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Julius Peppers fined $10,000 for hit on Aaron Rodgers

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As expected, Bears defensive end Julius Peppers was fined by the NFL for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Peppers, who was assessed a 15-yard penalty during the NFC Championship game, was fined $10,000, a league source said, confirming ESPN's initial report.

Before this season, the NFL placed a priority on protecting quarterbacks, taking strong action against hits like the ones Peppers delivered. Rodgers was dogged by questions about whether he suffered a concussion, but he dismissed that speculation on Wednesday.

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what else would you expect of a Bear?????

Then why wasn't he ejected from the game???

You know, I watched that and he very purposefully dropped his helmet down right before hitting him to get that helmet to helmet contact. It was a cheap shot and I am glad to see that he was dealt with.

Was Rodgers wearing a skirt or just his lucky yamaka?

Speaking of injuries to the brain, has anyone seen this video of Lions special teamer Zack Follett?

(Something tells me Bill Holland has already seen the vid and nodded in approval throughout the entire 4:58.)

Follett was one of the players criticizing Cutler's toughness after the NFC Championship. His words: “I’m glad we have Matt Stafford instead of the Bears’ quarterback because [Stafford] goes out there and plays with separated shoulders and wins games."

Now you know I guess that the kooks going after Cutler are just that, kooks.

A player could hit helmet to helmet and do it unintentionally and get fined
The trick would be separating the intentional from the unintentional.

Is it me or does anyone else find it strange that a team that made the playoffs basically do to not having any key players having any major injuries, and facing no less than 5 backup QB's, ends the season using a 3rd string QB after Cutler gets knocked out of a game with a major injury?

Karma is a #####.

ahhhhhh.....ima back LOOSERS!!

ans all i can say is BOO WOOH WOOH silly beasr fans!!!!!!

awwww did my awsome packers put teh hurt on you loosers?? i think they dod.

didnt i say tahte teh bears wrnt a playoff team???? i think i did.

dint i say taht i am the KING ans i amallwyas right ands only give facts??? yes id did.

time to FIRE lovie angelo mccaskey ted philips ans STALEY DA BEAR!!! heeh eheh naw i am ust kidding. I love me some staley. he ave me ahug ans a baloon went i see him with my mommy. :)

but you guys now me old crap-ton just trying to be posative..

p.s. doo doo doo doo doo GO PACK GO!!! doo doo doo doo doo GO PACK GO!

AHHHHH YES!!!!!! love me some Raron rogers!! booy hay loosers I am teh KING!!11!!

What’s this about a skirt (j-dog)? You have to be pretty tough to take that hit and keep playing, especially after previous concussions. I say a guy that makes a cheap shot like that wears the skirt because he resorts to cheating.

Maybe Peppers should play in that womens' underwear league so he wouldn't have to cheat. Men don't cheat, chumps cheat. Chumps wear panties and a skirt.

Fire Lovie and hire Fisher.

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