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Johnny Knox shrugs off his bid to reach 1,000 receiving yards

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Receiver Johnny Knox started Sunday morning needing 40 yards to reach 1,000 receiving yards.

By Sunday evening, Knox still needed 40 yards.

Knox went without a catch for the first time this season, although he was targeted eight times by quarterback Jay Cutler. He was hoping to become the first Bears receiver to top 1,000 yards since Marty Booker in 2001.

Asked if he was disappointed not to reach his stated goal, Knox said, "Not really.

"It was more important to get this win, and knock the [Green Bay] Packers out, so we don't have to play them a third time. But, it is what it is."

Knox had at least one drop, and he didn't provide Packers safety Charlie Peprah much resistance on a key interception in the end zone during the third quarter.

"There was no miscommunication," Knox said. "It was just a play that happens in football. "

Asked if he could have done anything different on the play, Knox said, "When I watch film, I can give you a better answer."

Knox, though, did lament one easy catch he wasn't able to secure because he slipped.

"I just got to have better body control and give the play a chance," he said.

Entering the game, Knox led the team in catches and receiving yards. But, running back Matt Forte had eight catches to tie him for the team lead.

For the season, Knox had 51 catches for 960 yards with five touchdowns.

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Knox played like a chump...

This ain't 7 on 7 drills. or football back in "little town" Texas, or wherever he played his College ball.

He has to bring "it" every game, every play.

I think Cutler has "trust" issues with Knox and Hester.

I would like to Lovie bench Knox when he sees he's not playing all out.

Hurry up back Bennett, Cutler missed ya!!!

I've been a Knox fan all year, but he did not play well yesterday. I think the cold bothered him more than it should have. It did not seem to bother Davis, who was an excellent replacement, and Olsen, though initially a little tentative, was able to focus later.

It's a shame about the 1000, but I have a question.

How would "he'll be a little disappointed to catch 51 for 960 in 2010" have felt when we heard Knox's name announced in the 5th round about a year and a half ago? That would have been right after everybody said, "'Who"?

I knew that Cutler's last pass of the game was going to be either a touch or an INT. I feared the INT and it came to fruition! Go Bears!!

Where someone is drafted has nothing to do with their production. Look at Colston of the Saints, and Brady of the Patriots. Johnny Knox...aka, "Willie Gault Jr." is never going to be more than he is right now. I am not saying his production won't rise slightly, but, just like Gault, he's a 1 trick pony when it comes to being a receiver. Speed, don't ask him to run deep crossing routes, and physical DB's make him disappear. That performance yesterday is much worse than the opening day performance of Aromashodu, but I can assure you that Knox won't be put under the same scrutiny that DA was. This team so desperately needs a big #1 receiver and the whole left side of the Wisconsin Badgers' offensive line.

That Wisconsin center could step in tomorrow and make you say, "Olin who"? The Bears offensive line has improved somewhat with regard to run blocking, but the only reason there has been any reduction in the number of sacks since the bye week is because of the extra effort to run the ball, and trying to get Cutler out of the pocket. Teams like the Giants and Packers who have fairly quick DE's and outside LB's give the Bears problems because they get upfield and prevent Cutler from rolling out of the pocket.

First year in a Martz system with a horrible O-Line the Bears found a way to put up some good numbers. Not mind blowing numbers but ones to build on. Through the 16 games I have watched this year here are a few good and a few bad notes.

Frank Omiyale is 100% a stop gap left tackle, he should be a versatile back up lineman.

Chris Williams I think can grow into the left gaurd spot. That isnt good for a first rounder but if he is able to improve and only get better I say keep him at left gaurd.

Olin Kruetz did better this year then the past two years. 35 years old isnt a spring chicken but if he has a great to spectacular off season he just might be here for year 14.

Garza going back to the right side made a difference but not so much of a difference that he was dominating tackles and blitzers. He will make a good back up for some team next year?

J'Marcus Webb a 7th round pick out of a small school showed promise. His feet needs alot of work on speed rushing ends. He is a little slow comming out of his stance but with work he could be solid.

