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Mike Martz defends run-pass balance against Packers

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It was puzzling, how the Bears seemed to drift away from the run against the Green Bay Packers, especially when Matt Forte got off to such a strong start.

After gaining just three yards on the opening series, Forte exploded for runs of 25 and 21 yards on the third series before taking a break. Then, in the second quarter, Forte turned a short pass into a 27-yard gain. For the half, Forte had six runs for 54 yards and four catches for 41 yards. All told, the Bears ran the ball nine times in the first half for 65 yards and attempted 13 passes.

By game's end, Jay Cutler was 21 of 39 for just 168 yards, and the Bears finished with 20 carries for 110 yards.

"The last 12 plays were probably passes, I think," Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said. "Other than that, I think we had 23 called runs and 24 called passes or somewhere - there were a couple of plays in between there - but we were trying to get something going in the passing game on first down a little bit more than maybe what we have in the past.

"Didn't make any of those plays, and we've got to make them, obviously. We had eight opportunities in the passing game to make really big plays, and we didn't make one of them, which is not like us. I'm very disappointed in that. And of course if you don't make the play on first down, you give them second and 10 and so forth and so on. So that was unlike us, both in terms of the numbers and performance, I think, in the passing game, really."

But Martz's numbers are off. On the opening series of the second half, the Bears did have balance. Forte ran the ball four times for 20 yards, while Cutler was two-for-five for 17 yards. But one more run by Forte, Cutler attempted eight consecutive passes. That included two three-and-outs to end the third quarter.

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I see Martz is still busy making exuses and is that a lie I smell? Cutler had 41 drop backs to pass and scrambled twice, their where 18 run plays called. It was actually 29 passes and 18 run plays called before the last 12 passing calls. I don't know if Martz knows this but the last 12 passing plays still count as passing plays. Why would they not? Because they where in the last two or three drives of the game. That's two or three drives, that's a lot of time and chances and time.

I want to know where he came up with 22 runs called when he only called 18, and how he only got 24 pass plays called when he called 29, and thats before he called 12 passing plays in a row, which is always a fun idea in a video game. Does he watch the game at all? 22 to 24 is not bad, but when it is actually 18-29 and the OC does not know this a couple days later, he is either telling a lie or a moron. He also does not seem to feel that the last 12 passing plays count in the run pass to pass ratio.

Then again this the same guy that has claimed the offensive line has gelled and come together and look great. "I don;t understand the question, I think the line looks great. Don't you think they look great?" At the moment Martz actually said this every reporter in the room should have stood up and said no they look like Crap and they are the worst offensive line in football. Then again the reporters where to bust talking about how great the line looks.

Guess it's always easier for us arm chair quarterbacks to criticize the professionals who get paid to do what they do. I'm sure Martz knew how many times he passed to ball. His game plan resembled the plays he ran during preseason when all the critics said the Bears would fail. When will the hating stop??? Will they always be on a fault finding mission??? Go Bears!!!

No bearhatersstop he did not know the exact number of pass plays or run plays. In fact he actually states it. You see their is the actual number and the number he states and they are not the same. So no he did not know the number, can you not read that. Do the big two digit numbers confuse you? He was way off and was trying to make it look like he was using a balanced game plan when he wasn't. 41-18 pass to run ratio is not 24-23 it's not even close.

Martz lies, it's pretty common for him to do it, there is a reason he has been fired 3 times. There is a reason the former owner of the Rams came out and blasted him right after the Bears hired him. And there is a reason the Bears have one of the worst offenses in the league. There is a difference between being a pro and acting like one. He may pro but he does not act like one. Never has.

Maybe you don't get it, going to the playoffs once every 4 years is actually bad. Most teams are better than that. It's not about finding fault the numbers are the numbers. And in this case the numbers don't add up. Simple math really it's called adding. 1+1=2, in this case Martz got 1+1=16. See how that works, maybe if you actually read the article you would no this. The only person looking to find fault is you, your looking to find fault with the fans. Dispute anything I wrote? No, you couldn't do that, you just got upset and basically called me a doo doo head. Well good for you.

Oh and no it was not a preseason game plan. In fact it was the same game plan they used the first time they played Packers. Just ask Jay Cutler who said "it was the same one they used the first time they played."

Gosh why would you think it was a preseason game plan? How did you get that information? What led you to believe that? Oh football expert who claims to know their game plan. I'll take Jay Cutlers word for it over your word. I would love to hear how you came up with the preseason theory. Let me guess you where making an unsupported false claim to enforce your own belief to make an excuse for the lose.

Well since I know you won't respond cause you just got slapped around pretty bad, got caught in a lie and don't even have the stones to use a real screen name, enjoy knowing that I am that much smarter than you. In fact enjoy living in a world where you struggle with basic addition, and are so insecure that you make up lies to try and make yourself look smart.

ahhhh......mRATZ is a LIAR ans a BUST!!!!! i never lie sense i allwsy give FACTS.

I now you won't respond bearshaterstop cause you just got slapped around pretty bad, got caught in a lie and don't even have the stones to use a real screen name, enjoy knowing that I am that much smarter than you. In fact enjoy living in a world where you struggle with basic addition, and are so insecure that you make up lies to try and make yourself look smart.

ahhh tahts right looser! wehn i tell people i going to dress up in my mommys pink panties I do it! right??? right i say what i mean right??? uhhh..

but yoyu guys now me old crap-ton...jusy trying to be posative..

ps my my is two cold for myu pink panties!!! :(

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