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Packers win means Bears will host Seahawks

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PHILADELPHIA --- What seemed far-fetched on Friday happened, and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody who has followed this Bears this season.

The breaks keep falling like dominoes. The latest? The Packers win over the Eagles on Sunday means the Bears will host the worst playoff team in NFL history when the Seahawks come to Soldier Field for the NFC divisional playoffs on Sunday.

That's not to say a win over the Seahawks is guaranteed by any means. They may have ranked 28th on offense and 27th defensively during the regular season but they were much improved in both phases against the Saints and should be confident after beating the Bears 23-20 at Soldier Field on Oct. 17.

"The way Marshawn Lynch is running I'd be nervous, Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop said, referring to the Seahawks running back, who sealed the win over the Saints with a determined, 67-yard run. "It's kind of funny that fans of a rival are rooting for you but it's a cool thing."

The Packers victory sends Green Bay to the Georgia Dome to play the top-seeded Atlanta Falcons on Saturday night. If the Bears beat the Seahawks and the Packers defeat the Falcons, the NFC Championship game would not only be played at Soldier Field but would feature the league's longest-running rivalry. The Bears and Packers have only met once in the postseason, and that was in 1941.

"That would be amazing," Bishop said of the prospect of playing the Bears in two weeks.

The Packers led 14-0 lead in the second quarter. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers fumbled early in the third period and the Eagles recovered, setting up Michael Vick's 24-yard pass to Jason Avant to pull Philly to within 14-10. Rodgers and the Packers answered with a 11-play, 80-yard drive capped by a perfectly executed screen pass to running back Brandon Jackson, who caught the ball and waited for three of his linemen to run interference before following them into the end zone 7:33 left in the third.

The Eagles might have come all the way back if not for two missed field goals by David Akers and an inability to stop sixth-round pick James Starks, who rushed for 123 yards.

"We're in the playoffs now," tackle Chad Clifton said. "Every team we face is going to be talented, but if we're able to run the ball and run the ball well, and not just be one dimensional, we're going to be a dangerous team. Our defense can shut down anyone. Offensively, we know what we can do throwing the ball. If we can run it successfully throughout the playoffs, we'll be dangerous."

Seattle defensive backs combined for 3 1/2 of the Seahawks' six sacks of Jay Cutler in the Seahawks win earlier this season, The Bears offense was struggling before the bye and failed to convert on third down in a dozen tries. The usually strong defense was even suspect as quarterback Matt Hasselbeck engineered drives of 80 and 92 yards.
A 89-yard punt return by Devin Hester gave the Bears a breath of life but Robbie Gould's last-gasp onside kick failed.
"I did a terrible job in getting the team ready," Bears coach Lovie Smith told WBBM (AM-780) at the time.

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I'm very disturbed by the comments of Robbie Gould, that he was rooting for the Packers. Players and coaches should not have that attitude; Seattle just beat New Orleans. If the Bears go into the game thinking, even unconsciously, that they're going to beat Seattle just by showing up, they're certain to lose. And it's idiotic to give Seattle locker room material by saying what Gould did in public. Bad enough he was thinking it. I certainly hope Lovie Smith does some attitude adjustment regarding this.

Wait till Angelo's phone rings tommorrow. Better yet wait till Orton's phone rings.

Can you imagine Orton: "They want Cutler over me? But Why?"

To bad it won't happen we don't have the trade goods to pull off the deal. Oh wait maybe Kevin A can swing the deal he will confuse Bowlen. Maybe we can offer Wolfe, Beekman, Orton, Manning, Hanie, Shaffer, Garza, Bennett. Never mind we could offer are entire offense and they would say no.

In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck.

Put it this way id they want two first rounders and Detroit offers them 2 how can the Bears match there offer, they have the 1st overall pick and are going to be bad next year as well. The Jets who really want him also have a pick above us. It would take 3 1st rounders from the Bears and Angelo will not do that. But if he does bring your camera's for a once in a lifetime chance.

Creighton | September 17, 2010 11:16 AM | Reply
Cowboys will run over the Bears, Colombo and Davis will abuse Anderson and Harris. Cowboys defense is to good and they will run at will on the Bears. Bears will put up some yards in the passing game but not the points to go with it. 24-13 Boys.

Facing the 7-9 Seahawks doesn't guarantee a win for the Bears, but I think Chicago can win this game. Yes, the Bears did lose to the Hawks early, but since then, Chicago has become a pretty good running team and have stuck with the same 5 on their o-line, unlike when they faced the Seahawks the first time. This should be key and the main reason Chicago should beat Seattle, their much improved running game led by Matt Forte.

I see Matt Hasselbeck is running his mouth, saying he wants to play the Bears, giving guys like Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and Charles Tillman billboard material to feed off of, might not be a wise thing to do. I remember the last time Hasselbeck ran his mouth in the playoffs. It was vs the Pack, Hasselbeck won the coin toss and said, "we want the ball so we can win this game," they lost.

How cool would it be if the Bears win the Super Bowl, and Richard Dent finally makes the Hall all in the same season GO BEARS!!

The Bears should be well-prepared for Seattle and also be rested and eager. I want to see them playing with passion from the kick-off on.Playing the Packers at Soldier Field would be interesting and would elevate the stature of the North Division,but below zero wind chills and other weather factors could possibly impact the game too much in my opinion. I would like to see a game played in a stadium with ideal conditions so that both teams can be at the top of their games.That means I hope Atlanta defeats Green Bay if the Bears beat Seattle. If they lose to Seattle, I'll be too depressed to worry about the remaining games.4rzhq

Hasselbeck said he wants to play the Bears because that gives Seattle the only chance to host another playoff game, unlikely as that is. It had nothing to do with thinking the Bears were a weaker opponent, and he said so.

This is totally different than Robbie Gould saying he wanted Green Bay to win so that the Bears could play Seattle, obviously because he thinks Seattle is the weakest opponent the Bears could get. They are in fact the weakest one, but you can't have Gould's attitude and win a playoff game. You should be excited about playing anyone and realize that if you want to be the champs, you have to beat the best teams. Seattle doesn't belong in the playoffs, but any team can beat you if you're overconfident.

You can't be a real Bear fan. You'd rather play indoors? Gimme a break. As much as the cold and wind and snow could affect the game, anything's better than an artificial indoor stadium and artificial turf!

So you think that winning against the defending world champs doesnt deserve a playoff spot? Learn to be a little more less biased there buddy

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