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Martz praises Webb

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Mike Martz said he has never seen a player improve as much as right tackle J'Marcus Webb has this season.

"I don't know if 38 years of coaching that I've seen a player make this radical of improvement in the short time he has," the Bears' offensive coordinator said. "I'm very pleased with him. Obviously, it means [offensive line coach] Mike [Tice] has done a great job with him. For a young man to come in like he has and deal with the pressure of the playoffs, big games, all these game at the end of the year that are so meaningful for us, and continue to get better and have the poise he has demonstrated is really remarkable. I'm very pleased and proud of where he is."

That doesn't mean Packers' defensive coordinator Dom Capers won't try to Webb look like a rookie in Sunday's NFC Championship game at Soldier Field.

"Everybody is going to try to take a look at that and see if you can make him hesitant with certain things," Martz said. "That's automatic for any young player and certainly no different for him. What's remarkable about him is early he made the normal rookie mistakes, was indecisive and it hurt a little bit but he's past that. He's playing like a veteran right now. That indecisiveness, he's fought through that. He's not intimidated or anything. I'm really pleased with that."

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Anyone heard of a player named Devin Aramashodu? What team does he play for now?

J'Marcus Webb has been a pleasant surprise for Chicago this season. The fact that Webb came in and started as a rookie is impressive, but add on the fact he was a 7th rounder out of tiny West Texas A&M. It was actually the week 17 matchup of Chicago vs Green Bay that I really took notice of Webb, not because he was playing like an all-pro, but because Webb, a 7th round draft pick, was actually out playing Green Bay's rookie right tackle Bryan Bulaga, a 1st round draft pick. I heard Bulaga's name get called quite a few times in that game. In time, Webb could develop into a heck of a tackle for the Bears, he's starting to look like a draft day find.

You gotta give Bears GM Jerry Angelo credit, in back to back drafts, with no first rounder, Angelo has come out of these drafts with 2 starters on offense, and both were second day players. The first was 2009 5th rounder wide receiver Johnny Knox out of tiny Abilene Christian, and the other is the before mentioned 2010 7th round draft pick tackle J'Marcus Webb out of West Texas A&M. Kudos to the Bears scouting department in landing a couple players that look to be late day steals, and both Knox and Webb are probably gonna become major contributors for quite awhile GO BEARS!!

Webb was highly recruited coming out of high school. He originally signed with the University of Texas. He was there for his freshman year, but had problems academically and had to transfer. There are to ACU Wildcats on the team, Knox and Danieal Manning. The Bears apparently like smaller school guys, as the lineup is pepper with guys from places like ACU, WATMU, New Hampshire, etc...


All of these players have steped up and played very well with the arrow pointing up.
J-Webb and Melton have enough skills and talent to become tops in the NFC. Sure they have alot more to learn before anyone claims them to be great. Sure they have had highs and lows , but the skill set is there.

Bennett and Moore are wonderful players that know who they are and what they can do with what they have. Bennett isnt gonna have spectacular numbers but he can move the chains. He is a much needed third down wide out. Moore he is short and doesnt have blazing speed but is in the right spot at the right time. Smart player with some good cover skills.

One guy that has been over looked all year has been Tim Jennings. Bowman for whatever reason crapped out. Tim came into his spot and did his job. He as most all players in the NFL have had his shares of ups and downs but he is a scrappy player that has been their and done it. Gotta give Angelo some credit for picking him up.

Angelo with Lovie has not drafted great but Angelo has kept enough of a core around to tweek this years team with out having to rebuild. I do believe that what most had wanted at the end of the 2009 season ( Fire Lovie, Angelo and the rest of the staff) the Bears would not be playing for a NFC championship.

The Bears did rebuild the offense 3 years ago with pain but as it is turning out it looks like Chicago Bears have a core going on there also. Webb, Williams, Forte, Cutler, Knox and Bennett are some good young players that the Bears can build on for years to come.


