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Mike Tice provides insight on what may have changed during bye

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Coaches and players have sidestepped questions about the shift in the offensive philosophy, which can be broken down quite easily.

B.B. and A.B.

Before the Bye, and After the Bye.

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz couldn't dial up enough passes during the team's 4-3 start. But, after their bye Halloween weekend, the Bears have become far more balanced, with Matt Forte having one of the best finishes for a running back in the NFL.

During an appearance this morning on ESPN 1000 with Waddle and Silvy, Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice provided the most telling answer I've heard yet.

"As a staff, Mike and I and [Lovie] Smith talked about getting the best guys we felt possible solidified by the bye weekend," Tice said. "We had some younger guys we thought would come along a little bit faster than they did early in the season. We had some injury problems, most notably to Chris Williams, a little ding to Roberto Garza on the right knee, [and he] had surgery.

"And then once we came out of the bye, we did like every staff, we looked at who we are and what we were trying to do, and looked at who we really were and what we could actually do. I think Coach Martz has done a great job of adapting to that. We started to put together a little more rhythm and balance on offense."

That's Tice's attempt at diplomacy. But, whatever the impetus, Martz changed gears and emphasized the run -- and the Bears offense has been better since.

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I think what happened was Chicago came to the realization that they simply didn't have the personnel for great pass protection required to run the 5-7 step drops Martzs would like to run in his passing scheme. So in a nutshell, what happened was GREAT personnel evaluation by the coaching staff, especially up front on the offensive line.

Not just the offensive line, but another reason Chicago was a little off early passing game wise was Chicago's young receivers were learning a very complicated offense on the run, as was Cutler. That also had something to do with it.

Chicago got better when they went to the run game, getting some continuity up front really helped, and like I've been saying, Matt Forte has come on. Forte has been a real beast during the second half of the season or A.B. Chicago going to the run game, Forte coming on, and getting some continuity up front are probably the biggest reasons they are where they are, NFC north champs. Kudos to the coaching staff on their personnel evaluation.

This off season, to help get the most out of Martz's offense, Chicago needs to sign a free agent like Cowboy tackle Doug Free, and draft a center like Penn States Stefen Wisniewski. Both of these moves are possible, Wisniewski is the nations top rated center, but with all the juniors coming out, he should be available late in the 1st round where Chicago will be picking. And Chicago should have the funds to land Free. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Matt Forte in my own opinion is the best Bears running back since Neil Anderson and I think Matt Forte is better then Neil Anderson. I have seen and realized that the past 3 years the Bears O-Line has been in the bottom of the NFL but Forte just keeps running and catching the ball without missing a game. Last year Matt Forte had a down season but was also as we believe was dealing with injuries.
Forte gives teams fits. He can line up in a 2 back system, block, run, catch or pass the ball. He can line up as a number one or two in the wide out position.Heck I have even seen him in the slot. He is too fast to put a linebacker on him, he is too big to put a nickle back on him. Teams have had to put a linebacker and use over the top help with a saftie.
Forte is a special back that has been behind a couple of bad lines. Mike Martz system Im gonna say fits Matt Forte the best. The last and only back Martz has had with the initials MF was Marshal Faulk. Marshal Faulk was insurmountable once in the Mike Martz system and I believe that Matt Forte could be the best running back in this system since the great Faulk.
The best thing this year about Matt Forte, he showed that he is a game changer with big play ability.His numbers dont look like a top flight running back but his avg per run and avg per catch were great! 4.5 per run and 10.7 a catch while catching 51 balls. Marshal Faulk had only once in his career had over 10.7 yards a catch and that was in 1999 when he avg 12.0 yards a catch.
10.7 yards a catch comming from a running back is huge. I say keep Martz around and build a good O-Line and see what comes to fruition.

