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Lovie, Gould defend decision not to kick field goals

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Robbie Gould is the fifth most accurate kicker in NFL history. Gould has also has kicked a career-long 54 yard field goal this season and was three of four on field goals of 50 yards or longer this season, which made coach Lovie Smith's decision to pass up 59-and 42-yard field goals in the first half curious.

The Bears had the ball on the Packers' 32-yard line when Smith passed up the 49-yarder midway through the second quarter.

"That was out of field goal range for us," Smith said. "We had to be at about the 27 going in that direction. We were just a little short as much as anything."

The wind didn't appear to be much of a factor. The streamers on top of the goal posts were fairly limp on both occasions.

"The wind was in my face," said Gould, who made a 51-yarder during warmups. "It was the right call."

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It's the not the fact the Bears passed up these field goals but it's the play calling once they get near the 30 yard line. Passing on 1st and 2nd down gets them no closer to an easy field goal. The half-time score should have been 14-6. If everything stays the same in the 2nd half the Bears are marching for the go ahead field goal in the last seconds. Same story against the Packers in Week 17. The coaching mentality needs to change once they get near Gould's range. Run the ball, gain some extra yards and PUT POINTS ON THE BOARD!

Obviously, Gould is being the team player/good soldier in standing up for Lovie's decision. Absolutely correct, he could have made both of those field goals, but something (maybe pride Chicago's defense), was telling Lovie he didn't want to risk it. When you have one of the most accurate kickers in the game who already has proven himself over 50 yards this season, you use put points on the board and you rely on your defense to hold the Packers if he should miss. I don't know anyone who thought that punting was a good idea in either situation except for Lovie.

why did he opt to kick a field goal down 3 scores inside the 20 on 4th and 6 with less than a minute left? go figure..........................................................................................................................

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