O-Line I give a D+, maybe the worst O-Line the Bears have ever had up to week 8 but they did improve from a F.

So which is it Brando is it a "horrible O-Line' worst rated line in football? Or a "D+" which is really just a notch below a C wich is average. The offense was 21st in points and 30th in yards. Almost as good as the 2006 Lions offense. Maybe the percieved improvment of the line came from the fact that they played some of the weaker pass rushing teams in the second half. The Bills, and Vikings. Then you have the fact that the Bears play on a very sloppy surface and as the Bears own defense pointed out it's hard to get pressure on that surface because they couldn't get up to speed. Not to argue but last year everyone said the line gelled late in the season and had Williams as the next great Bears LT Tackle, Lance Louis was going to be a stud, Frank Omiyale had found his home at RT etc. You can go back and look at the articles if you don't remember.

This year everyone claimed the O-Line had improved after the first 7 games and gelled. But it looks to me like the line just had some favorable situations, slow home field, a very mobile QB, a lot fewer deep drops, a lot less passing, and some poor pass rushing teams. It's a lot easier to not give up pressure when you are not passing the ball. Believe it or not their was not a whole lot of difference in pass protection, the Bears gave up a ton of pressure not including the sacks.

Weeks 1-9 they gave up 32 sacks on 245 attempts

Weeks 10-17 they gave up 27 sacks on 221 attempts

So in the first half they where on pace for 64 which is really horrible and in the second half they where on pace for 54, which is really horrible. So I think your first half horrible rating also applies to the second half. The gave up 1 sack every 7.7 drop backs in the first half and 1 sack every 8 drop backs in the second half. So they improved 3/10 of a percentage. Woo Hoo. If they improved anywhere it was run blocking and Cutler making better hot reads. In fact Cutler got a lot better at his hot reads as the season went along, the run game got better as the season went along, and the Bears did took fewer deep drops, passed the ball less and ran the ball more than they passed it. Which should really make everyone wonder why the Line still managed to give up pressure at an alarming pace when in the second half. They did everything they could to improve and managed to come up with almost no improvment. They had weather on their side, they had a poor field on their side, and they had injuries to other teams on their side.

Oh and Olin is 33 not 35. His contract is up but the Bears will probably bring him back since they have not been grooming anyone at center, have no future line captain, and already lack depth on the line. Olin has been the highest rated player on the line this year putting him middle of the pack among centers around the league, and Webb is the second lowest rated, well maybe the first lowest after yesterday Tackle in the league. I will agree he shows some signs of talent but RT is not his position and neither is guard. He plays more like a LT but given the position premium and his poor feet and lack of range I would say he would also be nothing more than a stop gap.

Say what ever you want but as I see it they need 2 tackles, Olin and Garza are at the ends of their respective careers so fill in that blank, and go ahead and let Williams try it LG but be warned, every time he has had to play a top of the line DT/NT he has gotten hammered. He may be new to the position but it won't change the fact that he he needs to be a very good run blocker as a LG and also needs a good hand punch, he lacks either ability. But at LG he does not have to worry about pass rushers very much so I am sure the Bears will point out that he has given up less pressure as a guard. Which is totally normal for the position. The Bears still need between 4 and 5 linemen, even if two of them are just depth.

I fully expect them to draft defense this year as Lovie wants more help at DT and they need secondary help. By the time they get the Line fixed lets say two or three years if they work at it, the defense will be really old. You know it's not very often you draft a lineman and he has a big first year. In fact it's very rare on both sides of the ball, so the chances of the Bears drafting and fixing the line in one year is almost zero. Oh and if their is a new CBA don't expect the Bears to dip into FA again as they will be cap strapped to the max. So it will have to be the draft.

The Bears line was first in sacks, 7th in hits and I believe top 3 in pressures. Maybe even first.

The good news for this year is the Eagles also have one of the worst lines in football.

The bad news is the Saints have one of the best, but there is a silver lining with the saints. Take a guess what type of defense tends to give the Saints offense fits? Also much like the Bears they are not a good outdoor team as both teams are based on speed.

You know the worst actual matchup for the Bears may actually be the Seahawks.