Kevin Armstead | January 19, 2011 3:01 PM | Reply
"J'Marcus Webb has been a pleasant surprise for Chicago this season."

You know he is the lowest rated tackle in the NFL right?

He has stepped up to being a mediocre run blocker and the worst pass protector in the NFL How very pleasent, he has stepped up to be horrible. The number 1 reason they are the worst line in football and this makes happy? Am I missing something here?

Brando | January 20, 2011 10:33 AM | Reply
"Bennett and Moore are wonderful players that know who they are and what they can do with what they have."

Really? You actually said wonderful? Are you sure your not 50 year old Jewish woman. Bennett is ok, but Moore. Moore had a couple of Cherry picks but that's about it. The big plays were made by other players and he was standing around, he was like a mouse stealing scraps after a lion takes down his prey. But he is wonderful? He has defended 2 passes in his last 7 games. He has been getting killed the second half.

"One guy that has been over looked all year has been Tim Jennings."

So now Jennings is good Brando? I have had like 10 posts about the guy and Kevin has had a couple abut you finally realize he is good they day after I told you he was good.

Oh and by the way Melton? Melton has had a minor impact on two games this year and is the 4th DT in the rotation. Am I missing something here?

Peppers is playing all world, Urlacher is playing like he is 27, Adams has been near a Pro Bowl level, Jennings has been a nice surprise, and Manning has improved to being decent.

So you guys pick the Worst linemen on the worst line in the nfl and think he is a pleasent surprise. You have Melton as being wonderful, throwing Moore's name around like he is a stud.

Let explain something to you two. Every day you try to find some obscure player and talk about how great he is. This has been going on for years and you are always wrong. It's not a guy who makes an easy play 3 times a year. It's the big players, yes it's the guys you see week in and week out making big plays all the time. That's it. Trying to scrape together draft picks to prove an old argument long since lost by both you. Just deal with that facts, he was a pro player guy in Tampa, he has been pro player guy here too. He didn't even have much to do with the Cutler trade, that Bobby DePaul.

Running around with Al Afalava, Kevin Payne, Zack Bowman, Chester Adams, Mike Hass, Mark Anderson, Lance Louis, Cody Balough, Terrance Metcalf that backup DE who what's his face who has never left special teams, every obscure special teams LB who has ever existed. Jesus Brando you hammer Briggs today and try to talk up Webb, Melton and Moore. I'll give you Bennett he is an ok player, I would not list him as wonderful since he is basically the typical number 3 reciever in every way.

Brando you where rooting for Hanie to start over Cutler mid season. Remember(Throw the Ball Jay, I know Hanie would throw the ball, Hanie needs to start I really like him)? Can't you and Kevin get it in your heads that everytime you list guys like this they are cut the next year. Take a guess why. Even Lovie and Angelo know it, why do you think these guys are backups? You where excited about the pool jumper in the pre-season and Marcus Harrison???????

My god, Melton? Have you watched Izzy, where is his press, where is his love? Why cause me and Brad talked him up for years and you can't agree with me cause Anderson was going to return to form.

You guys will hate on Olin who has been their best linemen, Brando you hated on Cutle and Briggs, Kevin never wanted Cutler, but oh god it's Webb and Melton, time to do backflips.

You two are unreal sometimes, even when you try to make Angelo look good you pick the wrong players. No wonder you both like Angelo none of you can spot talent. "I don't know about Briggs, Tillman, and a Tommie when he was healthy, but let me tell you about Webb, Melton and Hass."

One of those questions where we will never know the answer. Are guys like Webb, Melton and Kellen Davis products of good talent evaluation? Or are the Bears finally developing their young players?

I think Lovie's finally assembling a good staff has really mattered this year. I'm pretty sure Tice had a big part of scouting Webb for example. He definately had a huge role in Webb's development. Would Gilbert still be here and Melton gone if Marinelli had not come on board? Lovie took the nickel backs under his personal wing, last year I think? Is that why we are finally seeing production out of Manning and of course Moore?

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