think) March 4th, what (if any) personnel moves can be made to improve the Bears?


By my reckoning the Bears need in order of importance

1. Left Tackle
2. Top quality CB
3. Pass Rusher to complement Peppers
4. Urlachers eventual replacement

Are there any upcoming Free Agents or suitable College players the "thrifty" Bears can get to upgrade there roster??

What players do you think might be realistic options for the Bears in free agency and who would you key on the most?

I must be stupid or dreaming but this thought has been going on in my mind for a while and i am shocked to see that the pieces are falling in place as of now...

Mc'Nabb's benching by the Shanahans

Shanahans love for Jay Cutler

McNabb and Chicago mutual love...

Connecting all these together, also noticing that Mike and Kyle Shanahan have still kept McNabb's situation clumsy, noticing Jay's demeanor, is it a possibility to see Jay and Donovan being swapped accompanied with other pics, etc etc? Though I would hate to see Jay leave Chicago, I can sympathize with Jay that he is in a rick of learning the 4th new offense in 4 years if Mike Martz should leave else where (Even if he does not, its hard to visualize him being with the beard for say 5 years)...So, if Jay wants to go back to the Shanahan (Whose offense he is familiar with), I do see something coming out of this... Now, am I just stupid or do I have a claim?

What are the possibilities of getting Albert Haynesworth? He seems to want to play in a 4-3 defense such as the one the Bears have and be on the outs with Shanahan and the 'skins. Don't give me any of this crap about defective character. Angelo is selective at best about that.

If you were to recommend a spot on the offense and a spot on the defense that needs fixing to the coaches and Angelo what would those two positions be?

Needs for next year
1 Left tackle
2 Right tackle
3 Left guard [ another frist round bust their now]
4 Right guard
5 Center [age the last 2]
6 Fire J A

The truth of the matter is that Jerry Angelo really has not done a very good job in the draft judging by some of his many busts. Do you think he has the ability to bring this team to a Super Bowl level or better yet to surpass the Packers or are we in for more of the same?

By my count, there are 18 players with expiring contracts this offseason, like Olin Kreutz, Danieal Manning, and Corey Graham to name a few key cogs to our 3 units. In addition, we have players like Tommie Harris, who did basically nothing for 16 games, Garza, who was bulldozed by just about every DT in the league, and players like Hunter Hillenmeyer, whose career could be cut short because of concussions. Then you have guys like Chester Taylor and Manumaleuna, who we just signed, but are definitely not getting adequate value out of for the money we are paying them. Are we looking at a major roster turnover this year? Outside of Arizona this year, I can't recall another playoff team that was in as dire need as we are of overhaul at several key positions, and we can't address them all in the draft and free agency. Seems to me that Ruskell and Angelo will have their hands more than full to field a competitive team for 2011.

We have big holes right now on the offensive line, at wide receiver, at DT, at safety, and at backup positions all over the field, like QB.

Mike Martz is so wrong for this team! Why don't the Bears promote Mike Tice as offensive coordinator so we can get back to "Bear" football? This would also save Jay Cutlers' life!
Your thoughts.

I was listening to Mully on 670 the other day and he was talking about FA and the CBA. It has been reported that the Owners are seekiing to lower the cap to 2007 or 2008 cap figures. He went on to point out that if this happens, that the Beears would already be right at the Cap limit given expecting signings of Current roster players. This does not include players like Matt Forte, Anthony Adams, Izzy, Manning and maybe others who will be seeking raises. If the Bears are unable to sign quality free agents to help bolster the offensive line, defensive line rotation at end and tackle both, and a weak secondary, what are the chances that you think Angelo scores major finds at offensive tackle, Center, Guard, Corner, Defensive Tackle, defensive end in the upcoming 2011 draft? Seems to me that this would be a difficult reach for any team let alone Angelo and his poor draft history. Seems like the Bears would need to cut some salary in order to make room for so Free Agent help.

Tripper you crawled out of your hole. I thought you were Jay Cutler's biggest self proclaimed fan? He has been getting killed all week not job fans and I have not seen you post anything to defend your boy. What happened? Not Bearing down anymore? Jump off the bandwagon? I have not seen you support the team once since the loss. Oh maybe if you write "Go Bears" at the end of your post that will make you a real Bear fan unlike the rest of us.

Now you don't like Martz either? Gosh, You were yelling at me a week ago for not liking Martz or his offense and now you among others seem to want him fired. I thought Martz was great, all ral Bear Fans love the Martz, what an amazing job he has done with the offense.

Bear Down, yeah look what I wrote I am a real fan. Haven't seen to many Go Bears posted this week. How funny. I guess people only do that when things are going good. Way to be real fans.

Maybe Armstead will come out of the closet and post this week. At least Brando has had the stones to post, even though like you he has not said much if anything about the game or Cutler, or the offense, or the play calling, or the mistakes, just pretending it didn't happen.