Bears 17 Seahawks 10

Kevin this love affair with knox has to stop, he is no better than a #3 wr. Lovie finally figured out that hester is not a #1 wr but the greatest return man ever, the line still sucks and the biggest improvement was cutler scrambling for his life. This is what improved the line. Brando as far as forte being the best running back since Anderson, had JA not had such a hard on for benson Jones would have been a hell of a back. Look at his stats compared to M Turner, would have prefered MT over forte any day. Think of how many touchdowns bears could have had made inside the 5 yard line, remember the great JA passed on Turner to draft forte. In the 3 yrs forte has been here I can guarantee Turners numbers are better than forte's, yes forte had some injuries but so do alot of players and i blame his playing last year on lovie and ja. One last thing brando, I don't know how old you are but Faulk was a pretty damn good RB in Indy before he even hooked up with martz.

Up rooted, I never said anything about Knox, I just said the Bears receivers learning Martz's complicated system on the run probably had something to do with Chicago's slow start on offense. I was talking about their receivers as a unit. Where are you getting anything about me talking up Knox? As a matter of fact, I didn't talk up any of them in my above post, you seem to want to argue just to argue, but now you wanna make things up?

You want me to talk up Knox? Ok. Keep telling yourself that Knox is a #3 receiver. Even though he's only a second year receiver from tiny Abileen Christian who almost put up a 1000 yards on only 51 catches, yeah, thats a #3 receiver's numbers. Like I said before, most recivers don't really come on till year 3. This guy comes in in year 2, learns a new scheme from his rookie season, and almost puts up a 1000 yards with an 18 yard avg, but yeah Up rooted, he's only worthy of a #3 on planet up rooted? Watch Knox break out in year 3.

And as for Matt Forte, in 3 seasons he put up 3,236 yards on 811 carries with a 4.0 yard avg. Your boy Turner put up 3,941 on 888 carries with a 4.4 yard avg, and Thomas Jones put up 3,610 yards on 866 carries with a 4.1 over the last 3 seasons. So yeah, both Turner and Jones put up a few more yards rushing behind better o-line than what Forte ran behind here in Chicago, you said so yourself as far as Chicago having a bad line over the last 3 seasons. And yes, the fact Forte was banged up has something to do with his rushing totals over the last 3 seasons, especially last season. But you wanna know why Forte is better? Lets talk about catches out of the backfield over the last 3 seasons, lets compare that stat shall we. Matt Forte has 171 catches for 1,495 yards with 7 tds. Your boy Turner has 23, yeah, only 23 catches for 161 yards with 0 receiving tds......ZERO??? Thomas Jones was a littler better than Turner with his 60 catches for 387 yards and 2 So the fact Forte gives the Bears more production than both Turner and Jones combied as a receiver out of the backfield, to me, makes him a little bit better. Also, the Bears will get more seasons out of Forte, lets see in 2 seasons here where Turner and Jones are, and where Forte is....Forte will still be running for the Bears, they won't. Thomas Jones is getting toward the end of his career, and with the physical running style of Turner, he won't be around much longer either, I guarantee Forte will be around way longer than either Turner or Jones. Long term wise, Angelo made the right choice going with Forte, now GO BEARS!!


You're wasting your time. You're arguing with someone who, with regard to football knowledge, "rides the short bus." In my life, I have never seen a more blinded, A** kissing person than Kevin. It borders on obsession with Angelo. And he's even too stupid to realize he can't debate an issue. When you go look at numbers, his arguments are laughable at best. He wants to tell you about Matt Forte's ability to catch balls out of the backfield. Fine, but the rushing stats are so lopsided, it's not even funny. Turner has 5198 yards for his career. 3941 have come in the last 3 years with one year {09/10} him only playing 11 games. Yeah, Forte has a whopping 7 TD's in 3 years {I'll do the math for you, Kevin. Thats 2.3/yr} as a receiver, but he's only got 18 as a rusher over the past 3 years. Thats 21, yes 21 less than Turner. And then Kevin tells you how Forte was banged up last year which accounted for a poor second season. Well, so was Turner and his injury was more significant. A high ankle sprain that forced him to miss 5 games. Even missing 5 games, he only had 58 LESS yards than Forte did for 16 games and his average was 1.3 yards a carry better.

