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Peppers: Rules are rules

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Rules are rules

Julius Peppers wasn't complaining about the roughing the passer penalty he drew early in the fourth quarter when his helmet struck Aaron Rodgers' ear hole as the Packers' quarterback attempted to pass.

"The rules are the rules," Peppers said. "Most of the time they get it right. I don't know if he got that right or not. I didn't see the replay. They may come back and say it's a good hit but it doesn't matter when the game is over."

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Like everything else today on defense, we were half a second late getting there. If Pep had gotten there half a second sooner, Rodgers would have been in his windup, and not releasing the ball, which turned his body sideways, putting Peppers' helmet in contact with his.

Peppers did not lead with his helmet, but the position Rodgers shifted to made it appear that way. The refs had to call it, but he should not be fined for the hit.

The key to this game on defense needed to be the play of the DTs to help Peppers and Izzy contain and pressure Rodgers. They did basically nothing. Even Briggs and Urlacher were late and sloppy in tackling early. We were completely unprepared to play this game in the 1st quarter, and Green Bay took it to us while we figured it out.

As mediocre as Green Bay's offensive line is as a unit, we should have gotten a lot more pressure on Rodgers, but we went back to Tommie Harris lying on the ground instead of Tommie playing like last week, where he was around the ball, and around the QB for a good portion of the game. Adams and Toeaina were also largely ineffective.
Poor performance by Rod Marinelli in game planning, and the whole defense took the first quarter off before finally figuring out that they ought to tackle someone...

Joe 4 tackles by the d-line today says it all. 2 by peppers and 2 by melton, if harris is not cut soon than JA and lovie must feel real comfortable about contract extensions.

umm.... Actually, you can clearly see Peppers drop his chin just before the hit, in order to lead with the crown of his head. That is absolutely, without question, exactly the type of hit that the NFL is trying to stop. He was clearly intending to lead with his head, into Rodger's head. My guess is that Peppers figured with his QB out, he was going to level the field a little. He knows Rodgers has had two concussions this season, so he's a little vulnerable. Peppers knew exactly what he was doing, was willing to take the penalty, and was hoping it would hurt. A lot.

I would say first 21 minutes Joe. Joe, Tommie played most of the Seattle game against backup guard. Josh Sitton on the Packers is a animal and one of the best. He never plays well against him. However Clifton holding off Peppers for a good deal of the game was a shock and not many penalties for the pack line surprised me. Although Clifton got away with a little.

flotsam is correctly. Peppers' absolutely led with the crown of his helmet and his intent was certainly to injure Rodgers. I hope he gets a record breaking fine.3

Peppers lead with the crown of his helmet and extended his arms sideways to make sure that his first contact would be helmet to helmet. A deliberate head butt for sure.

It's sad when that has to happen. These guys are professionals. They all know what to do, and how to do, or not do it. The replay show it to be pretty obvious.

Peppers hit was deliberate. It doesn’t say much for his character as a person or a Professional.

Peppers is a cheap shot artist.

When NFL players are moving that fast, it's usually hard to say the helmet to helmet hit is on purpose. So, I don't think we can say Peppers had an intention of hitting Rodgers in a helmet to helmet collision, but he did. That is exactly the type of hit the NFL is trying to get rid of and Peppers certainly deserves a fine. Rodgers also got a forearm to the head on the same play. Two hits to the head on one play and Peppers and the D-coordinator are whining about the penalty! Man, the Bears are stupid

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