If it makes Knox feel better I have moved him up from a mediocre reciever to almost being as good as Mike Furrey who with detroit in 2006 in the same offense with a line that was a little better than the Bears managed to get 1086 yards, and 6 td's. Though considering the high Praise of Knox and Hester that Martz dumped on these two "best recievers he has ever worked with" I am more than a little disappointed.

Let's not forget also that Furrey was a FS and defensive player his entire career and managed to put up better numbers than Knox his first season as a reciever.

Roy Williams also had 1300 yards and 7 TD's that year, not exactly a Hester like performance.

At least Cutler got within 900 yards of Kitna although he did have 2 more TD's than him.

The Martz offense really is a thing of beauty to behold. Good thing they were able to carry the defense. You know if the Bears offense had been able to control the clock more in the first half , give the defense a litttle more rest and put them in better psotion to be more aggressive more often they probably could have ranked first. Ooops. At least there would have been a chance of it.

I'll say this special teams more than did their job. Toub should be in line for another Special teams coach honor. The whole team should take their hats off to that guy.

ahhhh...ima back LOOSERS! i bet you loosers wer wundering were i was???? wel i was sittin in my bucket of slime like wehn i saw teh bears lost again. lik ive been sayign teh bears are TEH WORST TEAM EVER!!!! ans knoxy knox is a BUST!! just like al tohuse other loosers taht ANGLEO drafted!!!

but oyu guys now me old crap-tom..just tryoing tob e poative..



Do you really think Martz's offense is a thing to behold?

Don't you find it slightly irritating that The QB cannot audible? That he(Martz) takes forever to get plays in at times, which makes it difficult for the QB to read the defense, shift the line etc,. w/o worrying about delay of game penalties??

What about the fact he(at times) tends to forget about the run, screen pass or draws, especially when his QB is under seige, like yesterday or against The Giants.

I'm (literally) sweating bullets that teams now know that if you turn up the pressure or are able to disguise your Defense, there's a good chance Martz's offense cannot switch gears or handle you.

The "ridgedness" of his play-calling can be problematic in-
"1- and done"
situations, like playoffs games...

What are your thoughts???

Knox had his worst game as a pro. His best play was knocking the pass down after falling to one knee. He literally got man-handled by the Packers CBs all game long. This game should be a red flag for the Bears, and prompt them to address the WR position in free-agency. Dear goodness was he awful.

I broke down my thoughts on the O-Line now Im gonna move to the WR and TE.

Knox showed in his second year he is a proven deep threat that a defense will have to game plan around him. I dont see him as a number 1 but on this current roster he clearly was. Put together a good run of 5-6 games but had also was a non factor in a few. Second year guy that could mold himself into a fine number 2.

Earl Bennett is a tough guy that knows where the chains are.He isnt fast, he isnt flashy, he isnt going to have pro-bowl seasons but he is a guy that will give you a Waddle type games and move the chains.

Devin Hester should be a 10-15 snap kinda WR. His focus and the coaches focus on him should be in the kick return game. Give him 2-4 routes and use him to keep the defense thinking. Not a big threat at wide out but he can be effective when used correctly.

Greg Olsen had a season that was not what he invisioned.Droped balls ,fumbles, whiffing blocks, and the ability to be covered by a nickle back all season set him back. What he did do good was ripped down 5 TD's in 41 catches. Ever 8th catch was a TD. He could be trade bait if they think Kellen Davis can get the job done.

Brandon Manamanula well he was a waiste of money. Hopefully the Bears have an opt out in his contract for 2011.

Overall this main group on paper looked like a train wreck in pre-season. After this season it looks like Knox and Bennett could be solid next to a number one type wide out.
I would give this group a C just average.

Creighton, good overall analysis on the Bears offensive line, but I disagree with you about J'Marcus Webb and the defensive tackle position. As far as Webb, I think he'll develop into a pretty good right tackle for Chicago. Webb does have the reach and long arms to play on the left side, but not the quick feet required for the position in the NFL. Again, I think he'll do fine as a right tackle moving forward for Chicago.