Then Kevin hits you with the "lets see in 2 seasons where Turner and Jones are and where Forte is." As they used to say in the old Irish beer commercial... "Brilliant!!" Wow, Uprooted, Kevin wants to "tell" you that a RB that has been in the league longer than LT, won't be around in 2 years. Hey, Kevin, are you also predicting Favre won't be around in 2 years either? I would like your insight. As for Turner, if you can get up off your knees long enough to pull out a "C-note" from your pocket, I will take that bet. Your argument as to why Forte will be around and they won't shows your complete lack of football knowledge.

#1: Turner and Forte, although not similar in body types, are both big physical runners. Forte is not nimble. He finds a hole, makes maybe 1 cut and takes off. The difference being is that Forte usually gets hit by the guys that are 6'4" 310# {thought I would throw some size dimensions in there to get your juices flowing, Kevin.} where as Turner gets hit less by the guys up front and is being hit more on the second level.

#2: It is because of the failure after failure of your beloved JA, that Forte has less of a chance to be around longer than Turner. Turner gets to the second level alot more than Forte does because JA has FAILED so miserably on the offensive line. And those tackles behind or at the line of scrimmage is what will prevent Forte from maybe ever becoming the back he could be.

Thomas Jones has over 10,000 yards in his career. Forte is going to have to be very fortunate and ramp up his production if he ever wants to come close to that number. And speaking of Jones, once again it is a FAILURE of the great JA, that lands the Bears Forte. The drafting of Benson and that whole fiasco. Hmm, kind of funny that you failed to mention that in your argument with Uprooted. If Angelo hadn't failed on Benson {And Wolfe, and Bradley, and Bazuin, and Okwo...sorry, I digress} then he wouldn't have needed to "waste" a draft pick {don't get your panties in a bunch, I didn't say Forte was a waste. Just having to use a high draft pick twice in a 3-4 year span on one position is.} on a RB again and could have used it on a WR with a bad knee, or a DT that jumps out of pools.

And before you even start. Of course I like Forte and think that with a much better line, he could be a very good player. But that wasn't the debate.

One last thing that shows your complete football ignorance. In another post you wrote the following. "The Jerry Angelo Bears are 2 wins away from being the best football team in pro football." {then you hit us with an ellipsis (...) and the word "period".} Wooo...don't get tough on us, Kevin. The 2 greatest "tournaments" in sports are the NCAA Men's basketball tournament, and the NFL playoffs because they are "one and done" events. And being that they're bracketted events, you, in your bracket, sometimes have the advantage of getting the "Dukes", "UCONN's", or "Kentucky's" knocked off for you. It's not always the best team that wins. Look at the 83 NC State team, the 85 Villanova team, the 88 Kansas team, or last years Butler team. or from the NFL, the 2007/08 NYG, the Cardinals from a couple of years ago. Or if you're old enough, go back to the 1991 SF 49ers. they won their last 6 games to finish 10-6, but didn't make the playoffs. The last game was a 52 point thumping of the Bears. {Don't remember what the Bears had. It was 14, I think.} Young was out for a few games that year due to a thumb injury, and every NFC team was glad they missed the tournament. They were hitting their stride.

The Bears have had that sort of "luck" or fortune. The Saints were eliminated for them and so were the Falcons. But, unlike the NCAA, where you can send a "cinderella" home in your conference tournament, the Bears let the Packers in the tournament and let's hope it doesn't come back to bite them in the back side.

BTW, Kevin Your "BEAST" on defense had 2 tackles, 0 assists, no sacks and was a non factor. But, I know, I know. he was held 45 times, had 32 double and triple teams on him, and caused 15 false starts. Keep it up you 6'8" 290# BEAST!

Up rooted Marshall Faulk is only 5 years older then I. I do remember when he was drafted and what he did as a Colt.I remember he had a great rookie year and a bust out season in 1998 the year before he was traded for a 2nd and a 5th round pick.

