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Jay Cutler: 'We're Not Fixing Anything'

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Though the Packers held the Bears to three points and 227 yards last week, the Bears don't think the 10-3 loss was as much of a red flag as it might have appeared.

''We're not fixing anything,'' quarterback Jay Cutler said. ''We're going to run our offense exactly how we've been running it. We took a look at the film and learned from it, corrected the mistakes we had to correct. But we're not changing anything. We're not going to let off what we're doing. The guys have a very good belief in what we're doing and know why we do it.''

As expected, coach Lovie Smith also was unfazed and sees his team in good shape to peak at the right time.

''I don't have a lot of complaints about where we are right now,'' he said. ''I'm not overly concerned about anything we're doing. We know we need to make some improvements, but that's just normal for us.''

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May have to change wideouts if they can't get open.cutler us as though as they come we can't afford to get shut down on offense if we have to mix up the recievers then do it but like the way cutler doesn't point fingers like already leader but he needs to realise if their not selling out to get open then their not helping and may need to be changed

I'm no genius, but isn't "correcting mistakes" fixing something?

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