As far as Chicago's defensive tackles, they have some young talent that they like, obviously Matt Toeaina's one they like with his recent contract extension, and we know they like young DT Henery Melton. Both of these guys are gonna only get better and Melton could end up being a find. I doubt they're gonna draft a DT high, now maybe a corner? I could see that.

What Chicago needs to do this off-season is shore up their offensive line. They need a young center and left tackle. I doubt picking as low as their gonna be picking, nabbing a left tackle will be possible in the draft. Chicago needs to go into free agency to get a left tackle. I'm still not a big fan of Frank Omiyale despite what I read on the Sun Times about an offensive line scout who thinks Omiyale can get the job done. Omiyale's best position is as a team's swing tackle. I'd like to see Chicago go into free agency and nab a left tackle. The player they need to sign is Cowboys left tackle Doug Free, the former Northern Illinois product has developed into a pretty good pass protector giving up only 5 sacks this season for Dallas, and is still young enough to be a long term answer for Chicago on the left side. I think a lot of free agents will want to come play here in Chicago, and Free played his college ball at Northern Illinois. Getting better pass protection is gonna be key for Chicago moving forward as an offense, they simply need an upgrade up front, Free could give them that pass protection they have been lacking. Think of this offense if Cutler could execute some simple 5-7 stop drops. This off-season Angelo needs to sign Doug Free to play left tackle and draft Penn states Stefen Wisniewski to play center, these 2 simple moves could improve Chicago's offense drastically, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

knox is ok for a few deep routes but he really has lacked power and looks timid at times when corners outmuscle him... all game they couldnt get open but the greenbay corners are pro bowl caliber so thats to be exepcted but comeon!!

6 sacks in a so called " meaningless game is still unacceptable both as an o line and cutler still throwing stupid picks is unacceptable at this stage of the season..

agree with most posts they need a younger bigger o line and a go to guy.. they just audtioned this guy from the canadian league at 6 4 220 that led the league in receiving maybe a hidden gem..

also forte is not a goal line runner put manu in there to smash it in afterall they are paying hin a ridiculous amount of money.. bears still need more consistancy on offense lets just hope they pull out all the stops and bring their A game come playoff time

Well well well Cr-HATE-on has returned once again. Maybe you don't see it yet Cr-HATE-on but Webb has HOF written all over hm. You thought Chreis Williams was a total beast well Webb is a super duper beast! Now what is this I hear about Knox? Shucks Creighton I bet you the Texans would trade Andre Johnson for Knox in a heartbeat. Sometimes I think that you just don't know football.

Go Bears!!! Go Angelo!!! Go Lovie!!! Go Marinelli!! Go McCaaksyes!

I will have to say watching Knox live was even more frustrating than watching him on TV. He doesn't finish routes, he telegraphs when he is going to break, and breaks deep at least 2 or 3 times a game against what the coverage gives him. Sitting in that cold made me a little angrier than I normally would have been, but the bottom line is that he is a Willie Gault type player, who can run one route, and that's about it. I would rather play Davis, Bennett, Hester, and Aromashodu. The 2 Devins can get deep, and they can also run a slant. The only problem I have with Hester is he does not come back and fight for the ball.

Part of that is Martz's offense. When we were inside the 10, every route we ran was a 5 yard stop, where they got across the goal line, and just turned around. There was no movement, so if they weren't open right away, the defense could take them out of the pattern by standing still. Where are the crosses and movement that we are used to seeing from the Rams days with Martz? If you aren't going to do anything to the defense, at least have the decency to throw the fade to Olsen or Aromashodu so we at least have a chance.

If we continue to try and make Knox a #1, we need to bring in someone like Sterling Sharpe and pay him whatever it costs to teach Knox how to run routes. And get Shannon Sharpe in here to put him on a weight training program so he can actually beat a jam and fight his way inside on a slant. He is right now no better than a #3 receiver, and a 1-trick pony with the go being his only strong route.

Well Gee yes you "Behold" a Martz offense at that is what the fans were told to believe when they hired him. I was never one to think it would work very well when they hired him and it has had it's moments. But your talking about an offense that has made bad recievers look good more than once.