Up Rooted Im sure when you said look up Turners numbers and Forte's that you were talking only TD's and rushing yards. Kevin posted the numbers both rushing and receiving. Thank you Kevin. I looked at the numbers Kevin posted and looked up some more. Total yards from scrimmage, 20+ yard plays, 40+ yard plays, total TD's from 2008-2010. Here are the numbers

Yards from Scrimmage:
2010: Forte- 1,616. Turner-1,456
2009: Forte-1,500 Turner- 906
2008: Forte-1,715 Turner- 1,740

20+ yard plays from 2008- 2010:
Forte-33 Turner-29

40+ yard plays:
Forte-7 Turner-5

Total TD's from 2008-2010
Forte-25 Turner-39

Total yard from scrimmage 2008-2010
Forte-4,731 Turner-4,102

Overall Matt Forte with bad O-lines and some not so good QB play has out perfomed Turner in overall yards 2 of the 3 seasons, more 20+ and 40+ yard plays and total yards from scrimmage in the past 3 years. One thing people dont talk too much about Forte is that he doesnt miss games.
Im not taking anything away from what Turner has done the past 3 years with the Falcons but I really do think Forte is much more valuable to his team then what Turner has been for the Falcons.

Gearhead, your the idiot. Your the only fool on here that keeps hating on Julius Peppers, Peppers turned this defense around, the fact you can't see that proves you have no idea what your talking about....none. You, like a lot of other fans, thinks just because Peppers doesn't have a lot of sacks, he isn't worthy. Like a casual fan, your caught up in sacks, you can't seem to realize what Peppers does up front vs the run, picking up double teams there by opening it up for his linemates, and his overall athletic ability does for Chicagos front. He's the key, and you simply don't get it because of your anger at Bears management and the fact you hated the Peppers signing just because Angelo did it, you are dead wrong about Peppers....and you know you are. If not, bud, you don't know football. Everyone else in america knows what Peppers did for the Bears, heck, the players (the guys who's opinion really counts) voted him to a pro-bowl despite low sack totals, why do you think that is smart guy? You obviously don't get it.

Oh, and as for this smart a** crack: Gearhead said "Wow, Uprooted, Kevin wants to "tell" you that a RB that has been in the league longer than LT, won't be around in 2 years."

Hey smart guy, THAT WAS MY WHOLE POINT, the fact Angelo got Forte, the younger back, and the fact he will be around longer makes him the better player for Chicago in the long run. And as you see above, my boy Brando pointed out that Fortes yards from scrimmage from 2008-10 are 4,731 compared to Turners 4,102. Again, like with Peppers and the sack thing, your caught up in a certain stat for a running back, rushing yards. Turner is a little better rushing, but when it comes to total yards, Forte is the superior back. Which make him the better back. Your not smart enough to realize a running back does a lot more than runs between the tackles.

And Gearhead, you tell me I'm football ignorant and then go into a rant about college basketball??? Are you kidding me smart guy?? Here we are, heading into the NFC championship, and your still making up excuses of why the Bears are there and why they might get beat?? Are you kidding me??? Are you a Bears fan?? All season I had to listen to you go on about how the Bears got lucky, how they played bad teams and thats why they are where they are. But, with all your football genius (I'm saying that sarcastically) can't seem to realize, THE REASON THE JERRY ANGELO BUILT CHICAGO BEARS PLAYED A LOT OF TEAMS WORSE THAN THEM WAS BECAUSE THE JERRY ANGELO BUILT CHICAGO BEARS ARE BETTER THAN A LOT OF OTHER TEAMS.....PERIOD. I did the period thing cuz I knew it would annoy you. =-) GO ANGELO!! GO PEPPERS!! and GO BEARS!!

Gears, you need to look beyond your fight with Kevin and Brando, as loath as I am to agree with them on anything, Peppers has been a monster. I know you like Hub, and B&B and they all agree he saved this defense and is Defensive player of the year worthy. He is MVP worthy.

Look beyone the base numbers, Peppers doubled on almost every snap, it may not show but he colapses the pocket on almost every snap, his pressure numbers are very good, but what's more impressive is he is been the best run stuffing end in the league this year. Teams always account for him, he has little help on the pass rush, the Bears don't give him much help with the LB's blitizing either. The defense key's off Peppers.

Brando if your going to post number, don't doctor them to try and support your point.

First Neither back is more important that the other, the Falcons key off a power run game and the Bears need a duel threat back to make the offense work.

As for the actual numbers, you may want to seperate them so you know who has rushed for what and who has caught for what.

