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No. 54 speaks

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May favorite Brian Urlacher moment came when the middle linebacker was asked what makes Packers' running back James Starks to difficult to bring down.

The rookie sixth-round draft pick was on the physically unable to perform list for most of the season before making his NFL Debut in Week 13. His breakout game came in the wild-card win over the Eagles when he had 123 yards rushing.

"Tough, for other teams?" Urlacher asked. "We run to the football. That's what we do really well. We get a lot of guys to the football. We haven't missed a lot of tackles this year, but when we do we have guys running to the football to get him down so we'll keep doing that."

Urlacher wasn't making any kind of obvious jab at Starks --- or any jab at all. It's just funny how the kid has one good game and people start thinking he's Jim Brown.

Frankly, I don't see Starks having any impact on this game, especially after what the Bears did to Marshawn Lynch last week.

Here are some other highlights from Urlacher's time in behind the microphone:

"I've always loved playing here," he said when asked whether he minded sharing the title of being the Face of the Franchise with Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers (what about Lance Briggs?). "It's always been fun, but it's nice when you have other guys fill that role and not everything is pointed at you all the time. We've had (Devin) Hester come in. Now Jay is the face of our franchise, I'll say it, Pep (Julius Peppers) too. They got it. It's nice to have guys like that that you can kind of lean on."

In earlier post, cornerback Charles Tillman was critical of the Soldier Field playing surface. Here's what Urlacher had to say:

"You're going to slip. That's all there is to it. It wasn't as bad last week as I thought it would be. I think with the time off, they kind of fixed it a little bit maybe. You're going to slip at certain times of the game. That's just the way it's going to be. The faster you run the more chance you have of slipping if you are going to come out of a break. It's muddy and it's not great footing. I don't know what else to say."
Urlacher said he doesn't let the condition of the field change how he plays.

"I just try to go out there and try to run to the football," he said. "If I slip, I slip. I'll get up and keep running. It is a big deal for the defensive backs and the wideouts. They may have to try to slow down their routes or do something to get out of their breaks a little bit better."

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Well it's three days to the Big game and as we can see, no one outside of Chicago thinks we have a chance to Win......I'm out here on the left coast and everyone wants to bet me the Bears are going to lose, I wish I was Donald Trump, so I can cover some of this stuff......Still, I am very excited to see the BEARS at the brink again....Rodgers has played extremely well in the playoffs so far, he and Woodson are the key, for the BEARS to have a chance. I still think keeping Rodgers in the pocket is the key to our success in the game, he is devestating when he gets outside containment, and has hurt the BEARS when he does that, Izzy needs to be sure to shore up contain as he goes after the QB, and we need to loop someone outside when Peppers uses his inside Rush to keep Rodgers in the pocket, to me this is critical this week.

On offense I want and need to know where Woodson is on every play, he seems to disrupt our offense more than Matthews does, and he is very good making plays in the slackers blitz package, it is a must he is accounted for and neutralized for us to win the game. My hope is that the fan base stays with the team the entire game, and don't fold up the tent if Rodgers starts out hot, this game is for all the marbles, and those of you lucky enough to be at the game could be the key to victory..... Go BEARS.....Beat the slackers and send them back to the cheese factory......

In support of our hometown Chicago Bears, let us declare this Sunday, A Day Without Cheese. Just as I don't wear red when the Cubs play the Cardinals, so too should cheese - the globally recognized symbol of the Packers and their fans - be shunned on this day. Bear fans, eat whatever you like on Sunday, but skip the cheese. Just as we do not support their team, so too shall we not support their industry for this one day. Bear down, my friends.

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