Brando do you think the reciever group needs an upgrade yes or no? I agree about Olsen but if you trade him who is going to replace the red zone threat because he is 60% of the red zone offense? Plus what are you going to get for a limited TE, one problem with Olsen was the team kept trying to get him involved and he kept failing, doesn't help his trade value. If Martz thought Davis could do anything he would actually be on the field.

Kevin think what you want about Webb but I would be willing to bet Tice likes him better as a LT of the future. Problem with him is he has had his moments as a run blocker but can't pass block to save his life. Tice loves run blockers and teaching run blocking, I would also bet he was far better at run blocking against 3-4 teams and small ends but struggled against power guys.

Yes Kevin they need to fix the line 56 sacks says they need to fix the line. You pointed out last year they needed to fix the line. Did they fix the line or did it get worse? I will say no they did not fix it and it got worse. As for the DT position, the best DT was Adams again and I would say he had a pro bowl like year or close to it. Looking at Melton I would say he is to the DT position what Mark Anderson was to DE. He is always put in ideal pass rushing situations but is not on the field much outside of that. Melton has also gone through large gaps of almost zero production during the season. Not to say you can't use him as a number 4 DT, cause that's what he is and how he is used, but the guy is two back of a not very good Tommie Harris. Toeaina has had some good moments but lost his starting job to a not so good Harris. Both Toeaina and Melton are back ups and that is fine, I have no problem with that and I think they are decent backups. But ask yourself this, if Peppers isn't on this line, how thrilled do you think you would be with the D-Line? Peppers has had an MVP, Defensive player of the year, All Pro, Pro Bowl kind of year. He has helped that defense more that even Urlacher. His pressure numbers are insane, he has been a true Total Beast. Peppers, Cole and Willims in Buffalo have been the three best defensive players in football this year. You take him off this defense and I promis, you are screaming for D-Line help across the board. Remember something when Peppers has been shut down, that defense has done nothing. In every single case when Peppers has been quite, the defense has been pushed around. It would not kill me if they got D-Line help they just need O-Line a lot more because they do have Peppers, they just don't have much behind him. The O-Line doesn't have a Peppers, but boy it would be sweet if they did.

Almost forgot Harris could get cut with a new CBA, he has a big cap figure and little production.

Back to O-Line Kevin you mention them needing a LT and a Center and I agree, but Garza has been really bad, a lot worse then Olin and you didn't mention replacing him. Isn't it really three guys they need min and possibly as high as five?

I have a question when have I ever thought Brando was cheerful?

Oh and Brando with the recievers I will just point out that both Detroit in 2006, 2007 and San Fran in 08 all had a better passing game then the Bears did this year. Cutler had what 3300 yards passing? Heck a 37 year old Bruce had a better year than Knox with Hill and O'Sullivan throwing him the ball. Bryant Johnson had a better year than Hester in that offense as well as a reciever. I mean come on, the offense has sucked, Cutler showed improvment over last year and the offense sucked, Bennett was a nic bright spot and the offense scuked, and Forte who I have never been a fan of fit this offense like a glove and had a amazing year and the offense sucked.

Yes they have had a couple of good games but this is a defense and special teams team. How many short fields d othey need to score. They have had the best field position in the nfl all year and they still struggle to score. 21st in points? If I had told you at the begining of the season that the Bears offense would have the best starting field position in the NFL, Hester would have 3 TD returns, Forte would have the best year of his career, and Cutler would throw 10 fewer picks this year and the offense would be 21st in points and 30th in yars while backed by a top 3 defense you would have laughed in my face. Hell the defense also has two TD's and a safety.

Believe me that offense needs a whole lot of help.

Oh and to answer someones question about Martz and the playoffs. I have no clue how he will do with his offense. Personally I believe that ever since the bye week Tice has had a big hand in game planning and play calling. If they keep it balanced they should be ok, if he throws the ball 40 times chances are the Bears are screwed. Or if it's a heavy pass to run ration like 65-70 percent passing. Oustside of that it will be all about matchups and players beating the men in front of them.