Games 48
Rushing yards
2010: 1069
2009: 929
2008: 1238

Total 3236

Average, a major stat you seem to have missed, I am sure it was an accident.
2010 4.5
2009 3.6
2208 3.9

Average 4.0

Rushing TD's
10 6
09 4
08 8

Total 18

Rushing Plays 20+ yards(I love the fact that you combined passing plays with this to bring up the total)

Total 20

Rushing Plays 40+ yards (did the same here as the 20+ plays)

Total 6.

Fumbles Rushing 6

Fumbles Recieving 4

Brando you didn't list any fumbles, do they not count?

Recieving Yards

10 547
09 471
08 477

Total 1495

Rec TD's
10 3
09 0
08 4

Did you look up how many times Forte has been hit for a loss by the way, didn't think so. That's fine I'll skip it too since Forte ran behind what he did.


43 Games, so 5 less than Forte, you forgot to include that, it is also the reason Turner had a down year in 09 and why putting in a game average would help.

Rushing Yards
10 1371
09 871
08 1699

Total Rushing Yards 3941yards, Thats 705 more rushing yards in 5 fewer games

Rushing Average
10 4.1
09 4.9
08 4.5

His average yards per game rushing is also higher than Forte's

Rushing TD's 39 Far better than Forte's 18, far better. Five fewer games more than double the rushing TD's Not all on Forte but Forte has had some Goal line issues

Rushes of 20+

Total 29 Better than Forte

Rushes of 40+

Total 5, Forte wins this one

Fumbles 9.

Forte recieving numbers vs. Turner. Don't need to do them, Forte wins easily.

So Turner looks to be a much better running back and Forte is a much better reciever. I believe the title of the position is Running Back.

And Kevin Jerry didn't do much. He spent a lot of money to try and cover up all his mistakes. He still can't draft which is his main job. He paid for Peppers and it's not like he got him at a discount, Urlacher came back healthy(also not one his guys), and he made a huge trade for Cutler, but he didn't contact Denver and make a power move. Denver put Cutler block and then a bidding war in which Angelo over paid for him. I say he over paid because the next closest bid only had 1 first round pick, which reported, maybe that's wrong, I don't know. Peppers and Cutler where easy and any idiot could have done that.

The best move he made this year is almost never mentioned. I f you where to grade him Peppers would be like a 3 out of 10 because it was just will give you the most, and that's not Angelo that's Phillips or above him. Cutler is about the same it's like a 3, great to have him but not like some brilliant move. Oh Manning is on the block "will give you the most high draft picks for him", "Oh ok, deal"

His best move was Tim Jennings, Bowman as I stated to last year was not very good, even though you wouldn't listen. Jennings was brought in to challenge for the nickle spot and to add depth. Now I don't think Angelo thought he would play as well as he has, but he still recognized he needed help at corner and thought Jennings could help. That move is like 5 out of ten. Which is good believe it or not. Finding James Harrison or Antonio Gates would be a 10. He is a tough little SOB.

I don;t know why this needs to be pointed out to guys, it's not like you don;t follow the team. By the way count up the number of Draft picks Angelo spent to find one QB. I wonder how many it will take to fix the line?

PS. Anyone else think the Bears could use a power back like Turner to mix with Forte? Did you ever think of that? Forte and Turner, didn't Angelo tell you it's a two back league. Cause right nowTaylor is a waste of money, and to me it looks like the Bears have the lightning, but lack the thunder. Turner on the Goal line wouldn't kill the Bears would it?

As for Contracts, 34 million only 15 guranteed over 6 years. Not a bad deal, it was front loaded as well and he is only getting like 1.1 mil this year.

How much did Taylor and BM get?

$12.5 million deal, with $7 million guaranteed in the first year.

Brandon Manumaleuna aka Useless(Des is a better blocker than this guy, but Angelo has to justify his contracts)
five-year $15 million deal ($6.1 guaranteed)

27.5 million with 13.1 million guarantted. Turner's contract is a year longer so you are talking about the same money for a outstanding power back or Taylor and Useless.