Did anyone else notice that JCutler's comment awhile back about DHester not being a "go up and get it WR", was right on the money? In fact I am suggesting that maybe that's the Bears biggest need this offseason. Look again at the one pick Jay threw in the last game, JKnox just sat there and let the defender take the ball away. That was only one of many times this year that our WR's have not "gone up to get the ball". Look back at some games and tell me how many of Jays pick or almost picks would have been caught by a CJohnson, BMarshal, ABoldin type of receiver. The thing is I think our WR's are young and great I don't think anyone needs to go, but we don't have the "go up a get it WR", that any QB would love and maybe "need" to have in certain situations. Our Oline sucks and we need major help there, but maybe a big WR is more important.

Tripper, we are stuck with Martz going into next season for sure, plus another new coordinator would be devistating to the development of the offense and Jay Cutler as well. Continuity and consistency would help all the young players on that side of the ball get better. the problem with martz is ego, he always wants to be smarter than the other guy, just look at the 3rd down call in the 4th quarter of the champioship game as an example, we were actualy moving the ball and had momentum, all we had to do was run the ball and as we all saw the play would have gotten us a first down before the ill advised time out. Then he comes out and runs an end around with the slowest of our receivers into the short side of the filed limiting the ability of who ever had the ball to gain yards. Stupid, let the play run and since you had to go for it anyway on 4th down if you don't make it use the time out then....dumb ass call and one that he needs to clean up going into next year. You have to wonder if his ego will allow for him to stay with a balanced approach which is what this teams young offensive weapons need to be succdessful. But hey, who am I just a BEARS fan watching us lose games we could win because of ego driven play calls.

Creighton, I've just been letting all the rest of you fairweather fans rip Jay and the boys while I relaxed in Aruba on vacation!
Sports fans, the brains of this Bears outfit has returned!! GO BEARS!!

I think it is perfectly obvious that the Bears need an offensive line that can protect the quarterback.No matter who is playing quarterback,he will look like an amateur if he is fighting for his life on virtually every play. Mobility and quick releasers will only take a quarterback so far.The running game and pass protection cover up a lot of mistakes.What prospects do you see the Bears looking at regarding the Offensive line for next year?

ATTENTION TED PHILLIPS : Good-bye Lovie ,Hello GUPPY ! Haven't we seen enough of the cover-2 and the deer in the headlights stare ? This is a RARE opportunity for the McCaskeys to do something RIGHT. Let Lovie move on, after all , we all watched him being out-coached by Mike Mcarthy last Sunday !

Hey Sean is there any way to have you or Neil, or someone else keeping up with this blog full time by the draft. There are times when people respond to one another but we don't get to see it until the next day. It seems like a few times some good arguments died out because responses didn't seem to come back quick enough. I don't know how your system works and this is just a questions. THANKS!!!!!!!
Hope you start up with some draft talk soon..............

Tripper | January 27, 2011 2:27 PM | Reply
Creighton, I've just been letting all the rest of you fairweather fans rip Jay and the boys while I relaxed in Aruba on vacation!

Yep that's exactly what I have been doing, you really are the smart one on this Board. I have been ripping Cutler apart all week, boy did I let him have it. Went to Aruba for less than a week did you? Hmmmm last I checked you were here staurday, cause you posted. You said you were watching the game on sunday, so you went to Aruba Mon-Wen? I don't think so. Be kinda of a waste, 1 non travel day in Aruba, whats the point? Tsk tsk.

By the way define Irony a supposed Cutler fan refuses to show his face after the biggest beating of his career, claims he was in Aruba in the middle of a Chicago Winter and calls everyone else fair weath fans.

Not to mention your sudden change on the great Martz. Make up your mind will you wind sock. Well I can't fault you everything you claim is basically wrong 99% time, so I guess it's just same old same old.

I have finally come out of my hole after the Bears loss and I have to admit I probably was a little too tough on Cutler for coming out of the game due to injury. Needless to say I am of the old school where a McMahon would get pain killing shots on the sideline to keep playing or Butkus would break a finger or two and then break them back into position and tape them together to finish the game.

I guess I am so caught up in not caring for the Packers that all I wanted was Cutler to go into the locker room and get taped to the max and come back out and play. It did fool me as he did not look to be that injured from a TV viewing perspective but the experts on the field no better than I as does his teammates Urlacher and Kruetz.

So call me an ARS I can admit when I am wrong and I was in this one instance in my life as I have never made any other mistakes and I at least get this one over with.

P.S. Cutler still makes some poor decisions but he coulda been a contenda as was said in the movies. But right now still have to rate Cutler middle of the pack in the NFL as far as effectiveness. Maybe the best arm in the league but not the greatest leader at crunch time.

P.S. I know that the line was poor and all that stuff but Cutler is still not in the top 5 in the league,not yet and not close, until he comes into games as prepared as Brees, Brady, Rodgers (YUK) and Manning.

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