I don;t want to face Atalanta, strong intermidate passing game and a power run game two thngs that have hurt the Bears all year, Smart QB, little in the way of turnovers, Tony G and White are a problem, Biermann and Abraham are a problem, they also have a petty good O-Line, Backer is not one of them though.

I would alsmot love to see Seattle but only because I have a ton of Billy Ray Cyrus Jokes about Whitehurst.

We got exposed on our weakest links the o line and the wideouts oh my god knots got malested and abused boy do, we need a#1rec or bench knots ass for bennet or davis is dying to play showed promise he can run but catch the damn ball and manalua cant block woodson are u kidding this is our high priced tightend either shape up or cut his ass. May need to sit sure even bennet would have got the job done and dez clark needs to be given a shot can play worse than brandon did and drop ball are killers
Hester amd knots played good last week but sucked ass this week get open and tge line meeds to a better job 6 sacks is no going to cut it give culter time and wideouts need to get open or we will be one and done we need 3linemam and 2 wideouts in the. Draft its a team sport everyone do ur job amd we have the chance to win the bowl wideouts prove us wrong and oline arent u tired of being called the weak link look we need to work as a team

Get Sydney Rice in a Bears uniform...

Look we all agree the Bears O-Line was bad right? Last year we all thought the O-Line was bad too and it was, couldn't do more than a 3 step drop remember?

You want funny? We all assumed the Bears would pass the ball more this year cause of Martz and his style of offense. So dig this stat.

2009 passing attempts 563, sacks 35 TD's 36

2010 passing attempts 466, sacks 56, TD's 37

29 more sacks on 97 fewer drop backs????? Did I say something nice about Tice? I take it back. How the Heck do you jump almost 30 sacks on almost 100 fewer drop backs. Second worst Bears line ever. Funny in 2001 the year before Angelo arrived the Bears gave up 17 sacks. Angelos priority after that season was rebuilding the O-line he even said it, players retired and they had too. So he worked on the O-line for a couple of years and gave us the 2004 Bears line, WHICH GAVE UP 66 SACKS. Brings in a few more guys and gets a decent but old line for the 05-06 run. A short time later Tait retires and Brown retires and Miller is gone and Angelo says, I am going to rebuild the line. Drafts Chris Williams, Webb, Louis, Beekman, doesn't do a whole lot really and 56 sacks later he is probably thinking time to rebuild the line again. I think Angelo secretly enjoys rebuilding the line once every two or three years
and seeing if it will work this time. But my question is how is any offense suppose to gel and get together when you are constantly rebuilding your line once every two years?

Under Angelo we have had
1. The Mitchell line
2. The Gandy Line
3. The Tait Line
4. The St Clair Line
5. The Pace Line
6. The Omiyale Line
7. And the we still need a new line yet to come line.

One of these days I will put my finger on why the Bears are not very consistant.

Knox played like a wimp on Sunday. It look like he didn't even belong in the NFL with his lack of hustle. Bears certainly need to find someone to replace Knox you can't take games off in the NFL. The O line is another issue that very well will be cause for Bears demise as they go into the playoffs. Tice hopefully will be looking for work if that happens.

Talking draft already? Isn't there a playoff game in Chicago in about 11 days?

If the talent is that bad this year, then Lovie Smith is easy choice for coach of the year. He did a masterful job of making the players work.

I agree that Angelo must draft better if he is to stay ( I think he should go). But what do I compare the Bear's drafting to? How bad are they compared to the rest of the league? I think he is bad at drafting, but I pay way more attention to the Bears than to any other team.

WHat is the baseline for drafting players? Is it the amount of starters after 3 years? Is it the amount of probowlers after 3 years? If so, then Angelo's track record is very bad.

I am a doctor, and see a lot of Packers fans as patients in Northern Illinois. They seem to hate their coach and GM just as much as we seem to hate our coach and GM. But I feel like the Packers have done a great job with drafting and coaching.

I dont know anymore.

GO Bears!

Creighton, good stuff, and I agree with most of what you were saying, and of course Peppers made this line better, but I still think Henery Melton is gonna develop into a pretty good defensive lineman for the Bears.

