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Jerry Angelo blasts Jay Cutler critics for 'dirty pool'

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo ripped the players around the NFL who criticized Jay Cutler's toughness in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, calling it ''dirty pool'' to criticize Cutler, who left the game early in the third quarter with an MCL sprain.

''I was very surprised. I think it's crap,'' an agitated Angelo said. ''I thought they were a union. If that's the way they unionize, they've got bigger issues than the ones they have wit the owners. I'm very disappointed. That to me is dirty pool.

''It is what it is. Certainly people are allowed to say what they want to say. But that doesn't make it right. And it's certainly not grounded.

''I certainly didn't like what was said. And I take that personally, too. He's our quarterback. We wouldn't have been where we are without him. I want to make that clear. We stand by him. Nobody's perfect. His play isn't perfect. He's not perfect. There's not a person in this room or in this league that is, either. ''

Cutler was 6-of-14 for 80 yards and an interception before leaving the game after the first drive of the second half. He did not return.

''If you think Jay Cutler isn't tough, something's wrong with your vision of what toughness is,'' Angelo said. ''I can't even believe I'm sitting here talking about Cutler's toughness. If you asked me about Jay Cutler, I'll talk about his toughness first and then his arm strength.''

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You're next Angelo. People here are fed up with you too.

i feel like the URL for this post needs to be changed cause it makes it seem like Angelo was blasting Cutler, not his detractors.

Its a shame that people do not know the extent of the injury, including other players that were watching the game because they were not good enough to be in the post season. Acutally Cutler wanted to play but it was the Team that pulled him out. That is probably why he had that look on the sideline becuase he either wanted to play or was injured. He probably should have just cheered his players on for moral support. Cutler a quitter, I do not think so. So all you people that criticize him, if you haven't played the game then stop with you backlash and get a life. The Bears were not even expected to go this far, oh that right who got them there.

With Angelo about to give that idiot Smith a extension I don't give his words any thoughts at all.Cutler gave appearance he quit. Wasn't talking to players & appeared just satisfied to be out of the game. I have played the game & played with worse injuries than Cutler.No coach will keep you out if you tell him you want in,at least something short of a head injury nowadays.Agree Cutler took allot hits this year thanks to very poor blocking. But he didn't sale it well on the sidelines. Be happy with mediocre Chicago because that is what you get from a Lovie Smith coach team.

i have a question for all you people who say jay quit. ok, here goes. have any of you ever been hurt like that when your playing a sport? how did you feel? did you feel like jumping up and down cheering or were you pissed because you couldnt finish the game? every person reacts a different way, so give it a break!!!


Nice grammar "Sale" or do you mean "Sell." If most Bears fans are as intelligent as you then it's no wonder they think Cutler quit. He took 52 sacks all season but 53 made him quit right? (sarcasm)

Hay Chicago, I thought the worst GM in football J. Angelo was going to "stabilize the QB position in Chicago" by getting Cutler? Instead he traded a decent QB for a head case who can't show up two weeks in a row. two first rounders and a third. It's clear Angelo has no clue. How about the great Lovie Smith. Nice time out from the sidelines when that kid QB called the perfict play up the middle for the first down. Nice one Lovie. I just love that Lovie, Collins as the number 2 backup. Nice. It's clear Angelo and Lovie both need to go.

JH - You write like you have a learning disability. Put your parents computer away and stop embarrassing yourself.

It’s an unusual situation for a unionized labor force to be so necessarily competitive within it’s membership, so the Cutler controversy doesn’t say anything about the players’ ability to act in solidarity, and I don’t think you need to bring the politcs of the CBA into defending your player.

Would you stop sugar coating it with this Grade II Tear BS and just call it like it is: a sprain? It’s ridiculous.

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