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Sacks don't bother Lovie

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The Packers had six sacks, which might make you think the offensive line had a lousy game, and maybe it did.

There were other factors as well, though. The Packers blitzed as much as any team has blitzed the Bears all season, especially late in the game.

"It's a concern anytime you give up a sack," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "But it was a ittle too much pressure on my quarterback today and there were a lot of reasons for that. There is nothing negative about what happened today. We have a little bit of time to clean up the things we need to do. This was a good measuring stick for us moving forward."

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OK. first off, good job Bears on the season so far, and kudos to Lovie for going "all out" in the meaningless season finale. The defense looked great. The running game also looked great. They did the right thing by playing the starters for the whole game.

However, when Forte is averaging 6 YPC in the first half, you just might want to continue to run the ball. Cutler was leveled in the 2nd half. I was thinking to myself that Lovie may have saved his job this year, but he coulda lost it if Cutler was knocked out of the playoffs.

This team is good. No question. But sometimes they drive me absolutely nuts. I swear I almost put a hole in my floor late in the 3rd when they continued to pass instead of run.
Oh well. They will either get NO, who has never won an outdoor playoff game. Or Philly, whom they have already beat this year.

So does anything bother this man? He might be a budist and nothing gets to him as far stress goes. This is what frustrates me about him. He shows no emotion and that concerns me bc as a fan I want to see our teams leader display some emotion or else he appears as a politician.

From watching the game that makes some sense. Green Bay has a really good defense, but I didn't see a lot of the Packer's D-line dominating the Bears in individual matchups. What I saw were linemen pinning their ears back, constant blitzing from backers, and a lot of safetys and corners coming in. You might do that for the short term against a Mike Martz offense, but it usually costs you in the end. It worked Sunday though?

We would have to use medieval dungeon tactics to find out, but it looked to me like Martz dumbed down the game plan some. That would make sense if they didn't want to show all their cards in a meaningless game going into the playoffs. Put that together with the fact that the Packers were in one-and-done playoff mode. They had no choice but to pull all their rabbits out of the hat.

It all makes sense as long as your quarterback lives through it.

I'm generally quiet regarding coaches because I've been there and know that someone will be upset with the coach no matter what decisions he/she makes, but I still am upset about the stupid time-out call that nullified a crucial first down. I honestly think that call cost the Bears the game.There seems to be some mystery about who was resposible for that call. Evidently a coaching assistant signalled Lovie to make the call, but by then it looked like the play was already in motion. If time was running out on the play clock, that should have been Cutler's call, like one he made earlier in the game for the same reason.This season I have also noticed coaches nullifying field goals made by their own team by calling time-outs.The head coach is ultimately responsible, but time-outs from the sideline are generally stupid. there was one of those by the Seattle coach later last night as well.

Hey Cutler only had one cuncussion and is alive, only 3 QB's where knocked out of games this year it's been banner year for this O-Line. I say don't change a thing and draft defense.

Ms you know what the Packers did last night is how their defense works it's how all zone blizting 3-4 defenses work. They have a three man line your not going to get a lot pressure going against the Bears 6(yes 6) and usually you only rush one backer. It's a blitzing defense. Thats how the Pats have handled Martz for the most part of his career. Jamming the recievers is also standard practice when facing Martz because of the timing routs. The Packers play on one of the best outdoor fields in the game, they can get speed on it. The Bears don't and teams have problems attacking fast. The Martz offense has been a mediocre to bad offense almost all year. The Bears are all defense and special teams.

The Martz offense has not had a big year for the better part of a decade now. The Bears where carving up the Packers with the run game and where down one score. Martz abandoned the run at the half.

Paul I think Lovie made a big mistake too, but as much of that loss was on Martz dumping the run. In fact because this was a throw away game for the Bears, something tells me that Martz was trying to make a point to Lovie that he could get it done his way instead of the more Tice like play calling we have been seeing and I think it blew up in his face. Did see Martz yelling on the sideline? It's throw away game, so something was going on with Martz.

If you guys really want to worry about something I suggest you take a look at Cutler. He is now sporting a neck beard and a Twilight circa new New Moon do. This can't be good.

Well Creighton, if all defense and special teams equals 11-5, then I am all for it. They did it like this in 2005, too. Averaged 16 points per game but gave up just 11.

All the Bears have to do is not get pass crazy, and not turn the ball over. They will win the super bowl that way this year.

Depends who they play, you know other teams like the Pats are good at lot stuff too. I don't think anyone from the NFC is winning it this year. I also don't think the Bears can beat Atlanta at home.

Defense was better in 05, special teams was better in 05, the O-Line was a lot better in 05, and they where a better running team. Still got knocked out in the first game cause someone wouldn't double Smith. League isn't as strong this year but Atlanta at home is pretty tough Bears have lost 3 home games this year and don't like playing on their own surface.

What's wierd is the Bears best hope of going to the Super Bowl may be Martz, but the biggest reason they may not go to the Super Bowl may also be Martz.

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