As far as the Mark Anderson comparison, I disagree. Anderson had a good season as a #3 end for Chicago with his 12 sack rookie season true. But, the difference between Anderson and Melton is Melton is getting better, Anderson didn't, he kind of leveled out. Also, Melton makes a lot of plays. I think Melton can become the under tackle Chicago has been lacking since Tommie Harris in his early years.

As for Matt Toeaina, yes he did get replaced, but thats because Tommie Harris is a better fit at the under tackle position than Toeaina. Toeaina was simply outplaying Harris for most of the season and the coaches felt he was the better player on game day. Toeaina's natural spot is at the nose position. I agree with you about Harris, he is probably gone, but, the guy came to play late in the season, thats why Toeaina lost his starting spot. I think by next season Melton will be your starter at the 3 technique playing next to Adams, and the Bears will groom Toeaina to eventually replace Adams at the nose GO BEARS!!

You see Kevin to me Melton looks like he has been leveling off. Also Harris did not deserve to replace Toeaina. Like the sack he had this week Sitton was destroying him, put him on the ground twice and the reason he got a sack is because Sitton thought the play was over and did not know Rodgers had scrambled behind him and was running right at the downed Tommie Harris. But every player on the line had better penetration than him he also sucks against run. Toeaina is very good against the run and one of the big reasons they have had a great year against the run. Again though I think he is a rotation guy, I don't see Melton being a full time starter, which is why I think the Bears will look for help on the inside.

Melton tends to make most of his plays when Peppers plays next to him and just like Anderson he has been used in ideal situations for him on limited downs. That's all I am saying with the comaprison. You also need to remember something reguardless of how things worked out this year for the starters, Lovie tried to force Anderson in as the starter, Harrison in as the starter and Harris in as a starter. All three where replaced, what he may think is ideal for the Tampa 2 may not be ideal for the team. Defenses change and adapt over time, I like the 2 run stuffers in the middle and the pass rush coming from the outside. Heck I would like to see a real monster in the middle shutting down the run and blowing up centers.

Just something to consider Kevin.

1. It's a really weak year for O-Line in the draft
2. A premium is put on the O-Line every year by teams early and a lot of teams need help.
3. The Bears are drafting in the bottom of the draft.
4. Do you think Angelo really believes he will find a premier LT in the bottom of a week class?
5. he has gotten burt on his last two first round picks on the line.
6. Angelo believes he can find O-LINE help in later rounds.
7. Angelo does not believe in drafting interior O-line help early.
8. Angelo has never taken a guy just to take him.
9. Angelo tends to look for value early, you won;t find that in this O-line class at the bottom of a round.
10. He loves drafting D-Line help early and often.

Now maybe if he thought he could find a RT down their but as point out they may feel Webb is the RT of the future meaning he is looking LT, OG, and a future Center.

Olin may get a two year extension, Webb may stand pat, Garza may get someone to challenge him but not before round 3, and is their really going to be a stud LT at the bottom of the first round in a weak class.

You know it's very good year for the D-Line. Also they need help at Corner and Reciever. I think it will be the best player available out of those 3 positions. In fact if he does go O-line there it could be a huge Colombo esq mistake. That will also not help the matter seeing as he got burned doing that once before.

With regard to the draft, it is not a year where there is a Jake Long, or Ryan Clady type on the board at OL, but this might be a fairly deep draft with regard to steady talent from the late first through the 4th/5th rounds. I went back and looked at the first round of the drafts all the way back to 2000. In 11 years there has only been 1 time that more than 1 player was drafted in the first round at either C or G. That was in 09 when 2 centers were taken at 21 and 28 respectively. This might be a year where {hopefully} Angelo applies the logic of drafting another need position if he sees a run at a position he's been eyeing.

Angelo is a "follower" and not a leader. He has proven that time and time again in his drafts. He sees a run on a certain position {S, OT} he jumps in with both feet. The better plan might be to take a step back, take a guy at a position you still have a need at, while letting all the hype at the other position settle down and then take a guy a round or 2 later on that might need a little coaching up. If Interior linemen don't start going off the board until the late middle of the first round, there might be a Pouncey, or Wiesnewski on the board there. If not, then take a CB or a WR. If you take a CB, or WR, you can take linemen in the middle rounds. You can find good starters in the 2nd/3rd round if you have good/great talent evaluators.