I will take Turner. Call me crzay. It's not like it is not a two back league, and by the time Turners contract is ending Forte will be due for his raise.

Boy that would have been a nice combo Turner and Forte, did anyone ever mention that the Martz offense has a lot of plays for Power backs. Boy how happy would Tice have been given some of those power plays he has thrown into the mix. Thunder and lightning. Imagine that Duel back set, but who wants that?

The Bears easily could have had Turner adn Forte, but who was still in love with Benson and couldn't see what a bum he was? Oh yeah Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith. Jerry never thought Turner was fast enough. Ooops again. See tha's what a GM with vision does. The GM who drafted a Running Back who stated he did not want to be drafted by the Bears. Brilliant.


last night I was in the middle of a reply back to Kevin {I didn't mind the insight from Brando, although it really wasn't pertinent to the debate.} when this old MAC froze up and I had to shut everything down. When I rebooted, I was frustrated and left the small post about Super Bowl Tickets.

No, I went deep into the numbers. Maybe not as deep as you, but I did mention the hits behind or at the line of scrimmage by Forte and the fact that Turner gets "hit" more than Forte does by guys that barely go 200-215#. Two of the things I had last night were the bookend {Kevin loves that term} 200 yard games by Turner when he first got to Atlanta {a 200 yard game is something Forte hasn't been close on.} And that's with a team that "gets off the bus running."} and also that if the Bears had a Roddy White and a Jenkins, maybe Forte wouldn't be needed for 35+% of the Bear's offense and the lower % that he would be used would be mainly as a powerful running back. Because, one of the things that hasn't been pointed out in the comparison is what would you rather have? A RB getting say 1500 yards rushing and an average of 13 TD's with 2 big receivers {Plus a stud TE} taking the slack off of a running back in the passing game. Or a RB with average rushing numbers that doesn't get the ball in the endzone that often, used in the passing game? I will take the first. And who's to say that the OC of Atlanta is using Turner the right way. Maybe a guy like that who is hard to bring down should be used in screens more often.

I also pointed out the more than double rushing TD's for Turner as well. And the average difference is staggering. And I also pointed out to Kevin just how the Bears got Forte through the myriad of JA failures. Namely using 2 high draft picks on the same position within a couple of years of one another. {Actually 3 high picks if you throw in the 3rd rounder on Wolfe.}

As for Peppers, I am sorry, but I dissagree. I have done the numbers front to back and sideways along with DVRing the games and watching them again. Peppers, much to the chagrin of Kevin, doesn't get double teamed as often as people think he does. Look at the 1 play from Sunday where he was highlighted. The "iffy" holding call on Okung. There was no double team there and in the first game vs. the Seahawks Okung didn't get much help either. This reminds me of when Theismann and Paul MaGuire used to do SNF and they had Ray Lewis "miked." And Lewis {knowing he was miked and hamming it up} was on the sideline telling his teammates how he was double and triple teamed "on every play." And as much as MaGuire wanted to suck up to Lewis, he had to say, ", Ray, you're not."

But there have been 6 games this year {including Sunday's} where Peppers has had 2 or less tackles. There have been at least 3 games when the color commentator {more often than not a guy who either played, coached, or both} mentioned "where has Peppers been?" A stretch of 5 games and another of 3 where he didn't register a sack. 38% of his sack total coming against a jumpy, il-prepared, 3rd string QB that couldn't make a decision. And the ONLY people talking about Peppers for MVP or DPY are his coaches and teammates. Creighton, you know the Bears under Lovie. The one thing they do is stick together and project an us against the world mentality. I look at other guys who are paid to terrorize a QB and no matter the % is, they are double teamed as well. Suggs, Abraham, Ware, Matthews, Williams, Mathis, Freeney. They post better numbers than Peppers.

And Kevin, once again you show your ignorance. Ever heard of the ARCHIVES? Yeah, Sean and Neil made it real easy for you to go back and see what people actually said about a move. And if you go back and ARCHIVE it, you will see that I have been consistent on my thoughts with regard to Peppers. I said that I thought it was a move that Jerry had to do, but there were risks. And I, not you, was the first person on WSCR to congratulate Angelo on the Cutler deal. There again, I have been consistant. Thought he had to make the move, but I have believed all along that a more competent GM probably could have gotten him for less.

