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Olin Kreutz said it would be "ignorant" not to give Lovie Smith an extension

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Bears center Olin Kreutz will become a free-agent. But the veteran didn't mask what he thinks of coach Lovie Smith, who's contract will expire after the 2011 season.

"If they don't give Lovie a contract, that's just ignorant," Kreutz told the Sun-Times. "He's proven he's one of the best coaches in the NFL.

"That's obvious. He's a hell of a man. You can't say enough about him. This team fought all year, and I know it's cliché, but we did more than anyone thought we could do."

Despite the disappointing 21-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC title game, Kreutz said the 2010 season was a success, albeit an empty one.

"The NFC championship. But our main goal is the Super Bowl, and if you don't win it, then you're just one of the other 31 teams," he said.

"It will sit with you. Every team that doesn't win the Super Bowl, it sits with you the whole year. This will sit with you until we get to play another game."

Whether Kreutz plays another game for the Bears is unclear. Kreutz, 33, is set to be a free agent.

"That's not my call. I'll keep trying to play," Kreutz said. "I've said a million times: when you're not good enough, the NFL will let you know. So if no one wants me, I'll retire. If someone wants me, I'll play."

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I think the Bears should let Lovie's contract run til it is over.
I feel that if they extend it that we will be in the same boat we were in after the trip to the super bowl in 2006.
Can we stand 4 more years of a below average play? I sure wouldn't like it,and we would be back wanting his head on a platter.
We extend his contract and he will get comfortable again,because everyone knows that the Bears owners would not fire him because it would be a double dip in their pocket to pay for 2 head coaches,with one sitting on his bu-tt doing nothing and getting paid.
I like Mr. Smith,but renew his contract next year,keep him hungry,if he wants to coach here in Chicago,he will wait til next year.
Lovie has been like most athletes in my opinion,it is a contract year,time to do your job,sign an extension so you can go back to being average after the big bucks are locked up,don't extend his contract,wait till it is over.

Lovie Proved he was one of the best in the nfl?

I am sorry but how does going to the playoff's once in 4 years equall best coach in nfl. Not to mention his horrible game plan for one of if not the biggest game of his career?

The Bears have a perfect "crutch" for this situation. That being the labor strife in the NFL. All the teams are cutting salaries, personel, and non essential staff. And with the comments, yesterday, by the NFLPA chief, it doesn't look good. It appears as though this guy wants a work stoppage.

The Bears should say that "with the uncertaintity of the labor situation, they're holding off on any contract extensions at this time. When the unrest is resolved, they will begin negotiations with Lovie's and Angelo's representatives."

You let this move into next year and see how the Bear's start out the season. It is going to be a much different layout of a season. In their own division they will be picked no better than 2nd. And in the conference, they might be picked 4th or 5th. And as I have preached {mostly upon deaf ears} for the better part of 2 months, the chances of the Bears playing 7 of their 16 games next year against 2nd or 3rd string QB's or a team that is winless in early November are very slim. All of that makes a huge difference. Can't tell that to some of the "mensa society" members here, but it does. You compound that with the fact that, on paper, the Bears have to play a 1st place schedule, and there are plenty of "excuses" there for the "Lovie & Jerry fan club" to give if/when they don't make the playoffs. And just when you think you have all the controversy laid down with regard to JA & Lovie, now you have the Cutler situation. And this is a cluster*** just waiting to happen. Do you "hope" {no one hopes for what I am about to say} for some ligament damage so the Bears can say..."ahhh haaa...told you." Or do you hope that everything is ok and then the Bears have until OTA's and mini-camps {or if the work stoppage goes long enough, training camp} to get their stories straight for the media. Because you know that even if it dies down, the minute the Bears meet up for their first organized team activity, the first question to Lovie and Cutler's teammates is if they have confidence in Jay.

Even if you quiet all the "toughness" talk, there will be lingering questions about Jay's heart. I don't think his toughness should be questioned. He's been sacked more than Jerusalem in the middle ages. He's also had his chin split open and been concussed. No matter how it turns out, it doesn't look good for the Bears with regard to a position that Angelo thought he had locked up for a decade to come.

This is one that will generate a lot of thought, but based on the results of the season a two year extension would be warranted. this way if he indeed has the program going in the right direction he has enough time to prove it with a return trip or two to the playoffs, if he does not, then he is not extended for too long where if a change is warranted the team would not be able to make one. I think Lovie is a good coach, he has made the team relevant and isn Chicago Bears history is currently the 3rd best coach we have ever had and has a winning record.
His prioroities are straight beat the pack, win the division, and get to the playoffs, if we don't give up a quick TD, and Jay does not overthrow Hester on our 1st drive we might have had a shot. Teams are not that far apart based on yesterday's game, but losing at home in a championship game will take a while to get over. We need a stud corner in this draft and another o-lineman, to be able to get back into the mix next season if there is one, all in all a good season but we have a bitter taste with yesterday's ending. Here's hoping that Jay recovers and that the team gets ready to prove themselves again next season.....Go BEARS !

Everybody is worried about whether or not Lovie's contract should be extended - what about Jerry Angelo, he should be the bigger issue. When you compare Green Bay's personnel to the Bears, that's a no-brainer as to who is doing a better job. Jerry Angelo needs to go, his performance is mediocre. Many of Green Bay's back-ups are better than some of the Bear's starters. The Bears will never keep up with Green Bay as long as JA is around.

I'm 80 years old, and I'm concerned that I may not live long enough to see another Bear superbowl champion team. It should be clear, by now, that a good quarterback can pick apart a Cover Two defense. The only way the Cover Two can work well is if the defensive lline is good enough to be able to consistently penetrate the offensive line. The Bears defensive line is not that good. It should also be clear that a quarterback, no matter how good he may be, will fail if he does not have a good offensive line in front of him. The same is true for a running back. Which brings us to the coach. The Bears need a coach who knows the foregoing, and who will play to win, not just to eat up the clock. Lovie isn't that guy. Martz might be. And, the Bears need owners and a GM who will not settle for mediocrity. All of the foregoing can be fixed, if you will just do what's necessary. Hurry up, guys. I don't know how many more years I have.

Lovie is the bestest and wonderfulest coach that ever graced a football field. I say give him 30 years and $20 billion, but even that is chicken feed. The man is such an intellectual and VERY, VERY deep. If Soren Kierkegaard were alive today, he'd be learning philosphy from our Lovie.

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