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Packers' Peprah comes to defense of Lawyer Milloy

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Speaking of Greg Olsen, Peprah made a point of defending Seahawks safety Lawyer Milloy, who was last seen chasing Olsen into the end zone on the 58-yard touchdown reception that sparked the Bears to their 35-24 victory last week.

''It turned out it wasn't his fault,'' said Peprah, who like Milloy is a strong safety. ''That's something that gets messed up in the media when they don't understand the coverage. They were in Cover-3 and [Milloy] wasn't supposed to take him down the field the way he did. But he's getting blasted all over TV and it really wasn't his fault.

''He wasn't supposed to take him that far. The middle safety, the rookie [free safety Earl Thomas] bit the wrong way and left [Milloy] out to dry. But that happens a lot in the league. As a safety, that's the price of the position. We deal with it. They see us chasing and it's our fault. I put that out there because I know he's a veteran. As a fellow co-worker [as a safety], I know it wasn't his fault.''

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