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Rodgers on Urlacher: 'Probably my favorite' opponent

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Talk about a game within a game -- as Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reads the defense when he comes to the line of scrimmage against the Bears, Brian Urlacher is reading Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers makes his call, then Urlacher makes his. Rodgers adjusts and Urlacher adjusts back. It sometimes looks like they're having more fun with it than they should. And Rodgers indicated Wednesday that might be the case.

''Brian is probably my favorite player to play against just because I enjoy the seconds between snaps,'' Rodgers said Wednesday. ''He's a very funny guy on the field. I know a lot of his calls probably don't mean a lot and he probably knows the same thing about some of my calls, so we have some fun with each other back and forth -- not only between plays, TV timeouts, at the line of scrimmage.''

Rodgers clearly enjoys dueling with the Bears' Pro Bowl linebacker.

''A lot of respect, definitely on my side,'' Rodgers said. ''I don't know how he feels about me. He said he voted for me for the Pro Bowl. I don't know if he's lying or not. A lot of respect on this side for the way that he plays, the way he's played this season. But somebody I really enjoy playing against.''

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Aaron's post-game meal? He'll probably finish his platter of smoked Urlacher that he started in the first quarter. The Bears area a very good team, but like the Jets, they have one of the QBs that has a tendency to make the huge mistakes when you least expect or need him to. Packers 34, Bears 10. Wish us luck in the Super Bowl!

Yes Misha, I keep thinkig about all those big games he has had in Chicago.

1-2 over the last three years and the Pack have not put up more that 21 points in Chicago. over the last three years he has had one big game against Chicago, that was in GB and that was the first game he ever played against the Bears so he was a new, unkown QB to them. Since them it's been a bunch of close low scoring games. But I am sure it will be a big scoring day in sub freezing, windy, snowy, loud spungy turf soilder field. Yes that will be it.

This ain't no dome damn it, we play oon sloppy mud and the Pack can't run the ball. Good luck. All the pack can do is try and dink and dunk the bears to death and hope for a big play they have struggled to get against Chicago. On defense they have to shut down the Bears who probably won't have to put up many points to win.

The effrontery of Misha borders on the appalling. The assumption that the Packers will easily handle the Bears is bad enough, but then to request that we wish them luck in the Super Bowl is a sign of aberration.That Jet quarterback he panned is the same one that defeated New England. Does that mean Brady is a weak spot for the Patriots? Go back to Green Bay, Misha and go ice-fishing. Today a car went through the lake I live on here in Western Wisconsin and perhaps the same could happen to you. That's just a more original way to tell you to go jump in the lake, Misha.

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