As for the Pro Bowl voting. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. I have asked this question time and time again. Are you really that ignorant/stupid? Are we talking about the same Pro Bowl voting? You mean the voting that is 1/3 fans, 1/3 coaches, and 1/3 players? The PB voting that is done by the fans on line with no limit as to how many times they can vote? Are you talking about the PB voting that didn't take P. Rivers in 08 when he had a passer rating of 101.4, led the league in TD's, but took Favre instead when he led the league in INT's that year? Or the same PB voting that left off Calvin Johnson that year with 65/1165/10 stats? Or do you mean the same PB voting with respect to the players where Suggs left Brady off his ballot?

For fans it's a popularity contest. And as for players, do you think these guys really go back and look at film? I have a theory, Kevin. Do you think {nevermind, we know that answer} err, do you suppose that maybe, JUST maybe, that since PB voting ended on Dec. 9 this year, and since we are such a "what have you done for me lately" society, and since Peppers had his best stetch of games right before voting ended {Miami, Philly, Detroit}, that's what got him into the Pro Bowl?? Nah..couldn't be. It's funny how the NFL Pro Bowl is regarded as the goofiest, and most il-conceived of the major all star games, but when Kevin wants to use it as a barometer of his boy's success, he sure pulls it out of his A** real fast.

One last thing, Kevin. If you are that re***ed that you can't see the comparison of the "bracketed" NCAA tournament and how it compares to the NFL playoffs in the context that I used it, then even Hooked On Phonics won't help you.

Pro Bowl voting means nothing, I usually watch the All Pro voting. To many clowns go to the pro bowl every year.

I am telling you Gearhead if you take Peppers off the Bears defens they would be lucky to be ranked 20th.

Some things to take note with Peppers, are his run defense, Passes defended, Interceptions,. Another thing is that Peppers does not give up big plays. You also can't expect any end to have huge stats every game, it just doesn't happen. Their are almost no ends in football history that can beat great tackles. I agree he has faced some crap QB's this year, but he aslo had good games against Brady, Eagles, Jets,.

Let put it this way, this isn;t the Giant's they don't have three stud pass rushers on the line Peppers has to do it alone, Tuck and Osi, get to key off eachother, who does Peppers key off of? If your talking about Peppers having big games against bad lines and bad QB's, well yeah he should. Look what the Giants did to the Bears line. Everyone got fat stats playing against this line. Justin Tuck only had two big games, 3 sacks against the Bears and 4.5 against the eagles, 7.5 of his 11.5 sacks in two games against bad lines. Osi got 10 of his sacks in 4 games and did nothing in the other 12, his big games the Bears, Skins, Texans, and Lions. Which one of them has a great line? Trent Cole had a great year, right up their with Peppers, he got 6 of his 10 sacks in 3 games, 5 games with 3 or fewer tackles, his big game was against the Falcons, Bears and Jags, and no he did not face a LT worth anything. It's very rare to see consistant tackle numbers for a DE. Don't forget it was Peppers who knocked two starting QB's out of games. He had 54 tackles, that's really good for end. A mistake a lot of people make is they think lots of tackles are good. Not all the time. But not all the time, tackles can mean your being attacked, a lot of tackles can mean your defense is not getting off the field.

Peppers had 60 QB disruptions on 559 attempts, which is very good not great, still made him top 10 in disruptions. But what made Peppers great this year, he stopped the run as well as anyone, broke up passes with those long arms and was a spectacular and consistent three-down performer. He was outstanding on third down, and that's the money down. Peppers doesn’t always show up on the stat sheet, but the work he does has made the Bears defense one of the best.

I would say he is a top 10 defensive player, but the guys I like are not always the popular picks. I like Kyle Williams from Buffalo, Trent Cole, Lawrence Timmons, Quintin Mikell, Charles Johnson, and Justin Smith. You know not the usual suspects or the biggest names but they had great years. Peppers had the best year of his career in my eyes. Do the stats say that? No. But you can;t argue with the results of how much better the defense is with him.

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