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Packers goal vs. Bears in rubber game: Stop the run

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The Packers held the Bears to three points and intercepted Jay Cutler twice in their 10-3 victory at Lambeau Field on Jan. 2. But it wasn't a perfect effort. The Bears still rushed for 110 yards on 20 carries. Matt Forte had rushes for 21 and 25 yards on successive plays and finished with 91 yards on 15 carries.

''Forte had too many yards on us,'' Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji said. ''So we're going to try and shut that down this game and do what we do.''

The Packers sacked Jay Cutler three times in the first game and six times in the second.

''When we have the opportunities we have to get him,'' Raji said. ''We're very capable of that. The stats speak for themselves. Cutler's a good quarterback. He's pretty mobile. But he has shown with pressure he has made some bad decisions.''

Raji stopped short of saying the Packers defense has an edge over the Bears.

''I wouldn't say we have an edge, but I can say this: I have confidence in the guys that I play with. And when we execute our scheme we're one of the best in the league.''

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Green Bay's corners make their defense, namely Charles Woodson, his ability to press and take receivers out of their routes is basically the bread and butter of their scheme. They did just that on January 2nd at Lambeau to Chicago.

Now, who knows what Chicago's mentality was in that contest? Atlanta had won earlier that day and clinched the #1 seed. The Bears had nothing to gain by winning. Of course Lovie's gonna come out and say we wanted to win, and Chicago did keep their starters in, but I doubt Martz was gonna show anything. I'm thinking Chicago scaled their offensive scheme down in that game. They probably figured, if we win good, if not, we're still the #2 seed. I will say one thing, Chicago's ability to run on Green Bay that day was impressive. That needs to happen again, but the key this time will be Chicago's receivers making some plays, that simply has to happen for Chicago to win. Greg Olsen needs to also step up like he did last week, Chicago's gonna need every option out of their receiving core. Mike Martz is gonna have to come up with a heck of a game plan vs Green Bay's secondary, that will be key GO BEARS!!

18 runs two scrambles. Yeah you wanna the run cause the weather is not going to help the pass game. Then again both D-Lines may struggle on the brown mud as Peppers and every other defensive player in the league that has played here pointed out, you can't get much of a rush on that surface. Then again if they start hitting on that delayed blitz again, the Bears got problems.

When was the last time the Bears and packers had a high scoring game? 2008?

The pack would need a couple of things to win this game a back that is great out of the backfield and a QB that loves to dink and dunk. I believe Rodgers loves the big play.

I don;t think Olsen is stepping up this week, his big play against Seattle was Seattle stupid. Milloy covering Olsen in with zero deep help, so old slow safety and no over the top help. And as you point out the strength of that defense is their DB's who have mad a habbit out of shutting down Olsen. He could have a big game but Forte was killing the pack before the Bears quit running the ball. Maybe Forte and Hester on special teams.

I hope Martz has some effective trick plays planned. A couple of those leading to touchdowns or field goals would be great.I think the Bears can do a little "dinking" and "dunking" effectively as well. Screens with Olsen, Forte, Taylor, or Hester might be a fairly good approach as long as Cutler keeps Woodson's jumping the route in mind.I can hardly wait for this game. In the Super Bowl, I'd prefer the Jets as the opponent for the Bears.

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