As for my desire to have Angelo gone, his ability to find, evaluate, and grade talent has always been the center of any point I have tried to make here. I believe the Bear's "window of opportunity" is fairly small here. They have to get the offense to a point where it is somewhat dangerous from any point on the field. The defense is going to need to be re-tooled in the next few years. Peppers has had an OK year. And you can drink all the kool-aid you want, that's about as good as it was. He's not getting any younger. T. Harris plays much older than he is. Urlacher has maybe 2 good years left in him, Briggs is also at his peak and should start to see a drop off in the next 2-3 years. Tillman has been slow for the past 2-3 years and that INT in MN where the WR ran him down like a Cheetah on a wildebeest should have been an eye opener for fans. If you want to move him to safety, now would be the time. This is not doom and gloom and "hating". It is the truth and it is a result of the ineptness of Angelo over the years.

As for the OL. Olin should be gone the second the season is over and take his buddy Garza with him. Lance Louis can't play any worse than Garza this year. I know certain people on here are just enamored with Webb and he might turn into a road grader type RT {with some time in the weight room. Size does NOT = strength and this guy was weak at the combine.}, but I don't think he's ever going to be anything other than average at pass protection. With those "boats" he has as feet, he's going to have movement issues. You see that already and feet issues are usually things a positional coach can work on during the year. It doesn't look like it has helped with him. As for Omiyale, what do you do? Look for a LT down at the bottom of the 1st round and start over again, or give Tice an offseason with him? Chris Williams is a bust. Plain and simple. But because he was a mid first round pick of recent vintage, he stays. If by chance the Pouncey kid is there or the PSU kid is there, take them. I know what JA likes to do and not likes to do, but this maybe a year where he has no choice.

Gearhead, I understand wanting to replace Olin and Garza but Louis is not the answer if he was they would not have replaced him with Garza who has been horrible and still better than Louis. As for Olin he has been mediocre at best and you have nobody who can replace him at this point. Omiyale has been terrible and so has Webb. Webb has improved in run blocking to an extent but his pass blocking is horrid. I don't actually blame Tice that much, the offense is not his style of offense, the players are not his he didn;t hand pick any of them. Nothing changes the fact they are the worst line in football. I don't think this a good offense for Tice and I think he did a good job upgrading the run blocking to extent, but he has not done jack for the pass blocking.

I just heard Hub talk about the draft and he thinks the Bears will look to upgrade DT early. I have almost no problem with that because of this draft and who is in it, the only way they can really fix the line is via FA. Whatever money comes off the books from expiring contracts, pay cuts, and cut players should be dedicated to the O-line. Their is no real OT in this draft. Who they going to draft Anthony Costonzo out of BC, the guy belongs zone scheme, I am sure Tice likes Carimi he totally fits his style of play but he does not fit Martz and I think he will end up a guard like Nicks, who is an outstanding guard but I don;t want him playing tackle, maybe a RT but he still can't pass block and he belongs in a phone booth. Sherrod will be gone, the talent as a whole is mediocre and a lot of these guys will move inside.

Pouncey is a good player but Angelo does not take guards early, not in day 1 and probably not in the third round either. Wisniewski is a nice center prospect but he will be gone by round 2 and Angelo wil not draft a Center in the first round.

I can't see Angelo going after yet another BC player and getting burned for a third time, interior line forget it just won't happen early. Angelo does not put a high value on WR and where they are drafting is not a good spot for a WR this year in the first,

It's a solid year for Corners and you can never have to many of them. Where the Bears sit in the first Dowling and Williams will be eye candy for Jerry.

But I still think the Bears know the D-Line is nothing without Peppers and will look for an upgrade early.

There is some real talent on defense in the draft this year and a couple of really really good recievers.

Players I think they will like, Jeremy Beal, Allen Bailey, Dowling and Williams, Curtis Brown, Janoris Jenkins, Ryan Broyles WR, Stephen Paea, Marvin Austin,

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